Winter Snowflake CVC Word Strips – FREE Printable

by | Jan 25, 2023

If you are stuck inside and looking for an activity to do with your preschooler, I have just the thing! Lots of parents, teachers and preschoolers love printables, because they are fun to do and *mostly* mess free!

CVC words or consonant-vowel-consonant words are a great starting point for new readers. CVC words are a great place to start preschoolers out at with sounding out words. Once they get down the letter sounds and build confidence, they will be reading in no time!

Keep scrolling for a free printable form below!

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What Comes with this Winter Snowflake CVC Word Strips Free Printable

It contains 10 pages of snowflakes with 4 per age. Each strip has a different picture on it with 3 blocks to spell the word.

I suggest cutting these out in cardstock to ensure they are reusable and won’t rip as easily. It’s also possible to laminate these to make extra sturdy!

How to Use the Winter Snowflake CVC Word Strips Printable

Using this set of printables is so easy! Here is what I did with my kids.
1. Download and print out the set on cardstock. I prefer to print in full color, but either one will work.
2. Cut out the strips with each picture.
3. Grab the letters of your choice (manipulative or magnetic work best)
4. Have your child say the word out loud, then have them sound out the word they are spelling.
5. Have your child spell out the word in the boxes.
At first, you may want to limit the number of letters they can choose from to spell the word. So maybe 5 or 6 letters at first until they master it!

Other Ways you can use the CVC Wordstrips

  1. Match the Word to the Picture– Cut the word boxes away from the picture. Spell out a few of the words and have your preschooler match them up.
  2. Spell out the word– Spell out the word, leaving one sound blank, and have your little one fill in the blank.
  3. Write a Sentence– Write a sentence using some of your CVC word strips.

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Other Ways to Teach Your Child CVC Words

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to teach and practice CVC words with your child. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Listen for Sounds in Words-Say the word and then emphasize each sound that you hear.
  2. Find the Missing Sound– Write out the CVC word leaving out one sound, like this b_t. Have your kiddos fill in the missing sound.
  3. Make a CVC Word List– Keep track of all the CVC words you are learning by writing a list for everyone to see.
  4. Play I Spy– Have your preschooler point out different CVC words that they see like: hat, bat, tub, rug, etc.
  5. Read, Then Write– Have them read the word, then write it down.

Being cooped up inside doesn’t have to be boring! There are lots you can do and tons your littles can learn!

Let me know what your favorite printables are in the comments below!

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