35 Creative Ways to Encourage Your Preschooler to Read

by | May 22, 2023

Have you ever met a friend whose kids love reading? And have you ever felt that your kids should love books more, but you don’t know how? Don’t worry, we all feel that! Most of the parents are so busy in their lives and hectic routines that they don’t get enough time to sit down and read with their child.

Here are some great activities on how to encourage your preschooler to read more and enjoy it. Even if your kid doesn’t like reading, these tips will make them a reader in no time!

1. Make reading fun

Kids learn when they are having fun. So before you ask them to read a book, ask yourself if you are offering them a fun time or a forced time? Reading shouldn’t be a chore, but instead it should feel like playtime. You can try this by:

  • Act out the characters roles
  • Speak about the characters in funny voices
  • Let them dress up like the characters
  • Let them read in fun spots around the house, i.e. the bathtub, a closet, etc.
  • Give them a fun new reading gadget, i.e. a new bookmark, a reading head lamp, a book cover, etc.
  • Let them move while reading, i.e. jumping on a trampoline, spin a hula hoop, etc.

2. Pretend to be in the book

Kids love mimicking everyone. Take advantage of this fun activity and express the emotions just like the characters in the storybook you are reading. You can even use props and dress up for the show. Your preschooler will love the storybook even more after acting it out.

3. Keep reading the same book

If your child really is interested in one book and doesn’t want to move on, that’s ok! Let them continue to read the book that they love. Repetition can help improve their reading and letter recognition. This also helps them to think deeper about little details of the book that they may have not noticed before.

4. Create a reading corner in your home

Build a little home library or a reading corner in your home. Set all the books so that they are easily available to your preschooler. Place some cute frames, maybe a candle, and some favorite toys along with the books. You can use a tent, teepee, or fort as their reading space. They’ll feel like they are living an adventure in some fantasy land.

5. Make reading a routine

If you want to encourage your kid to love books, you have to set a routine. If you have a book reading routine before bedtime or during afternoon quiet time, your kids will expect the same every day. This way, you won’t have to force them to pick up a book.

Sit with your preschooler and read the books together. This will create a positive mindset and they will be more inclined to like book reading.

6. Set a good example

If you show your child how much you love reading books, they will love it too. Kids love following other’s actions, especially mom and dad’s. You can share your childhood stories and books with them.

Show your preschoolers what you are reading and how you started loving books. Tell them that no matter your age, you can always read books and love it at the same time.

7. Read books that are available as movies

Pick a book that has been turned into a movie. Read the book first and then watch the movie. This will give them the motivation to complete the book and get to see if their imagination and creative thinking was what is actually acted out in the movie.

8. Enjoy library adventures

Preschoolers love adventures so why not turn their library visits into adventures so that they learn happily? Hide a treasure inside the library and ask them to find a book or plan a scavenger hunt. There are so many ideas to make the visits enjoyable.

9. Start a new book club

Another awesome hack for making your preschooler love reading is starting a new book club. Ask your kid to pick a name for the club. Add his friends and encourage them all to read books. Make it a social activity and if a physical club isn’t possible, make it online.

You can ask your child to choose a book that all his club members will read in one meeting and then discuss it. Your preschooler will love that and having a club is such a cool thing! Who knows your kid can become a reading star!

10. Offer choices

Don’t force your preschooler to read a particular book only if you want that. Reading is much more than just handing kids a book. Let them pick and choose. You can offer a lot of options and ask kids to pick whatever they like. 

Kids love choices as it gives them a feeling that they are in charge. Having a choice will encourage them to read about their favorite characters. They will love reading when they pick something on their own. Don’t take the choices away from your kids.

11. Be your kid’s biggest supporter

Your feedback has a very strong effect on how hard your kids try to be good readers. Support them even if they make mistakes. Introduce your preschooler to new ideas, offer them ideas, and be their biggest fan.

12. Make reading material easily available

Kids who see books most of the time tend to become better readers than those who don’t see books. If your preschooler spends most of the time in the living room, make sure your living room has a lot of books to read. If he spends more time in his room, make a reading corner inside his room. Add magazines and books related to his age group and you will see how fast he will learn.

13. Storytelling with puppets

Bring stories to life by using puppets or stuffed animals as characters. Encourage your preschooler to create their own tales or act out their favorite books using these adorable storytelling companions.

14. Book-themed arts and crafts

Spark your child’s creativity by engaging in art projects inspired by their favorite books. Design bookmarks, create puppets from paper bags, or even paint scenes from beloved stories.

15. Outdoor reading picnic

Take reading outdoors by organizing a special reading picnic in the park or your backyard. Spread a cozy blanket, pack some snacks, and enjoy a captivating story amidst the beauty of nature.

16. Dress-up storytime

Encourage imaginative play by incorporating dress-up into storytime. Let your preschooler choose costumes related to the characters or themes in the book, adding an extra layer of fun to the reading experience.

17. Book swaps with friends

Organize a book swap gathering with other parents and their preschoolers. Each child can bring a book they enjoyed and exchange it with a friend, giving them an opportunity to discover new stories and authors.

18. Reading-themed scavenger hunt

Create a scavenger hunt based on books and reading. Hide clues or small book-related items around the house or garden, leading your child to a hidden treasure or their next favorite book.

19. Write and illustrate their own stories

Foster your child’s creativity by encouraging them to write and illustrate their own stories. Provide them with blank books or sheets of paper and let their imagination run wild as they become the author and illustrators of their own tales.

20. Reading under the stars

Transform an ordinary night into a magical experience by reading under the stars. Set up a cozy outdoor reading area with blankets, pillows, and a small telescope, allowing your preschooler to explore the wonders of the universe while enjoying a captivating story.

21. Create a reading passport

Design a special reading passport for your preschooler. Every time they finish a book, encourage them to add a stamp or sticker to their passport as a memento of their reading journey.

22. Author or character dress-up day

Dedicate a day when your child can dress up as their favorite author or book character. Encourage them to research the character’s traits and mannerisms, bringing the story to life through their costume and imaginative play.

23. Create a book-themed treasure hunt

Hide clues or excerpts from a book around the house, leading your child to the next clue. At the end of the hunt, they’ll discover a new book or a special reading-related surprise.

24. Book character costume parade

Organize a book character costume parade with your child and their friends. Each child can dress up as their favorite book character and showcase their costumes while sharing a brief description of the character or story.

25. Storytime in different languages

Introduce your child to the beauty of different languages by reading stories in various languages. Choose books or fairy tales from different cultures and explore the sounds and rhythms of diverse languages together.

26. Book-themed cooking adventure

Select a book with food references or recipes and cook a meal or bake treats inspired by the story. Engage your child in the cooking process, allowing them to measure ingredients and participate in the culinary adventure.

27. Reading aloud to pets or stuffed animals

Encourage your child to read aloud to their furry friends or stuffed animals. This activity not only boosts their reading skills but also helps them develop confidence and a sense of companionship with their attentive audience.

28. Create a reading journal or blog

Inspire your preschooler to document their reading adventures by creating a reading journal or blog. They can draw pictures, write short summaries, or share their favorite quotes from the books they’ve read.

29. Build a reading fort

Set up a cozy reading fort using blankets, pillows, and chairs. Let your child design their fort and transform it into a magical reading sanctuary where they can dive into captivating stories.

30. Make a reading-themed collage

Gather old magazines, catalogs, and newspapers and help your child create a reading-themed collage. They can cut out pictures of books, reading-related quotes, and characters to make a vibrant and visually appealing artwork.

31. Host a mini-author event

Help your child become an author for a day by organizing a mini-author event. They can write and illustrate their own short story, and you can invite friends and family to a reading session where your child presents their masterpiece.

32. Create a book-inspired sensory bin

Put together a sensory bin filled with materials that correspond to a book your child is reading. For example, if they’re reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar you could use the above theme. Encourage them to explore and play while engaging with the book’s theme.

33. Character-inspired crafts

Choose a beloved book character and engage in crafts inspired by their traits or appearance. Your child can make a mask, create a character puppet, or design a collage using materials that represent the character’s unique qualities.

34. Create a reading playlist

Compile a playlist of instrumental music or soothing sounds that your child can listen to while reading. This background music can enhance their reading experience and create a cozy atmosphere.

35. Storyline interviews

Encourage your preschooler’s imagination by conducting interviews with storybook characters. Take turns asking and answering questions as if you were talking to the characters themselves. This activity helps develop storytelling skills and enhances comprehension.

So these were the amazing hacks and activities for encouraging your preschooler to read. Keep in mind that every kid is different so not all of these will work but most of them will. 

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