Snowglobe Number Matching Printables: Winter Printables

by | Jan 20, 2023

Winter is a great time to hibernate inside and work on easy learning activities for your preschooler. We spend time working on all sorts of free printables, and my kids love my new snowglobe number matching printable.

Recognizing and matching numbers is an essential skill for preschoolers to master. Typically, by the time they are headed to kindergarten, they should be able to count up to 50, and they should be able to match numbers 1-20.

In this set, parents cut out the snowglobes and cut them the printable snowglobe in half. Then, your child has to pick up a number side and match it with the right number of snowflakes on the opposite side.

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What Comes with this Snowglobe Number Matching Printable

This winter set comes with nine pages of printables.

It contains two sets of snowglobes – one with colored snowflakes and one in black and white. Both sets go from 1-20.

I suggest cutting these out in cardstock to ensure they are reusable and won’t rip as easily. It’s also possible to laminate these, but you’d have a lot of parts to laminate!

How to Use Snowglobe Number Matching Printables

Using this set of printables is so easy! Here is what I did with my kids.

  1. Download and print out the set on cardstock. I prefer the colored set, but either one will work.
  2. Cut out the snowglobes, and cut down the dotted line in the middle of the snowglobes, separating the halves.
  3. Grab the numbers your child knows confidentially and a few he needs to practice. Then, mix these pieces of snowglobe on the table.
  4. Ask your child to count the snowflakes and find the corresponding number, putting them together in a separate area of the table.

It’s best to take out the numbers your child doesn’t know yet until he can count that high. You want to build confidence and fluency rather than discourage your child.

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Other Ways to Teach Your Child Counting Skills

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to teach and practice counting skills with your child. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Count Items Around Your House: One of the easiest things to do is count things around your house. You can count their action figures, barbies, or the number of apples in the bowl. The more regularly you count with your child, the better their counting skills get.
  2. Sing Counting Songs: YouTube is a treasure trove of silly counting songs, but you also know some, like “Five Little Monkeys” or Ten in the Bed.”
  3. Practice Number Formations with Play-Doh: Before kids write numbers, they should use things like Play-Doh or popsicle sticks to form the letters properly.
  4. Work on Patterns: Creating and reading patterns is an essential early math skill, so working on creating and “reading” the pattern is a great activity for kids.
  5. Help in the Kitchen: Cooking involves many math skills, so bring your kids into the kitchen. Let them cook with you, counting the ingredients.