9+ Santa Letterhead Printables for Free

by | Dec 4, 2021

One of the best Christmas traditions is the beloved letters from Santa that my kids receive on Christmas in their stockings Some families give them on Christmas Eve, but they’re waiting for my kids, peaking out of the stocking each Christmas morning. If you want to try this tradition, you need to grab one of these Santa Letterhead printables.

This tradition began when my daughter was a toddler, and it’s continued since.

One thing I suggest is to keep the Santa letterhead you use consistent, and make sure it looks the same each year. We might not realize it, but kids remember all the details.

The best way to make sure it looks official is using a letterhead from the North Pole. It really encourages the fun magic of Christmas.

If you’re ready to start a new tradition with your kids, here is what you need to make the perfect letter from Santa Claus!

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Why Getting a Letter From Santa is So Special

Santa likes to send letters to kids each year, highlighting some of the amazing things that happened this year. The letters might contain some details about how busy the elves have been that year.

Our letters always address some go the hobbies and maybe some special details about each child that there is no way he would know if he wasn’t magic! It’s important for Santa to talk about each child I the family and write in detail about each one.

Supplies You Need to Make a Santa Letterhead

This is a budget-friendly tradition; you only need a few things!

How to Make a Letterhead from Santa Look Authentic

If you want to make your letter from Santa look a little more authentic – especially for those skeptical big kids – you can take some extra steps with your letter.

Here are some of my favorite tips!

  • Shrink the image to 25-50% on your printer’s options. Shrinking the image gives you space to mess around with the edges of the paper, ripping and rolling it.
  • Run a damp tea bag over the paper to age it. Let it dry thoroughly and wrinkle it a bit. Doing this plus using a Santa letterhead with old-school font gives it a real authentic feel.
  • Instead of using printer paper or white cardstock, try printing on parchment paper. You can grab an entire pack of parchment paper that will last for several Christmas!

How to Get a North Pole Postmark

If your child feels a little unsure about whether or not Santa is real, you can get your letter post-marked by the North Pole! It’s hard to argue with a postmark, right?

The USPS offers this service every year, but you have to make sure to mail your letters out before December 10th to get the letter back for Christmas. They have an official North Pole postmark in Alaska!

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Print out your favorite Santa letterhead and write the letter. Fold it and put it into an envelope, sealing it shut.
  2. Address the envelope to your child (or children) on the front of this envelope with your complete home address. Label the return address as “Santa, North Pole. Make sure to attach a postage stamp to the envelope.
  3. Put your envelope into a larger envelope, addressing it to:

    North Pole Postmark
    4141 Postmark Dr.
    Anchorage, AK. 99530-9998

  4. Once the office in Alaska receive your envelope, they’ll open it and stamp the envelope to your child with the official North Pole postmark, sending it back to your house.

9 Santa Letterhead Printables

1. 27 Santa Letterhead Printables

Let’s start with this awesome website that offers 27 FREE Santa letterheads for parents to use. They have different designs. You have to download all of them in a set and pick out the one you like the most. A few of them have a more authentic, old-fashioned look than others.

2. From the Desk of Santa Claus

This letterhead is perfect for little kids or a hand written note to your kids on Christmas Eve. The set also comes with adorable gift tags that you can put on special gifts from Santa!

3. Santa’s Red Letter

Here is a simple Santa letterhead, signed by Santa so you don’t need to buy a stamper for it.

4. Santa Letterhead Printables – Three Colors

This set by I Should Be Mopping the Floor comes in three colors – green, black, and red. They look great when printed on parchment paper for that old-style letter. They also come in JPG and PDF formats!

5. Step-By-Step Santa Letterhead Tutorial

Head over to Organized 31 for these three free printable letterheads from Santa. She includes a detailed tutorial to create the perfect letter from Santa, and she also has more designs in her shop if you’re looking for some paid options.

6. Letter from Santa Free Printables

This set includes options for white cardstock or parchment paper. She gives an example letter that you can use to create the perfect letter from Santa. Your kids will love this!

7. Free Printable Letters

Looking for prewritten letter templates that you just need to customize and adjust for your child? You’ll love these printables. The set has four different letters and letterheads, along with some templates for the actual letter.

This makes it so much easier for you!

8. Tried and True Santa Free Printable

I like this option; it’s simple yet looks like it could really come from the North Pole. It’s offered free on the blog, so head over and check out all the details!

9. Santa’s Stationery

This Santa letterhead set includes the printable letter format along with a thank you note from Santa for the delicious cookies, reindeer treats, and being good all year!

Giving your kids letters from Santa is a great tradition to start this year. All you need to do is pick your favorite Santa letterhead printable and some paper – your kids will love this simple yet meaningful tradition together.

Start a new meaningful Christmas tradition this year and give your kids letters from Santa. Grab a Santa letterhead printable to get started.