St Patrick’s Day Number Activity Mats – FREE Printables

by | Feb 26, 2023

Number identification and recognition are important skills that all kids will learn as they move through preschool. Make learning basic early math skills fun with a St Patrick’s Day theme this year!

I have included 11 St Patrick’s Day number activity mats that are a perfect way for students to practice and enhance their number skills. There are 6 different activities on one mat that will have your student practicing numbers quickly and easily.

These number mats are great for center use, as well as during standard math lessons. Just leave them in a center station with any counters or manipulatives you choose.

How to Use St Patrick’s Day Number Mats

Each full-page focuses on one number. First, identify the number at the top left corner.

Follow the instructions to build the 10 frame with counters to show that number. Then have students trace the number in the box, followed by writing it on their on as they copy from above.

Then they will add this number to one more item and trace the new number that it makes. They can identify and circle the number on the mat and then use counters again to count and cover the number of items at the bottom.

All you need are some math link counting cubes, or any other colored manipulative for that matter, such as pom poms, counting bears, beads, etc. 

If you don’t have any store-bought manipulatives, get creative! You can use crumbled up balls of tissue paper or bits of play doh – both great finger strengthening activities!

Also, dot stickers or dot markers make an easy way to mark spots on the paper the same way that counters do.

You’ll want to print the pages on card stock or laminate them for extra durability, especially if you intend to use them more than once.

Other Ideas for St Patrick’s Day

Are you looking for other ways to celebrate this fun holiday with your kids? Here are some more suggestions from my shop and website!

I hope this St Patrick’s Day number activity pack brings joy to your kids and encourages learning in a fun way!

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