Simple St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Toddlers

by | Jan 16, 2023

Toddlers are definitely busy bodies and love to learn. These fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day activities for toddlers are packed with lots of learning fun to stay busy creating memories.

What are some fun hands on St. Patrick’s Day activities for toddlers?

Sensory bins and playdoh are great hands on activities for toddlers. Keep reading for some awesome ideas!

How to keep toddlers engaged while working on activities for St. Patrick’s Day?

It can be a little hectic trying to keep your toddler engaged in certain things but these activities are sure to keep them busy while also allowing them to be all hands on.

How to incorporate learning into play with these awesome St. Patrick’s Day activities?

These St. Patrick’s Day activities offer so many different learning options, from hand-eye coordination, matching skills, basic 1,2,3 counting, and much more.

Teaching Littles Top 25 St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Toddlers.

Looking for some learning fun to keep your toddler busy while exploring their creative mind? These top 25 St. Patrick’s Day activities will be your go-to for tons of engaging learning fun for your toddler.

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Toddlers

Make Rainbows Using Finger Paint

Little ones will love this idea as they use finger paint to make rainbows and so much more.

Going Outside And Find All Things Green

Toddlers love playing outdoors. This activity is packed with fun as your toddler explores the outdoors finding all things green.

Green Light, Go Game

This classic game never gets old and is great to teach toddlers colors and more. It also keeps with the GREEN theme of the holiday!

Wear All Things Green

Dress up in all green! There are so many options from clothes, jewelry, costumes, and other things laying around the house. Try to be as creative as you can!

Silly Dance To Irish Music For Fun Play Time

Ready to silly dance! Put on some Irish jams and dance all the sillies out.

St. Patrick’s Day Learning Fun

Gold Coin Counting

This gold coin-counting activity is great for early learning math fun. Toddlers will enjoy the concept of using the gold coins like play money.

Shamrock Letter Match

This shamrock letter match activity is great for letter recognition and early learning development.

Counting Shamrocks

Counting shamrocks is good for teaching early math skills while having fun.

Sensory Rainbow Spaghetti

This super fun sensory rainbow spaghetti activity will definitely keep your toddler entertained with it’s colored noodles. Sensory play is great for toddlers and is very hands-on.

Simply grab some spaghetti, food coloring, and your toddler to have some fun!

St. Patrick’s Day Picture Matching Game

This picture matching game is great for hand-eye coordination and memory. Toddlers will love these bright and colorful pictures.

Easy, Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Green Shamrock Smoothies

This cool-treat green shamrock smoothie is fun to make with your toddlers and is nutritious and delicious. Plus with no artificial coloring – I call this treat a win/win!

Bake A Rainbow Cake

Everyone loves cake and toddlers will enjoy baking and eating this rainbow cake.

Green Veggie And Fruit Tray

This green veggie and fruit tray is a delicious and healthy snack for your toddler. You can even let them sort out the green veggies and green fruit.

Make Shamrock Cookies Using Shamrock Cookie Cutters

These fun shamrock cookies are an easy and sweet treat after playing all day long. Have your toddler help by using the cookie cutter to create these shamrock cookies.

Make Green Popsicles

What better way to cool off after your toddler has been playing all day? These green popsicles are a great tasty treat they will enjoy.

Fun, Creative St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Toddlers

Rainbow Pom Poms

Toddlers will have fun using pom poms to create a rainbow and it is great sensory play as well since the pom poms are soft to the touch. Let their little hands get crafty.

Green Baggie Color Mixing

This green baggie color mixing activity will have your toddler engaged with so much fun as they move the green color by mixing with their little fingers and watching it move around.

Create Many Different Things Using Green Playdoh

This green playdoh is so much fun and your toddler can make so many different things. It will definitely bring out their imagination.

Shamrocks And Pots Of Gold Sticker Fun

Toddlers love using their hands for everything and stickers are a fun way to use their little fingers to pull apart and stick everywhere. These stickers are great to stick on so many things from paper, to cardboard, notebooks, collages and much more.

Hand Print Shamrocks

These adorable handprint shamrocks create memories that last a lifetime. They will love the idea of how they made them just by using their little hands.

Leprechaun Fun For Toddlers

Leprechaun Hand Prints

These leprechaun handprints are a fun way to let them create something by using their little hands. You can add so many different ideas to this leprechaun.

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Leprechaun Fun Hats

Toddlers love to pretend play and these leprechaun fun hats will have them pretending they are a mini leprechauns themselves.

Leprechaun Pots of Gold

This leprechaun pots of gold activity is fun for toddlers. Toddlers will engage with the different yellow pieces in this activity that is used for gold.

Have your child look around the house for other items like resemble gold.

Leprechaun Playdoh

Leprechaun playdoh is very hands-on and toddlers can be super creative using it. There are no limits to what they can make with this leprechaun playdoh.

Leprechaun Color Sheets

Toddlers love to color and these leprechaun color sheets will have them busy while making beautiful pictures along the way.

These St Patrick’s day activities for toddlers are packed with fun and learning, there is truly something for everyone! I can’t wait to see which activities you choose to complete with your little ones! Let me know in the comments below!