Shamrock Pathway Game – Free Printable

by | Feb 26, 2023

What says St Patrick’s Day fun more than shamrocks? If you are looking for some fun ideas for learning activities in March – this fun shamrock pathway game is perfect!

Pathway games are an ideal way to help preschool children learn important math concepts (in a fun and engaging way)! Pathway games build your child’s (or student’s) understanding of early math concepts such as counting, comparing, and identifying numbers/colors.

Games can also improve preschoolers’ ability to plan, organize, and get along with others. In addition, you will also see that playing games will help with language skills, and may help to cope with stressful or overwhelming emotions.

If you are ready to get your little ones started on pathway games – you will love my free printables! Get yours below!

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Using the Shamrock Pathway Game

Your child will learn so many important skills playing this fun Shamrock Pathway game. In addition to the skills mentioned above, you will also find that your child will be improving fine motor skills, and hand/eye coordination.

Here is how the shamrock pathway game works:

Your child will roll the dice, count the number of dots, and move their marker ( you can use candy such as m&m’s, skittles or another marker of your choosing) to the correct number of spaces on the board.

You will notice that I provided two versions of the board, one with smaller (and more) spaces, and one with larger ones. You can feel free to use one (or both!) with your child.

The player who gets to the end of the pathway first wins!

Perhaps you could have a fun treat for the winner?

How to Set up the Shamrock Pathway Game

Here is what you will need to have on hand.
  • Shamrock Pathway Game Download
  • Skittles, M&M’s (or another marker of your choosing)
  • Laminator and laminating sheets (optional)
  • Dice

I suggest printing the shamrock pathway game board of your choosing and laminating it for more durability. You can definitely play the game without laminating the game board, but it may not last through more than a couple of uses.

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Other Ways to Use This Shamrock Pathway Game

Not interested in using this game as a counting game board, or are you looking for another idea? You don’t have to use this pathway game in the traditional way at all!

Here are a couple of ideas for extended use:

  • Provide your child with skittles or other markers that have a variety of colors on them and encourage your little one to place the markers in a pattern along the shamrocks.
  • Make up a story about a leprechaun trying to get to the treasure at the end of the rainbow, and pretend you are walking up the path – what do you encounter?! Have fun making up the story, and “walking” along the path with your marker.
  • Pretend the game is in “real life” use the board as a map or guide, and “hop” along the path to the end (maybe there is treasure?!)

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You can be as creative as you would like and let your kiddos have fun with this shamrock man pathway game!

I hope your little one enjoys this fun St Patrick’s Day inspired pathway game! When playing is learning, learning is FUN!

How did you use this Shamrock Pathway game with your little one?

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