30 Gingerbread Men Printables for the Christmas Season

by | Nov 14, 2022

Gingerbread are one of the most quintessential things that scream the Christmas season. Kids love making gingerbread cookies, hanging homemade gingerbread ornaments, and decorating gingerbread houses. If you want a few more activities for the holiday season, grab some of these gingerbread men printables.

Every year, one of our traditions is to bake and decorate homemade gingerbread cookies. My kids love them; they could eat them every day of the season if it didn’t take so long to bake them!

Last year, I printed out a few blank gingerbread men printables as templates and let them paint and decorate them. They thought it was a great activity.

Since then, I searched for other gingerbread printables to work on throughout the holiday season. Here are some of the best ones – your toddlers and preschoolers will go crazy over these activities!

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30+ Gingerbread Men Printables

1. Printable Gingerbread Preschool Packet

First, grab this gingerbread men printables preschool packet. It comes with over a dozen pages of activities and games for kids to enjoy. They’ll practice initial sounds, counting, tracing, letter cards, and name building.

2. Gingerbread CVC Word Builder for Kindergarteners

If you have kindergarteners or an early reading preschooler, this printable CVC word building activity. You’ll need a set of buttons to create the letter. The set comes with a girl and a boy printable, so print out the ones you need and follow the instructions from The Kindergarten Connection to learn how to use this reading activity!

3. Initial Sound Gingerbread Puzzles

Is your preschooler or kindergartener practicing identifying initial sounds? These sound gingerbread puzzle printables are the perfect holiday practice. One gingerbread man has a picture on him, like a heart or a gumboil machine, and your child has to pick the gingerbread man with the right letter of the sound they hear!

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4. Gingerbread Alphabet Printables

Here is a set of six gingerbread men alphabet printables for your child to practice their letters. They match upper and lowercase letters, make an alphabet train, and play a concentration alphabet game.

5. Gingerbread Coloring Matching

Here is a free set of gingerbread color activities for preschoolers. The set comes with five printables that you use for sorting colors with your child. Make sure you have a set of colorful buttons or pom-poms to sort!

6. Gingerbread House Tracing Sheets

All preschoolers and toddlers love tracing pages. This free printable helps your child practice their fine motor and handwriting skills as they follow the dotted lines.

7. Christmas Gingerbread Tracing Pages

Here’s another awesome gingerbread tracing page. Kids have to follow these lines, and some of them are harder than others. It’s a great way for your preschooler or even kindergartener to practice their writing skills.

8. Gingerbread Number Counting Printables

This gingerbread number order activity helps your child practice number identification, number formation, and the proper ordering of numbers. You can use this for math centers or small practice during Christmas break.

9. Gingerbread Learning Science Set

This printable set by Crafts Fun and Learning is adorable. It comes with three hands-on learning activities for kids like a cookie experiment, using your finger senses, and labeling the parts of a gingerbread man.

10. Gingerbread Baby Printable Pack for Preschoolers

This set goes with the book Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. The set comes with multiple learning experiences like practicing vocabulary words, word tracer cards, number identification, patterns, and more.

11. Catch the Gingerbread Game

This gingerbread men printables is the perfect game for a snow day or Christmas Eve. It’s something the whole family will think is fun to play, even your little ones. The game comes with complete instructions to play with your family, and it comes with everything you need.

12. Gingerbread Men Printables Scavenger Hunt

This gingerbread cookie scavenger hunt is an adorable game for your kids. It includes eight clues, but make sure you have cookies hidden around the house. This is a great game for a snowy, cold day when you want to stay home with your kids.

13. Gingerbread Men Shadow Matching Game

Match the gingerbread men to their shadow! This simple game idea will keep your preschooler entertained while also practicing their recognition and memory skills.

14. Gingerbread Men I Spy

Here’s another fun holiday-inspired game for kids. It’s a classic I Spy search that gets kids counting and improves their visual identification skills. Make sure to laminate it so you can use it with multiple kids.

15. Roll a Gingerbread Man Dice Game

If you’re looking for another game to play during the holidays or cold days, this Roll a Gingerbread Man dice game is a great idea. You have to build your gingerbread by rolling the dice; it comes with 14 pages of printables. This is a great game for multiple ages.

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16. Cookie Gingerbread Printable Decorations

These cookie gingerbread cutouts make adorable decorations. Print and cut them out on cardstock, then string them together and hang them as an easy DIY Christmas decoration.

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17. Gingerbread Men Printable Templates

You can cut these simple gingerbread men templates out and let your kids color or paint them however they like. It’s a simple activity for the holidays.

18. Gingerbread House Coloring Sheets

Instead of taking all that time to build gingerbread houses out of cookies, use these simple coloring sheets to color a gingerbread house with your kids. It’s not the same, but it’s a lot less of a mess!

19. Gingerbread Coloring Pages

If you’re putting together some easy activities for your kids to work on during the holiday season, this is a free gingerbread man coloring page. They’ll spend time coloring the perfect gingerbread for them.

20. Free Gingerbread Men Coloring Page

Here is another awesome free coloring page for gingerbread men. Kids will love how adorable this gingerbread man really is, and it’s more detailed than other coloring pages. It’s better for older kids!

21. Fun & Free Printables

These printable activities are too cute not to share! Your little one will have plenty of fun tracing lines, cutting out shapes, and working their way through the maze. A perfect follow up to gingerbread man story time!

22. Gingerbread Man Letter Match

Nothing could be simpler than these 52 clip it cards! Just download and print, and your little one can be practicing letters right away. I suggest laminating the pages for durability.

22. Gingerbread Man Alphabet Printable Activity

This is another fun and simple gingerbread man activity with very little set up. Simply print the pieces, cut out, and then tape the houses to something sturdy – paper towel rolls or blocks will work perfectly. You can then use the gingerbread people to match the letters

23. Gingerbread Man Printable 100 Chart

This 100 chart from Fun Learning would make a really fun game! Add in some gingerbread men or Christmas mini-erasers and you would have the perfect activity for a chilly winter day!

24. Gingerbread Man Count and Cover

Working on learning numbers and counting? This Gingerbread man printable is perfect for both! Using the mini erasers makes it twice as fun!

25. Gingerbread Man Sequencing Pack

If your little ones are familiar with the Gingerbread Man story they will love this free gingerbread man printable activity! They can cut out the pictures, and place them in the order that they are mentioned in the story.

26. Gingerbread Man Printable Emotions Activity

This is the perfect gingerbread man activity to include in your social-emotional learning. Your kiddos or students can use playdough to recreate the feelings shown on the gingerbread man. You can also encourage them to name the feeling for even extra practice.

27. Gingerbread Man Printable Book for Preschoolers

This printable book is perfect for preschoolers to really get into the gingerbread man spirit! Simply print, put it together and let your kids color away! They will love having their very own gingerbread man book!

28. Gingerbread Man Counting Activity

This fun gingerbread man printable activity is good for not only counting, and number concepts, but also fine motor skills!

29. Eat a Gingerbread Man Printable Activity

This looks like a tasty way to practice taking turns, and learning number recognition! All you need is to print this worksheet, and grab some yummy gingerbread men to munch on!

30. Label the Gingerbread Man Printable Activity

This cute worksheet is so fun and interactive your littles are sure to have the best time completing it! First your kids can color the gingerbread man, next they can practice using scissors to cut out the parts, finally they can glue the parts in the correct squares!

31. Decorate a Gingerbread Person

What says December fun more than a gingerbread person? If you are looking for some fun ideas for learning activities in December – this fun decorate a gingerbread person craft is perfect!

32. Gingerbread House Name

December is the perfect time for fun, crafts, activities, learning & GINGERBREAD, and this fun gingerbread house name free printable checks all the boxes.

33. Gingerbread Pathway Game

If you are looking for some fun ideas for learning activities in December – this fun gingerbread pathway game is perfect!

Pathway games are an ideal way to help preschool children learn important math concepts (in a fun and engaging way)! Pathway games build your child’s (or student’s) understanding of early math concepts such as counting, comparing, and identifying numbers/colors.

Your kids, whether they’re toddlers, preschoolers, or older, will love these gingerbread men printables. Now run run as fast as you can and print a few of these printable gingerbread man activities, games, and coloring pages for holiday fun throughout the entire month!