17 Christmas Worksheets for Preschool to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

by | Dec 12, 2022

Are you looking for Christmas worksheets for preschool? Keeping your children busy during the holiday break is essential; it’s better than them getting into trouble and nonsense!

Plus, kids love and enjoy learning!

You’ll find worksheets for every type of learning whether it’s counting, coloring, or reading skills. I put together this collection of Christmas worksheets for preschoolers and kindergarteners to keep them busy this holiday season.

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17 Christmas Worksheets for Preschool

Below are a bunch of free printables that all kids this age will have fun using as they learn.

Christmas Beginning Letter Sound Clips: Free Printables

Learning how to read takes time, and phonemic awareness is part of early reading skills. Practice that skill throughout your Christmas break with these Christmas beginning letter sound clip cards.

These sound clips are easy to use. Kids look at the picture and clip clothespins onto the letter of the beginning sound. It teaches reading skills with a hands-on activity.

Christmas Cutting Strips: Free Printables

Preschoolers and kindergarteners have to practice their scissors skills. These free Christmas cutting strips give plenty of practice.

Each set includes five pages of strips. That means you get 20 cutting strips in total. Print out a few copies and fill a basket for unlimited scissor practice. Your kids will love it!

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Printable Christmas Cards

We love making cards for our friends and family during Christmas. Everyone appreciates homemade cards more than store-bought ones.

This set of Christmas printables has three card designs, perfect for kids to color and customize however they want. Get creative and let your kids add glitter or stickers too!

Free Counting Christmas Worksheets

Use these Christmas worksheets to practice counting with your preschooler and kindergartener. The set includes Christmas light counting pages; they must count the lights and select the right number.

They can even color them for some extra fun. These are quick worksheets to include in your day.

Christmas Tree Alphabet Sorting

Here is an adorable Christmas activity for your little child that will keep them busy – the Christmas tree alphabet sorting activity.

This is a Christmas-themed alphabet sorting activity to help your child learn the alphabet. It works on letter recognition – both uppercase and lowercase letters. Kids explore each type of letter and match them appropriately.

Christmas Behavior Chart

Need to keep the students or your own kids in line this holiday season? This behavior chart will help with positive reinforcement. Simple have them color in an ornament for good behavior to earn a prize!

5 Christmas Worksheets for Tracing

Using a pencil is a skill that takes time to develop; it requires a lot of fine motor skills. This set of Christmas worksheets provides your child with the practice for fine motor skills, finger muscle development, and pencil control.

This set includes multiple worksheets for you to use with your child! Plus, they get to trace cute stockings!

Christmas Dot Painting Worksheets

It’s no secret that I have dot-to-dot pages. This set of Christmas dot worksheets includes eight worksheets for your child to enjoy. You’ll find classic Christmas shapes like a Christmas tree, candy cane, a bell, Santa, a wreath, and more.

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Christmas Countdown Play-Doh Mats

Play-Doh is a favorite around here, and I love mats to give my kids direction when playing with it. This set includes ten pages of Christmas tree counting play dough mats for numbers 1 through 10.

She offers mats for numbers 11 to 20, but these aren’t in the free printable package.

Each number includes the outline of the number for forming the number with Play-Doh, the number word, a Christmas tree, and the correct number of Christmas ornaments. At the top of each page, it tells you to add X number of ornaments to the tree.

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100+ Christmas Worksheets for Preschool

Here is a big set of Christmas worksheets for preschoolers and little kids. The Keepers of the Memories offers over 100 worksheets. You’ll find so many things for your child to enjoy, like color-by-code activities, counting worksheets, sight word worksheets, printable clip cards, cutting pages, tracing pages, coloring, and more.

Make sure you check out all of these worksheets

Santa Counting Worksheet

There are several ways to use this Santa counting worksheet to help your child learn their numbers and develop number sense. Make sure you get some cotton balls and a dice, then head over to download the worksheet and read the directions.

Free Christmas Activity Printables

Here is another set of free Christmas worksheets your kids will love this season. The activities are great for keeping your elementary school child busy while they wait for dinner or as an afternoon activity.

This set includes everything from making finger puppets to helping Frosty find his hat. The set has word searches, mazes, connect the numbers, and more.

Reindeer Letter Matching

Preschoolers and kindergarteners work on identifying uppercase and lowercase letters. They need to know which letter matches another, so grab this printable reindeer letter match printable. You will print and cut out the reindeer, and your kids have to match the capital letter with the lowercase letter.

Christmas Worksheets for Preschoolers

All kids love coloring, and they will love this Christmas preschool worksheet bundle. The set includes coloring by number, counting, tracing, cutting skills, and more. The color by net pictures include a wreath, gingerbead, reindeer, candy cane, and more.

Kids love them!

Christmas Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for easy Christmas worksheets for preschool, it doesn’t get easier than coloring pages. This website contains dozens – literally! – free Christmas coloring pages for you to enjoy with your kids.

Candy Cane Sorting

Learning how to organize a graph or chart starts early with sorting. This easy candy cane sorting chart gives your child the opportunity to cut, glue, and sort the different colored candy canes. It’s more educational than you may realize!

Christmas Colors Mini Book

Kids will love this printable mini book all about holiday colors. It focuses on following directions, color recognition, and simple repetitive reading.

You receive 11 pages in this printable, and each has pictures for kids to color or paint. They can follow the directions to know which colors to use.

Use your child’s holiday break at school to bring out some Christmas worksheets for preschool. Kids love to learn, and the internet has more worksheets available than you could ever use!