Thanksgiving Pattern Mats Free Printable

by | Nov 20, 2022

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? If your preschool or pre-k students are learning anything about math, you’ll probably want to check out these Thanksgiving Pattern mats.

Your preschool students will learn basic math patterns while improving fine motor skills with free printable Thanksgiving turkey pattern mats

Free Printable Turkey Pattern Mats

This preschool math freebie is super simple and involes very little prep- basically no prep at all!

All you need are some math link counting cubes, or any other colored manipulative for that matter, such as pom poms, counting bears, beads, etc. 

If you don’t have any store-bought manipulatives, get creative! Your child can use crumbled up balls of tissue paper or bits of play doh – both great finger strengthening activities!

There are four options of Thanksgiving Pattern Mats to use here.

Your student will have the option of placing the manipulative right on the color (easiest), reading the color word, using a code for a number and corresponding color, or a blank board to create their own pattern.

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Improve Fine Motor Skills and Basic Math Principles

While patterning is a basic early math skill, this activity also helps improve fine motor and visual motor skills, depending on the manipulative chosen.

Using the resistive math link cubes, tearing off play doh, or crumbling tissue paper, are all strengthening their hands. With each tiny movement your little one is working muscles that they need to develop proper grip, strength, and coordination.

When your students build up fine motor muscles, it becomes easier for them to write, and color!

Download these free printable pattern mats below to get started! 

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How to use:

1. Fill out the form with your name and email address below. You’ll then get an email with your freebie and you can download it there. 

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2. Print out your Thanksgiving pattern mats. 

Your preschool students will learn basic math patterns while improving fine motor skills with free printable Thanksgiving turkey pattern mats

Print on card stock if you’d like to use the same sheet with different groups over and over again.this will preserve the life of the mats. 

You can also print them in regular paper and laminate them for even added durability for years to come. 

3. Give your students small manipulatives, preferably math link cubes, and have them place it on each color-coded spot to make the pattern. If using link cubes, make sure that they press the cubes in tightly together for extra finger strengthening.

Depending on the their level, you can make it easier by giving them the color-coded pattern sheets, or harder by giving them the blank boxes to make their own patterns.

There is also a sheet that has them locate the number code for each color which is an extra challenge for following directions.

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Enjoy this fun holiday activity for your preschool and pre-k students! I hope they enjoy making turkey patterns this Thanksgiving.

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