Thanksgiving Counting and Numbers Printables

by | Nov 18, 2021

Counting is an essential skill that preschoolers have to learn and work on, and they need plenty of practice. As parents, we always look for new opportunities for counting – let’s count apples, dogs, leaves, and everything. If your preschooler needs more practice counting and recognizing numbers, grab these free Thanksgiving counting and number printables.

My kids love to count.

Once they figured it out, they count everything – crayons, fingers, food, and everything else. The more activities and worksheets I give them, the more they want to work on counting.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to work on those skills!

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Get Your Thanksgiving Counting and Number Printables!

I put together a set of four Thanksgiving counting printables, perfect for preschoolers. You receive all four of these printables totally FREE!

The set contains activities your preschooler will love, such as:

  • Count and write the numbers
  • Circle the correct number
  • Fill in the missing number
  • Color the number of objects

Does this sound like something your preschooler would love? I bet so! Scroll down to download these free printables!

I hope your preschooler loves the Thanksgiving counting printables. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!