12 Sight Word Bingo Printables for Your New Reader

by | Jan 31, 2022

As your child learns how to read, figuring out sight words is a big part of that. Learning how to read from phonics is often recommended, but many kids find sight words easier, and if your child needs some help, try downloading a free sight word bingo printables.

Sight words don’t have to be a drag to learn!

There are so many different ways to make learning sight words fun. We love bingo; it keeps my kids busy and learning without even realizing it!

I put together a list of some great sight word bingo printables that you can use for your kids as they learn how to read. Make sure you grab ones that challenge your child yet also give them an opportunity to win; otherwise, it’s not fun for them, and they’ll want to stop playing!

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12 Sight Word Bingo Printables

1. Free Sight Word Bingo Printables

Here is a set of two sight word printables, ideal for kindergarteners and some first graders. This set is totally free and comes with two printable sheets for you to use with your kids.

2. Set of Sight Word Printables

The Happy Housewife put together a free set of sight word bingo printables for your children. The idea is to make learning fun, and this gives you plenty of variety to use with your children. Most of the words are ideal for kindergarteners to 1st graders.

3. Pre-Kindergarten Sight Words

If you’re looking for ways to practice sight words with your four or five year olds, this bingo set is perfect, and it comes with an extra. The practice of reading, building, and writing words is the perfect multi sensory way to learn to read for kids, especially those with any reading troubles.

4. Roll a Sight Word Bingo

If you want an easy reading game to play with your child, try this roll a sight word bingo. All you need is this printable and some dice; it’s that easy!

5. Valentine’s Day Themed Word Bingo

Looking for a Valentine’s Day learning activity that your preschooler or kindergartener would enjoy? This themed bingo printable is the perfect little activity.

6. Kindergarten Sight Word Bingo

As your child grows up and learns more words, you need to make sure the word bingo matches the words they are learning. This set comes with the same read, build, and write it worksheet that should be laminated to use as you play with your kindergartener.

7. First Grade Sight Words

If you have a 1st grader, here is a set of bingo printables with plenty of sight words that he needs to know. The set comes with 10 play cards and 45 card games, making it easy for you play with your child.

8. Christmas Words Bingo

These words aren’t Christmas based, but the play cards and call cards are Christmas colors. When you’re being festive for the holidays, you’ll love this learning activity. It comes with five play cards and 44 call cards.

9. Editable Sight Words Bingo

Sometimes, I’ve tried sight word cards that have words my child doesn’t know how to read, and I feel like that defeats the purpose. So, this editable version means you can ensure all of the words are within your child’s reading level.

10. First Grade Sight Word Bingo Printable

Here is another set of word bingo printables for your 1st grader with words that your child should learn how to read. It comes with five bingo play cards and four pages of sight word flashcards.

11. Second Grade Sight Word Bingo Printables

If you have a second grader, grab these dolch sight words for your child. It comes with 46 sight word cards and six playing cards. It also has a read, build, and write worksheet with the set; make sure to laminate this activity for your second grader!

12. Pirate Sight Word Game

Here is a fun themed sight word bingo printable – pirates! It comes with several play cards for your kids and word cards to play the game. Make sure you get the gold coins to go with it!

Playing bingo with your children is a great way to learn sight words, so grab one or two of these printables to give your child a fun way to practice.