Easy Sidewalk Chalk Ideas for Summertime Fun

by | May 24, 2023

Sidewalk chalk is a fantastic tool that combines art, creativity, and outdoor fun. Whether you’re looking for engaging activities to keep your kids entertained or simply want to unleash their inner artist, sidewalk chalk offers endless possibilities.

What is Sidewalk Chalk?

Sidewalk chalk, also known as pavement chalk or pavement crayons, is a type of chalk that is specifically designed for drawing on outdoor surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, or pavement. It is made of a mixture of powdered chalk, pigments for color, and binders that help it adhere to surfaces.

Why is Sidewalk Chalk a Great Tool for Preschoolers?

Sidewalk chalk is a great tool for preschoolers because it provides a hands-on and interactive way to engage with their environment. It allows them to express their creativity, develop fine motor skills, and learn through play.

How can Sidewalk Chalk Activities Benefit a Child’s Development?

Sidewalk chalk activities offer numerous benefits for a child’s development.

They promote fine motor skills as children grip and maneuver the chalk, enhance hand-eye coordination, and encourage physical activity and gross motor skills through outdoor play.

Additionally, these activities foster creativity, imagination, and self-expression, while also providing opportunities for learning letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.

How can sidewalk Chalk Activities Promote Letter Recognition and Early Literacy Skills?

Sidewalk chalk activities can promote letter recognition and early literacy skills in several ways.

By engaging children in games and activities that involve identifying and tracing letters, they develop letter recognition skills.

Sidewalk chalk can also encourage children to write letters, words, or even their names with chalk helping them practice letter formation, and reinforcing letter-sound associations.

How can sidewalk Chalk Activities Encourage Creativity and Imagination?

Sidewalk chalk activities provide an open canvas for preschoolers to unleash their creativity and imagination.

Children can create imaginative drawings, tell stories with their chalk art, or even design their own games and activities.

The colorful and interactive nature of sidewalk chalk inspires children to think creatively and explore their imagination.

What Safety Considerations Should We Keep in Mind?

When using sidewalk chalk with preschoolers, it’s important to choose non-toxic chalk specifically designed for outdoor use.

Encourage children to wash their hands after playing with chalk to prevent ingestion.

Remind children not to draw on surfaces other than the pavement, such as walls or furniture, to avoid any potential damage.

What are some ways to incorporate Movement and Gross Motor Skills into Sidewalk Chalk Activities?

Sidewalk chalk is not only great for unleashing creativity but also for promoting movement and physical activity. These easy sidewalk chalk ideas will get your preschoolers up and moving while having fun outdoors.

Color Hop

This fun game is a perfect activity for little ones. Draw out circles of different colors and then call out a color for children to hop to. You can easily adapt this activity also to shape or letter recognition tasks.

Make Your Own Board Game

Create your own super-sized game board with this fun sidewalk chalk idea. From snakes and ladders to monopoly, depending on how much time you have and the age of the players, you can adapt this activity to play just about any board game.


An oldie but goodie! Hopscotch is the original gross motor activity with sidewalk chalk.

Other Ideas:

  • Letter Obstacle Course: Draw a path with letters on the ground and create movement challenges along the way. Children can jump, hop, or skip to the letters while saying their names.
  • Alphabet Relay Race: Divide children into teams and assign each team a letter of the alphabet. Children must race to their designated letter, trace it with chalk, and then pass the chalk to the next teammate.
  • Letter Freeze Dance: Write letters on the ground and play some music. When the music stops, children must find a letter and freeze in a pose that represents that letter.
  • Jumping Jack Alphabet: Write the letters of the alphabet in random order on the ground. Call out a letter, and have your child perform jumping jacks while saying the letter aloud. Repeat with different letters.
  • Sidewalk Simon Says: Draw various movement-based instructions with chalk, such as “Hop on one foot,” “Spin around,” or “March in place.” Take turns being the “Sidewalk Simon” and give directions for others to follow.
  • Animal Movement Trail: Create a trail of different animal footprints using chalk. Draw footprints like a frog, bear, kangaroo, or any other animal your child loves. Challenge your child to walk, hop, or crawl like the animals as they follow the trail.
  • Chalk Balance Beam: Draw a narrow line or curvy path on the ground with chalk, resembling a balance beam. Encourage your child to walk along the line, practicing balance and coordination. For an extra challenge, add zigzag patterns or curves.
  • Hopscotch Relay: Create a large hopscotch grid and divide it into sections with numbers. Have two or more children take turns hopping to a number and back, while the other players cheer them on. Time each participant and see who completes the relay the fastest.
  • Chalk Target Toss: Draw different-sized circles or shapes on the ground, each with a point value. Have your child stand a distance away and toss bean bags or soft balls to land in the circles. Add up the points for each successful toss.
  • Obstacle Course Challenge: Use chalk to create an obstacle course on the ground, including lines to hop over, circles to jump in and out of, zigzag paths to maneuver, and more. Time your child as they complete the course or turn it into a friendly competition.

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Ideas that Encourage Literacy

These sidewalk chalk ideas are not only fun but also encourage literacy learning for your preschooler.

Learning Letters and Sounds with Sidewalk Chalk

Noisy Letter Jump is a fun phonics game that helps kids learn letters as well as it being great for repetition. The movement in the activity helps them retain what they are learning.

A letter sound activity that keeps kids moving with such actions as Hop on H or Laugh on L. This ABC activity is sure to keep kids laughing and hopping!

Incorporating pretend play can be highly engaging for some kids (like mine!) This fun sidewalk chalk letter activity would be just right for kids who like flowers or gardening.

More Ideas:

  • Alphabet Hopscotch: Combine the classic game of hopscotch with letter recognition and gross motor skills practice! Draw a hopscotch grid on the sidewalk and write a different letter of the alphabet inside each square. Take turns hopping on one foot, saying the letter aloud, and advancing through the grid.
  • Letter Hunt: Go on a letter scavenger hunt! Write uppercase and lowercase letters randomly on the sidewalk. Give your child a list of letters to find and mark them off as they spot them.
  • Letter Matching Game: Create a letter-matching game using chalk. Write uppercase letters in a row on one side of the sidewalk and draw lowercase letters in a mixed-up order on the other side. Your child can draw lines to connect the matching uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Letter Tracing: Practice letter formation and handwriting skills with letter tracing. Write a large uppercase or lowercase letter on the sidewalk and have your child trace over it with chalk.
  • Word Building: Write a few simple words on the sidewalk and ask your child to sound out the letters and build the words using chalk. Encourage them to create new words too!
  • Alphabet Obstacle Course: Create an alphabet-themed obstacle course using letters written with chalk. Each letter represents a different challenge or activity, such as “Jump over the letter ‘A'” or “Hop on one foot to the letter ‘B’.”
  • Alphabet Race: Draw a start line and an endpoint on the sidewalk. Write uppercase letters randomly along the path. Challenge your child to run, skip, or hop from the start to the end, saying the letter names as they pass each one.
  • Letter Maze: Design a letter maze on the sidewalk using different letters as pathways. Your child can navigate through the maze, following the correct letter sequence.
  • Rainbow Letters: Write the letters of the alphabet in a curve, forming a rainbow shape. Encourage your child to trace over the letters with different colors of chalk, creating a vibrant rainbow effect.
  • Letter Pictionary: Take turns drawing objects that start with different letters of the alphabet. Write the corresponding letter beside each drawing. Guess the objects and their letters!

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Ideas to Help Math Learning

Engaging in sidewalk chalk activities that encourage number sense is a fantastic way to make math enjoyable for preschoolers. These easy sidewalk chalk ideas will help your little ones develop their understanding of numbers while having a blast outdoors.


This one is so simple but it is a kid favorite! Just give your little one some chalk and encourage them to create a pattern. If they are younger you can start the pattern for them and encourage them to finish.

Hundreds Chart

There are so many fun ways to use a hundreds chart! This giant sidewalk chalk hundreds chart is even more fun!

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More Ideas:

  • Number Hopscotch: Create a hopscotch grid on the ground, replacing the numbers with dots or written number words. Call out a number, and your child has to hop to that specific number. Encourage them to say the number aloud as they land on it.
  • Number Line Walk: Draw a long number line on the sidewalk, starting from 1 and going up to a higher number. Have your child walk along the number line, pointing to each number as they count aloud. You can also give them addition or subtraction problems to solve while moving along the line.
  • Counting Caterpillar: Draw a large caterpillar shape on the ground, with numbered circles as its body segments. Ask your child to start at the head and hop or jump along the segments, counting from one to the end. Encourage them to say the numbers out loud.
  • Missing Number Challenge: Write a sequence of numbers on the sidewalk, but leave out a few in between. Have your child fill in the missing numbers by identifying the pattern or counting forward or backward from the surrounding numbers.
  • Number Maze: Create a maze-like pattern on the ground using numbers. Your child’s task is to find their way through the maze by stepping only on the correct sequence of numbers. This activity helps reinforce number order and sequencing skills.
  • Number Line Jump: Draw a number line with large numbers on the sidewalk. Call out addition or subtraction problems, and your child has to solve the equation and jump to the correct number.
  • Number Hunt: Write numbers randomly on the ground using sidewalk chalk. Give your child a number to find, and they have to search for it among the other numbers. Encourage them to call out the number when they locate it and continue with more challenges. This activity strengthens number recognition skills.
  • Number Toss: Draw a series of numbered circles or squares on the pavement. Provide your child with bean bags or softballs. Call out a number, and your child must toss the bean bag onto the corresponding number. You can make it more challenging by giving them addition or subtraction problems to solve and then aiming for the correct answer.
  • Count and Trace: Create a trail of numbers on the sidewalk, leading to a designated endpoint. Ask your child to follow the numbers, counting aloud as they walk along the path. When they reach the endpoint, instruct them to trace the numbers with their finger or with a piece of sidewalk chalk. This activity reinforces number sequencing and fine motor skills.

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Ideas to Encourage Creativity

Sidewalk chalk provides a wonderful canvas for unleashing your child’s creativity and imagination. With just a few vibrant colors and a smooth surface, the possibilities are endless.

Play with Shadows

Invite kids to trace their shadows at different times of the day. Talk about why the shadows look different depending on the sun’s position.

Make a Map

Make a sidewalk chalk city for kids to play with. Make a map of your city, or neighborhood, or just create a map of your own.

More Ideas:

  • Sidewalk Gallery: Create an outdoor gallery by drawing frames on the pavement and encouraging your child to fill each frame with their unique artwork. They can draw landscapes, portraits, or even their favorite animals.
  • Colorful Mandala: Draw a large circle and let your child create a vibrant mandala design within it. They can use intricate patterns, shapes, and colors to make a stunning masterpiece.
  • Rainbow Road: Draw a winding path on the sidewalk and ask your child to color it in using a variety of colors. They can let their imagination run wild, adding twists, turns, and surprises along the way.
  • 3D Illusions: Experiment with perspective by drawing objects that appear three-dimensional. Your child can create an optical illusion of a floating balloon or a gaping hole in the ground.
  • Silhouette Art: Trace the shadows of objects or your child’s body on the pavement using sidewalk chalk. Then, encourage them to fill in the silhouettes with vibrant colors and patterns.
  • Underwater Adventure: Draw an underwater scene complete with fish, coral reefs, and other marine life. Your child can add their own unique sea creatures and create an imaginative ocean world.
  • Storyboard Drawing: Divide the sidewalk into panels and ask your child to create a visual story by drawing a sequence of scenes. They can let their creativity flow as they illustrate characters, events, and settings.
  • Chalk Stencils: Use stencils or cut out shapes from cardboard to create various designs on the sidewalk. Your child can then color in the shapes and add details to bring them to life.
  • Chalk Collage: Collect leaves, flowers, or other natural materials from your surroundings. Arrange them on the pavement and trace their outlines with sidewalk chalk. Your child can then color in the shapes and create a beautiful chalk collage.
  • Handprint Mosaic: Have your child trace their handprints on the pavement using different colors of chalk. Encourage them to fill the surrounding space with patterns and designs, creating a vibrant mosaic.

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Ideas that Encourage Scientific Exploration

Sidewalk chalk isn’t just for artistic creations—it can also be a fantastic tool for scientific exploration and discovery! Engage your child’s curiosity and ignite their interest in science with these scientific ideas.

Exploding Sidewalk Chalk

Exploding sidewalk chalk, or exploding chalk bombs, are a fun way to teach kids about science and chemistry. In fact, for many kids, this science experiment serves as a first introduction to chemistry and the elements around us.

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Really want to get into the science of sidewalk chalk? How about making your own? This DIY sidewalk chalk recipe takes about 3 days to harden.

More Ideas:

  • Rainbow Rain: Draw a large cloud shape on the pavement and ask your child to use different colors of chalk to represent the colors of the rainbow. Then, have them spray water onto the chalk to observe how the colors blend and create a beautiful rainbow effect.
  • Shadow Tracing: On a sunny day, have your child stand in a specific spot and trace their shadow using sidewalk chalk. Then, mark the time next to the shadow. Throughout the day, revisit the spot and trace the shadow again, observing how it changes shape and length as the sun moves.
  • Nature Collection: Go on a nature walk and collect different leaves, flowers, or rocks. Bring them back to the sidewalk and have your child draw and label each item with chalk. Discuss their observations and encourage them to investigate the characteristics of each object.
  • Sink or Float: Draw a large container shape on the pavement and label it “Sink or Float.” Gather a variety of small objects such as pebbles, leaves, and toys. Your child can predict whether each item will sink or float, and then test their predictions by placing the objects in a water-filled bucket within the drawn container.
  • Chalk Volcano: Create a volcano shape on the pavement and ask your child to decorate it with different colors of chalk. Then, mix baking soda and vinegar in a cup and pour it into the center of the volcano. Watch as it erupts with fizzy bubbles and discuss the chemical reaction taking place.
  • Colorful Walking Path: Draw a long, winding path on the sidewalk using different colors of chalk. Ask your child to walk along the path and observe how the colors transfer onto their shoes. Discuss the concept of friction and why the chalk sticks to their feet.
  • Growing Plants: Draw outlines of various plants or flowers on the pavement and label them with their names. Have your child use chalk to color in the different parts of the plants, such as leaves, stems, and petals. Discuss the functions of each plant part and how they contribute to growth.
  • Weather Forecast: Draw a weather chart on the pavement, including sun, clouds, rain, and wind symbols. Each day, have your child observe the weather and use chalk to update the chart accordingly. Discuss the different weather patterns and how they impact our daily lives.
  • Solar System Walk: Draw a scaled-down representation of the solar system on the pavement, placing the planets at appropriate distances from each other. Take a walk along the solar system with your child, discussing each planet’s characteristics and their order from the sun.
  • Bubble Exploration: Draw different bubble shapes on the pavement and fill a bucket with soapy water. Give your child various bubble wands and encourage them to experiment with creating different-sized bubbles. Observe the properties of bubbles and discuss why they form and pop.

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Ideas for Toddlers

These easy sidewalk chalk ideas are designed to entertain and engage your toddler while promoting their development in various areas. Let their creativity and imagination blossom as they explore the world of colorful chalk art.

Sidewalk Chalk Simon Says

Have your child start by standing in the center of the “game board”.  Begin by saying a color (“red”).  The child will jump to that color and then back to the center.  Say the first color and add another (“red, yellow”).  The child will jump to the first color (red), next color (yellow) and then back to the center.  Keep adding one color until you have 6-8 in the sequence. 

Sidewalk Chalk Nest


Toddlers will love being able to draw their own nest and then find rocks to be their “eggs”.

More Ideas:

  • Color Sorting: Draw large circles in different colors on the pavement and ask your toddler to match and place corresponding colored objects (such as toys or blocks) inside each circle. This activity helps them practice color recognition and sorting skills.
  • Animal Walk: Draw footprints of different animals, like a lion, elephant, or frog, along a path. Encourage your toddler to walk or hop in the footsteps, imitating the movements and sounds of each animal.
  • Bubble Wrap Stomp: Cut a piece of bubble wrap and attach it to the pavement using tape. Let your toddler stomp on the bubble wrap, creating a satisfying popping sound and a unique sensory experience.
  • Shape Hunt: Draw various shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles, on the pavement. Ask your toddler to find objects in the environment that match each shape and place them inside or near the corresponding drawing.
  • Water Splash: Use sidewalk chalk to draw puddle shapes on the pavement. Give your toddler a small bucket of water and a brush or sponge. Let them “splash” and “clean” the chalk puddles, introducing water play and fine motor skills.
  • Name Tracing: Write your toddler’s name in large, bold letters on the pavement. Encourage them to trace over the letters using sidewalk chalk, promoting letter recognition and early writing skills.
  • Follow the Line: Draw a winding line on the pavement and have your toddler follow it with their finger or by walking along it. This activity helps develop balance, coordination, and concentration.
  • Bubble Monsters: Draw large circles and ovals on the pavement, resembling monster faces. Let your toddler use sidewalk chalk to add eyes, noses, mouths, and other silly features to create their own bubble monsters.
  • Sensory Walk: Draw a sensory path using different textures, such as zigzag lines, wavy patterns, or dotted paths. Invite your toddler to walk barefoot or with socks along the different textures, stimulating their tactile senses.
  • Colorful Obstacle Course: Create a simple obstacle course by drawing shapes, lines, and arrows on the pavement. Encourage your toddler to follow the course, jump over lines, hop on shapes, or crawl under arches, providing them with a fun and active challenge.

Our Favorite Side Walk Chalk To Use

Here are some of our favorite brands of sidewalk chalk to use in our activities!

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola is a trusted brand known for its vibrant colors and easy washability. Their washable sidewalk chalk allows kids to create beautiful artwork without leaving a permanent mark.

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk City offers a wide range of vibrant and long-lasting sidewalk chalk. With their jumbo-sized chalk sticks, kids can easily draw and write on sidewalks, driveways, and pavement.

S&S Worldwide Sidewalk Chalk

The S&S Worldwide Sidewalk Chalk is a great value pack that contains a variety of colors.

Joyin Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk Set

Joyin offers a jumbo sidewalk chalk set with 108 chalk sticks in various colors. These large-sized chalks are perfect for little hands and allow kids to create big, bold designs.

Fun Sidewalk Chalk Accessories

Sidewalk chalk is even more fun with accessories, here are a few of our favorite sidewalk chalk accessories you can buy.

Sidewalk Chalk Holders

These chalk holders are designed to hold standard-sized chalk sticks, making it easier for little hands to grip and preventing the chalk from breaking. They come in various colors and designs.

Sidewalk Chalk Stencils

Sidewalk chalk stencils come in a variety of shapes and patterns, allowing kids to create detailed and precise artwork. They can be used to draw animals, letters, numbers, and more.

Storage Containers

Storage containers are convenient for keeping chalk sticks organized and protected from moisture and breakage. They come in various sizes and designs, ensuring your chalk stays in great condition.

Sidewalk chalk is a fantastic tool for promoting creativity, physical activity, and learning in children. Whether you’re creating colorful masterpieces, playing educational games, or simply enjoying the freedom of drawing on outdoor surfaces, sidewalk chalk offers endless possibilities for fun and imagination.