14 Printable Easter Crafts for Kids

by | Feb 23, 2022

Making crafts for Easter doesn’t always have to be complicated or require a lot of materials. All you need is some printable Easter crafts for kids – easy, simple, yet fun for kids of all ages!

I love making arts and crafts with my kids, but I’ll be honest – sometimes, it’s nice to print out a template and make something easy for my kids without all the planning. Having someone else come up with half the work is great, and the kids don’t mind – trust me.

So, if you’re looking for some printable Easter crafts for kids, I picked out a few of my favorite options – kids will love these!

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14 Printable Easter Crafts for Kids

1. Bunny Mask Nature Craft

I love this simple Easter themed activity; it’s the perfect weekend activity. If you can’t find any flower petals or leaves at your house – depending on the climate where you live – you can always get some fake flowers from the store! The great thing about this activity is your child can really be creative with what they put on their printable bunny mask.

2. Easter Bunny Card

Here’s another adorable printable Easter craft – an Easter bunny card! These are simple and easy for kids to make.

This printable Easter activity has two different designs, so you pick the one you want t make. The kids love putting them together, and all you need is some simply supplies you may have around your house like construction paper, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.

My personal favorite is the big white pom-pom on the back of the card – so cute!

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3. Easter Cootie Catchers

I remember making cootie catchers as a kid in school, so when I saw these Easter fortune tellers, I knew I wanted to make them for my kids. Easy Peasy and Fun offers two bunnies and a chick printable Easter cootie catcher in this set – adorable!

This is also a great introduction to origami for kids, so give it a try!

4. Printable Easter Chick Basket

This chick basket is adorable! The Craft Train offers this adorable printable easter craft; kids could even use this in an egg hunt. Your child will need help making this come to live, but the cuteness factor is high.

5. Bunny Crown Printable Easter Crafts

I love this; it’s one of the easiest printable Easter crafts for kids – a bunny crown printable! You can print out two different designs and let your child color them however they want. Then, cut out the bunny crown and let your child wear it around the house.

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6. Easy Easter Egg Coloring Template

If you’re looking for free printable Easter crafts for kids, these Easter egg templates are adorable and perfect for an easy craft for a rainy day. The Best Ideas for Kids offers four free templates in two different sizes, and you could use these in all sorts of ways.

The easiest way to use these templates is to print them out and let your child color them with markers or crayons. My kids also like to decorate these with paint, but make sure you use cardstock when printing out the egg templates. You could get even creative and try glitter glue!

7. Cute Bunny on a Popsicle Stick Craft

Grab a few of these printable bunnies and decorate them. Then, you could put them on popsicle sticks and make these to be adorable puppets. Another idea is to glue them on paper or make a simple garland strand with these bunnies!

8. Bunny Card Printable Easter Crafts

When I saw these carrot nibbling Easter bunny cards, I knew I had to make them for my kids. We love to give my in-laws and my parents homemade cards for holidays, and these are perfect.

This printable Easter craft is easy to make with the included printable pattern. Then, you can trace around it or print onto colored card stock. This allows you to make these cards in a bunch of different colors.

9. Easy Play Dough Mats

Head over to Pickle Bums for a variety of free Easter play dough mats. You can be creative and give your child other items to use to go with their mats. This is an Easter activity that will encourage your child to be creative.

10. Easter Egg Q-Tip Painting

Q-tip painting is a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers, and this printable Easter egg gives kids a fun way to paint. Not only is it a fun craft, it also helps your child develop their fine motor skills when using q-tips instead of a paint brush.

12. Egg Scratch Art

If your kids love those scratch art activities, you can make one of these at home for an easy printable Easter art activity. These activities are fun but they also increase fine motor skills for older kids. I think all ages enjoy these.

The Craft Train shows how to make this activity with a printable egg template, crayons, black paint, and a toothpick. I bet you have some of those things at home already! I bet your kids will love this activity.

13. Stained Glass Egg Decoration

These Easter eggs look like stains class – Pickle Bums uses marker paints that they create with markers and water. Then, use q-tips to paint the Easter eggs, creating this stained glass appearance.

14. Easter Garland with Eggs & Chicks

This printable Easter craft for kids I picked is this adorable paper Easter garland. It’s great for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids. The template is printed on white card stock and yellow card stock. Then, you use markers to decorate the eggs to make them unique and adorable!

You could even put some glitter or gems on the eggs!

15. Easter Egg and Bunny Wreath

This Easter Garland craft is a perfect choice for little ones, simply print in color or black and white and allow your little one to glue or tape them together. This will make a great decoration for Easter!

Pick some printable Easter crafts for kids; it’s an easy way to entertain your child and make some cute crafts to give to your family members or some DIY decor this holiday season.