15 Easter Crafts for 3 Year Olds

by | Feb 15, 2022

Easter has sprung, and it’s time to work on some Easter crafts for 3 year olds! Preschoolers are the perfect age to work on different holiday crafts; they love them all.

My preschooler loves all the different crafts that we work on together, and as your child gets older, their skill level increases, so it gets easier for them to work on different, more complex projects. However, you still want to keep it simple and easy, allowing your child to explore their own creative side.

Don’t micromanage all of it!

Let your child make a mess; it’s a part of the natural progression

If you need some inspiration for Easter crafts for 3 year olds, here are some projects your preschooler will love!

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15 Easter Crafts for 3 Year Olds

1. Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Here is one of the classic Easter crafts for 3 year olds – a paper plate bunny! You need some pink felt, two paper plates, google eyes, cotton balls, and blue pipe cleaners. Don’t forget the glue and blue markers to color on the teeth. This is an easy project you can work on with your 3 year old, even if you aren’t a crafty person.

2. Bunny Handprint Card

Make an Easter bunny handprint card with your preschooler! You need card stock, and you trace your child’s hand to create the outline for the bunny. Then, they use small white, pink paint, sparkly pom-poms, craft glue, google eyes, and a pipette.

3. Heart Easter Bunnies

The instructions from Easy Peasy and Fun to make these heart-shaped Easter bunnies are easy to follow and an adorable craft to celebrate the holiday season.

4. Bobble Head Bunny Craft

This bobble head Easter bunny craft is adorable! The tutorial shows you exactly how to make these bunnies, and your preschooler will have fun playing with them afterward.

5. Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

I love crafts that use inexpensive items like toilet paper rolls – FREE – and popsicle sticks. These toilet paper roll bunnies are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to work on together. `

6. Easter Stick Puppets

I thought these adorable yet simple Easter crafts were an excellent option for projects. They’re made with painted popsicle sticks, pipettes, and construction paper (or even foam) to create the chick or bunny on the top.

7. Paper Plate Easter Chick Sewing Craft

Preschoolers have better fine motor skills than toddlers, and weaving and sewing are some early skills that improve their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. This chick is easy to put together if you take the time to punch the holes in the paper plate. Use this activity to entertain your child for a longer period – they’ll love it!

8. Easter Chick Craft

Here’s another adorable craft by Kids Activities blog. This is a hand-print chick craft that uses your child’s handprint to make the wings of the chick. Then, you use construction paper for the rest of the little chick – so simple yet adorable!

9. Toilet Paper Chicks

You can make more than just bunnies with your empty toiler paper rolls – make chicks as well. You need tissue paper, orange construction paper, googly eyes, and paint. Preschoolers love these types of projects!

10. Plastic Egg Stamping

When I saw this idea to use plastic Easter eggs to make a craft, I knew I had to try it. You also can use sponge stampers, or simply use the Easter eggs. Cut out an egg shape from colored card stock and use the rim of the eggs to stamp with the paint. It looks adorable!

11. Potato Stamped Easter Eggs

I saw the idea a few months ago to use potatoes to create egg stampers. It’s an inexpensive yet fun Easter craft.

Start by carving designs into a potato cut in half. You can make different lines – straight or wavy! Once the potatoes are carved, use a paint brush to apply the paint to the potatoes and stamp them on the paper.

12. Salt Dough Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for Easter crafts for 3 year olds that will last for a few years, salt dough eggs are an excellent option. Make some salt dough based on the recipe provided by The Best Ideas for Kids and, after letting them dry, paint them and add some glitter. Make sure to put a hole in the top to hang your salt dough eggs.

13. Sponge Easter Eggs & Basket

Preschoolers and toddlers will love this simple Easter craft idea. You need a few sponges that are cut into the shape of eggs. Draw the shape of an Easter basket on the card stock and let your child stamp on eggs with the sponges. Then, take strips of brown construction paper to make the basket. The instructions are so easy to follow!

14. DIY Easter Baskets with Papier Mache

If you want a project that is a bit more involved for your preschooler, consider making these adorable baskets with papier mache. Then, glue on a bunny or chick details created from felt.

15. Easter Coffee Filter Wreath

All you need is some coffee filters, card stock, and markers to create a pretty tie-dye inspired wreath. You draw on the coffee filters with markers and wet them. The marker will spread out, creating a pretty tie-dye effect. Once dried, attach them to card stock cut out like a wreath.

Finding fun Easter crafts for 3 year olds is easy! Preschoolers simply enjoy creating, so sit down with your kids and make some of these fun projects for Easter. You’ll all have a great time.