Must See Homeschool Room Ideas That You’ll Love

by | Mar 26, 2023

If you find yourself homeschooling (or researching homeschooling) chances are a homeschool room idea is at the top of your list.

Your homeschool room will be the entire backbone of your homeschool – so it is understandable that you would be carefully researching your options!

When choosing a homeschool room, you should keep a few things in mind, such as the space you have available, the age of your children, and their interests.

However, ultimately it’s important to remember that it’s not the space, location, or even the items that make a homeschool room special – it’s the time you spend in the homeschool room with your kids!

Take a look at some of these amazing options for homeschool room ideas, and get started creating one in your home today!

Choosing Your Homeschool Space

The first thing that you will need to do when deciding on your favorite homeschool room idea, is to choose the SPACE in which your homeschool room will reside.

Do you have an entire room, a cute and quaint little nook, or a separate building entirely that you can transform into your dream homeschool room?

Once you have decided on the location, it’s time to start digging deeper and really planning out the space!

Homeschool Room Tips

Now that you have the location of your homeschooling room chosen, I have a few other tips for you when you are designing the space.

Whether you are a new, or long-time homeschooling family, creating a space within your home where you do MOST of your at-home learning – can be hugely beneficial.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing the space…

Easy Access to Your Resources and Materials

Even if you decide you don’t need an entire room for homeschooling, the most practical reason to have a homeschooling space is to have ONE area in your home where you keep all of your supplies.

Think of things like curriculum, resources, books, and other necessities like pencils, and paper.

Having a well-organized homeschool room with all of your supplies in one place will make a huge impact on your homeschooling journey. No more playing hide and seek with the scissors you need for your preschooler or the glue your first grader needs to complete a project.

It will all be right there – waiting to be utilized!

Consider Adding some Teaching Aids

While I absolutely do NOT suggest recreating a classroom in your home, having some teaching aids can go a long way in making sure your homeschool room is successful and practical.

A large dry-erase board or chalkboard will help you to write out ideas and teach different concepts. If you are like me, and use youtube, or other videos for teaching – having a laptop and a device to project your lessons on can be beneficial as well.

It’s All About the Storage

Storing school supplies will be one of the most important decisions you will make when deciding on your favorite homeschool room idea. There are so many options for storing school supplies – but you should choose the storage option that makes the most sense for your family.

Having a nice sturdy file cabinet with locks may seem nice, but when you need your 3-year-old to access the supplies – a small open shelf may be more practical.

Create a Reading Nook

Studies have shown time and time again that one of the most relied-on indicators of a child’s educational success traces back to the amount of reading they were exposed to.

Having a reading corner in your homeschool room where your kids can cozy up and read (or listen to you read) will be an excellent way to encourage that reading time daily.

Use the Walls

When designing your homeschool room, you shouldn’t let any space go to waste! Consider using the walls to teach, add personality, and have fun!

If you are really adventurous, you can block off a certain area on the wall and use chalkboard paint. This is a great asset for any homeschool space and will create so many opportunities for learning!

Be Flexible

Always remember to be flexible, as your children get older, their needs will change. That cute little reading corner may need to adapt into a study corner. Your older elementary student or high schooler may require more personal space to learn. When choosing your homeschool room design it’s important to choose a design that can be easily adaptable.

Our List Of Must-See Homeschool Room Ideas That You’ll Love

As with anything, when choosing your homeschool room idea – it’s often fun to have inspiration. Here are some of my favorite homeschool room ideas that I’m sure you will love!

Homeschool Room Design Ideas

Designing a homeschool room can be daunting – but with a little inspiration, you can have your perfect space created in no time at all!

Whether you want to go with a small nook, a large room, a classical look, or something entirely different I have some great ideas for you!

Cute & Quaint

Via Reasons to Smile

This homeschool room idea utilizes a cute and quaint little corner of the room. This idea would be perfect for any family that doesn’t have a huge area to dedicate to their homeschooling room, but that still wants a nice central location for learning to naturally happen.

The reading nook is absolutely adorable and would be easy to recreate with this play tent, and some fun throw pillows. The white fuzzy carpet really makes the space inviting!

I really love the touch the message board adds along with the nice sized white board on the wall.

The desk, desk chair, and rug really pull the entire look together.



This homeschool room design idea is very multi functional. The children can use this space to create, learn, and access any materials they may need. It is also a space that could easily accommodate multiple children.

The floating desks make this room highly functional, and add space for other important aspects.

Cute & Classical

This homeschool room idea definitely encompasses the more classical style with children’s desks, a blackboard, calendar on the wall, bookshelves, and learning materials easily visible.

With all these easily accessible choices you could easily recreate this idea in your homeschool room.

Repurposed Dining Area


This homeschool room idea is perfect for the family who doesn’t want to use a bedroom in the house, but has a dining area available that can be repurposed.

With tons of amazing shelving options, an amazing desk area, a table with plenty of seating, and highly functional storage options this homeschool room design has it all!

Montessori Inspired

A Montessori designed homeschool works perfect for preschoolers. The main principles are adaptable for older kids as well, but its easiest to find materials for home use at the preschool level.

If you are interested in using Montessori inspired designed elements in your homeschool classroom – this is a great resource: How to Set up a Montessori Homeschool Classroom.

The key to designing a Montessori inspired classroom is using furniture and supplies that are easily accessible to the child.

The Montessori method focuses on three main ideas when setting up an environment: beauty, order, and simplicity. Keeping those three ideas in mind will help with the set up of an ideal Montessori homeschool classroom.

Here are some of my favorite Montessori pieces:

Table & Chairs

Montessori Shelving

Montessori Sand & Water Table

Montessori Book Shelves

Wall Shelving

Wobble Balance Board

Gross Motor Options


Although it may not be the main design choice of your homeschool classroom, having some gross motor options in your design can go a long way for those cold, blistery, or rainy days you are sure to encounter!

Consider adding things like a slide, wobble board, rock climbing wall, pikler triangle, or even a swing!

Homeschool Room Desk Ideas

While your homeschool room doesn’t require a desk, it’s nice to have a central location where most of your little one’s work get’s done.

Your homeschool room desk can serve several different purposes – from a place to do art, a surface for writing, or even simply a place to store most of their educational materials.

Easy DIY


This homeschool room desk is a simple DIY, with just a single board set on top of Kenner cabinets. You can choose from several different board and cabinet options.

And if you get the board and cabinet from lowes, the board is already notched perfectly to sit right on top!

Repurposed Stickley Shelves


Stickley Furniture is beautiful and these shelves are easily repurposed as desks in your homeschool classroom.

They are just the right height, offer storage, and fit just about any design option!

Repurposed School Desks


If you happen to have access to some old classroom desks, try giving them a makeover to fit the theme of your homeschool room design!

See how she got this look for her homeschool desks in this blog.

Farmhouse Table


This side by side option for a homeschool desk utilizing a farmhouse style table is a perfect option for any family who doesn’t want to use the kitchen table for their central hub but that still want that homey feel.

Adjustable Height Desk

These adjustable height desks are perfect for growing kids! You can adjust both the chair and the desk for optimal posture and comfort.

You can get this particular model in both blue or pink!

Montessori Inspired Homeschool Desk


These bed trays double as just the right height for a Montessori inspired desk for your little ones. Kid’s love that it is at just the right height for them, and easily accessible!

See more homeschool desk ideas here!

Homeschool Room Storage and Organization Ideas

When you are trying to homeschool your children the last thing you want to do is play hide and seek with all your daily supplies and curriculum pieces. Having a well organized homeschool with some unique storage pieces can make all the difference.

Here are some of my favorite pieces!

360 Shelving

These fun bookshelves save space and add plenty of storage options for books, curriculum and supplies.

Organization for Small Spaces


Homeschool organization options doesn’t have to be a challenge if you are selective with the items you choose and resist going overboard for items you don’t need! These bar carts and file organizers make perfect choices for small spaces!

Corner Cabinet


Make use of all the space available with a corner cabinet – this look is an easy and cheap DIY using IKEA storage shelving options! Learn more here.

Use Wall Space

These space saving wall shelves are an excellent storage options and offer the perfect place to store and organize books in your classroom.

Get More Homeschool Organization Ideas Here!

Homeschool Room Activity Table Ideas

There are so many options when it comes to homeschool room activity tables. Whether your kids are into art, legos, trains, or anything in between an activity table is an excellent place to encourage exploring their interests.

You can buy pre made activity tables, or try some DIY hacks!

Ikea Hack


This Ikea hack is a perfect way to DIY an activity table for your homeschool room! You will first need to build the individual shelves, and then connect them together.

I love this option because it offers plenty of storage and room for multiple activities.

2-in-1 Art Table

This homeschool activity table doubles as an easel when you lift the table top. With plenty of room for storage of art supplies, and the fun design – what’s not to love?

Adjustable Height Activity Table

This adjustable height activity table is the perfect combination of durability, and convenience. I love all the storage options and the fact that it can grow with the kids.

Homeschool Room Workspace Ideas For Multiple Siblings

If you have more than one kid chances are you need a homeschool space that can easily accommodate them all – while still giving each one their individual spaces. This can sometimes be a challenge.

Here are some of my favorite homeschool workspace ideas for multiple siblings.

Cute & Individualized


This homeschool room idea for multiple siblings is perfect for plenty of room, and individualized space. I love the individualized bulletin boards for displaying assignments or finished work, and all the storage options of the desks.

Simple & Modern


If you have multiple children and need to utilize your space the best you can – this modern homeschooling set up is perfect!

You could easily achieve this look with bottom shelving, a long board set across, and plenty of open shelving concepts to complete the look.

Grab individual chairs, white boards, and a classroom rug to pull it all together.

Personal Space


When you are homeschooling siblings, having personal space can be important!

This homeschool room set up offers plenty of room for each of your children to get their work done, and store their supplies.

You can recreate this look with Billy Bookcases from Ikea!

Swing into Learning


When homeschooling multiple children it’s always a great idea to have alternative seating options in addition to your main learning area.

Some kids learn better when moving – so adding a hammock chair can be an excellent idea!

FAQs About Homeschool Room Ideas

If you find yourself homeschooling, whether by choice or necessity – a homeschool room idea is likely one of the first things you start thinking about. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about homeschool rooms.

Is a designated room for homeschooling absolutely necessary?

Absolutely not! You can homeschool wherever you are, life is learning! Especially in the beginning, and you haven’t decided your homeschool style yet – you can wait a bit before designing a homeschool room.

In addition, an entire room is not necessary at all! You can design a homeschool area in a corner, along a wall, or repurpose a central location in your home.

What is the most important part of a homeschool room?

When choosing your homeschool room idea, the most important part of the room is the time you will spend in it!

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Choosing to homeschool your child is a huge commitment and one that will have a lasting impact on their future. Although your homeschool room set up is not the biggest indicator of success in homeschool, I do help that these homeschool room ideas give you a head start and/or a great foundation in your homeschooling journey!

Do you have any other ideas that you think I should add to the list? Let me know in the comment section below! I would love to hear from you!