12 Inspiring Homeschool Desk Ideas

by | May 21, 2022

Are you looking for homeschool desk ideas to create a useful space for homeschooling? Creating a productive environment for your kids that makes them feel comfortable and keeps them organized is key.

It doesn’t have to feel like traditional school. In fact, you should remember that your homeschool ISN’T traditional school, so unless you really love the design of classrooms, you don’t have to use those individual, small-sized desks.

I put together some inspiring homeschool desk ideas to help you find what will work for your family and children. No matter how large or small your space is, there are ways to incorporate homeschool desks into your available areas.

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12 Homeschool Desk Ideas

Classy with a Chalkboard Wall


I love this space. The colors are classy and don’t scream a homeschool space, and it’s not large. This room looks like it may originally have been an office or den, or it could be a corner in their living room!

A Space for Multiple Ages


If you have multiple kids at home, all in different age ranges, then your homeschool space needs to reflect that. For the little kids, the Flisat tables that lift up to expose bins are perfect for all those sensory activities preschoolers and toddlers love!

The desks lined up on the wall are perfect for older kids, especially with the drawers to keep their individual supplies and paperwork.

To create this look, use the Alex Drawer units and put a butcher block countertop over them. This allows you to separate the desks later or keep them together, but make sure you sand and use a polyurethane seal over the countertops.

Get these white, modern chairs to go with your homeschool desk!

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Homeschool Mom + Homeschool Desk Combo


This is a great use of the space you may have available to you. I like how the space for the homeschool mom also can be used for other things like budgeting, bill paying, etc – Versatility!

The mom does is this white cottage road desk paired with a comfortable, high-back executive chair. Mom has to be comfy while teaching!

Then, your kids sit at a white computer desk, perfect for two kids to work side by side along with high-back accent chairs.

Small Spaces Inspiration

If you think your small area won’t work for a homeschool desk, think again!


Having dedicated spaces for your homeschool room doesn’t have to look like an entire room just for schooling. It can be a small area off the side of your home that fits a small desk with a bench and storage space for all of your materials.

This is a small dining table with two benches but one is removed. So easy!

Spaces for Each Child

Do you have three or more kids that are similar in ages? This space works great for older kids, and you have plenty of storage for their art supplies, laptops, and more.

You’ll need four or more metal drawer units and three or more solid table tops to place on top for the desks. Don’t forget a few rolling chairs!

A Table as a Desk for All


This space feels so cozy and makes you want to come in and start learning!

Instead of a homeschool desk, this homeschool mama uses a table that her husband built, but you can find a similar one here on Amazon. Then, she painted these X-back child-sized chairs to match the table.

A Cozy Corner


All you need is a cozy corner, even if it’s the landing area off your second floor stairs, to create the perfect homeschool desk. Grab a small desk with a wooden chair or even a modern chair to go with it.

Don’t forget a rolling cart on the side to store art supplies and other needed homeschool items. I love the inclusion of the comfortable armchair and little knitted ottoman for an extra place to read.

Surrounded by Storage Space


This homeschool space looks like it has custom built in units for all the homeschool storage you need. If you don’t have custom built-ins, don’t stress!

Grab matching white bookshelves and attach a table top between the bookshelves with anchors. Since you’re attaching a vintage brown table top, I recommend ensuring the bookshelves are sturdy and well made!

These adorable rolling chairs come from World Market, and I love the colorful rug to bring excitement into the space.

Streamline, Modern Homeschool Desk Space


Create a modern homeschool desk area with this streamlined design. I love the feather wallpaper; it makes this room versatile because it can be used for different uses later.

This particular homeschool desk was built into the house, but you could create a similar look by attaching several floating desks in a line together! These rattan frame chairs give a coastal, modern vibe to the room.

Corner Homeschool Desk


If you feel like you won’t have a space to homeschool without a dedicated room, think again! Find a unused corner in your home, add a simple desk with a wooden chair, and you have the perfect space for your child to work.

The added chalkboard and ABC card border makes this space super adorable!

Simple Homeschool Desk for 2


If you have two kids you’re homeschooling but don’t have a lot of space, I love this idea for a homeschool desk. All you need is two two-cube shelves for storing your homeschooling supplies and an 8-foot table top.

Grab two white wooden modern chairs to go with it and a large chalkboard for the wall to complete the space.

Using an Old Kitchen Table


In reality, you don’t need a special desk or anything to give your kids a place to learn. All you need is a dining room table with some chairs, the perfect learning environment for a family.

This room is so cozy with the fire place, chair cushions for a place to read on the floor, and plenty of bookshelves in the corner.

Remember, homeschooling takes place anywhere no matter if you have a designated homeschool desk or not. Learning happens everywhere!