107 Morning Affirmations for Students to Start the Day Right – FREE PRINTABLE

by | Aug 13, 2023

Do your students struggle with self-confidence? Are they needing a morning boost to get them going?

If so, I have something great for you (and them). Morning affirmations are something that I have been doing with my kids for a long time.

Some students may not get all the affirming that they need at home. Even if they do, there is something to be said for confidence that is not based on the opinions of others.

Affirmations are a perfect addition in a classroom setting when students need a little boost of confidence and energy. Start the school day with morning affirmations after the loud speaker message, morning work, or unpacking.

I have found 100+ morning affirmations for students that you can recite with your students, or have them recite alone, and created a FREE printable as well.

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What are Morning Affirmations for Students?

By definition, affirmations are positive and self-empowering statements that boost mental attitude. Morning affirmations for students are a way to start off the day on a positive foot.

These affirmations are designed to boost students’ confidence as well as affirm who they are.

Are Morning Affirmations Effective for Students?

Morning affirmations build confidence and self-awareness for students. Affirmations give students a sense of confidence that comes from within, which is so important to have.

When you have students that are confident and rooted in their own abilities, they are much more likely to be successful.

How do you Introduce Morning Affirmations for Students?

Start by explaining to your students what affirmations are and why they are helpful. Go around the class and ask your students to say one nice thing about themselves.

Next, introduce 1 or 2 affirmations at a time. This helps introduce the concept of affirmations to students and makes it easier to memorize.

What are the Steps to Begin Morning Affirmations for Students?

Introducing these affirmations may be very new for your kids or students. You’ll need to let them know why they’re reciting them, the benefits, and how they can help.

Here are some steps to begin:

1. Have Students Chose the Affirmation that is Personal to Them

Based on your student’s talents and struggles, have them pick an affirmation that is personal to them. The best affirmations would be something that they feel they specifically could work on based on their needs.

2. Write the Affirmation

I always remember things better when I write them down. That is why so many of us love lists! Simply putting your thoughts on paper helps both adults and students alike to remember and internalize ideas.

Writing the affirmation is a very beneficial learning tool. Students will also have a list of affirmations to refer back to when they need a reminder of who they are and their capabilities.

3. Connect the Affirmation with a Feeling

Connecting an affirmation with a feeling helps the students to make an emotional connection to that specific affirmation.

For example, if you practice with your students daily an affirmation that says, ” I am good at doing hard things” and the student is doing a task that is challenging, you can remind them of that specific affirmation.

Once this connection is made, they will begin to use the affirmation without having to be reminded.

4. Explain to Students How to Use the Affirmation Throughout the Day

Using affirmations throughout the day can empower students to strive and achieve more.

Explain to students when they are facing something that makes them feel a negative emotion like sadness, fear, worry, or anger, that they need to find an affirmation to combat that negative thought.

Kids may need help with this at first, but the most amazing part is that if you teach them how to identify that negative emotion within themselves, they will start to identify that in others.

5. Have them Use Affirmations on Others

Once they can identify the negative thought or emotion and use an affirmation on themselves, you can encourage them to reaffirm one another!

What are the Best Ways to Use Morning Affirmations for Students in Class?

Okay, so you have a list of awesome affirmations. Now what? I have a few tips for the best ways to use morning affirmations in class!

  • Repeat affirmations regularly
  • Have your students come up with their own
  • Have students come up with affirmations about others
  • If a student is struggling, suggest an affirmation for them to use
  • Make an affirmation book with students
  • Have students take turns leading affirmations in the morning

Why do Students need Morning Affirmations?

Students need morning affirmations for several reasons. Inner self-confidence and self-empowerment is a valuable skill to have. Another thing is that we don’t know what other places students are getting their confidence from.

Having students start off their day with morning affirmations is such a positive way to get the day going. This short activity creates a mindset shift in every student (and probably you too!) which makes for a wonderful learning environment.

What makes an Affirmation Positive for Students?

An affirmation should affirm and encourage students. Affirmations should reinforce facts about what students are capable of doing and who they can become.

Affirmations are a way to get past the negativity and handle difficult situations.

When should you use Morning Affirmations for Students?

You should use morning affirmations with your students the very first thing in the morning, if possible. This not only starts the day off on a positive note, but also makes it easier for them to remember since their brains are fresh!

You can also do a different set of affirmations after lunchtime or whenever you think it is needed.

107 Encouraging Morning Affirmations for Students

1. I am kind.

2. I choose kindness.

3. I have kind thoughts.

4. I speak in a kind way to others.

5. I am a kind friend/sibling/child.

6. I am loved.

7. I am smart.

8. I am strong.

9. I was born to shine.

10. I was born for my personality to shine.

11. I was born this way.

12. I was born to succeed.

13. I was born uniquely me.

14. I was born for my interests to shine.

15. I was born for my creativity to shine.

16. I shine every day.

17. I am generous.

18. I am a good listener.

19. I am worthy of being loved.

20. I belong.

21. My body belongs to me, and I set boundaries that make me comfortable.

22. I make others feel like they belong.

23. I belong here.

24. I belong in this world.

25. I belong with my friends.

26. I belong with my class.

27. I have a good memory.

28. I have many talents.

29. I can try really hard.

30. I am playful.

31. I am playful and love to have fun.

32. I can create amazing things.

33. I can do really hard things.

34. I can remember new things.

35. I can finish all my homework.

36. I can write neatly.

37. I can read new words.

Morning affirmations are a perfect addition to start the school day when students need a little boost of confidence and energy.

38. I like me.

39. I am cool.

40. I am fun.

41. I like my personality.

42. I like my style.

43. I am motivated to do my best.

44. I am comfortable in my own skin.

45. I am organized.

46. I will be the best student I can be.

47. I will take my time and work slowly.

48. I will not give up.

Morning affirmations are a perfect addition to start the school day when students need a little boost of confidence and energy.

49. I am loved.

50. I am worthy of being loved.

51. I am deserving of being loved.

52. I love myself.

53. I love every part of what makes me unique.

54. I will speak up if someone is hurting me.

55. I will speak up if something is bothering me.

56. I will try to be a good listener.

57. I will try my best.

58. I am thankful.

59. I am thankful for today.

60. I am thankful for my friends.

61. I am thankful for my family.

62. I am thankful for new experiences.

63. I love learning new things.

64. I love coming to school every day.

65. I love my teachers.

Morning affirmations are a perfect addition to start the school day when students need a little boost of confidence and energy.

66. I care about others.

67. I am a caring person.

68. Caring about others is important to me.

69. Caring about others makes them feel loved.

70. I care about others because they deserve it.

71. I am good at math.

72. I am good at taking turns.

73. I will share.

Morning affirmations are a perfect addition to start the school day when students need a little boost of confidence and energy.

74. I love to read books.

75. I am a good reader.

76. I am capable at reading stories.

77. I am a confident reader.

78. Reading is fun!

79. I am good at math.

80. I try my best to complete my work.

Morning affirmations are a perfect addition to start the school day when students need a little boost of confidence and energy.

81. I am worthy.

82. I am just as worthy as others.

83. I am worthy of being loved.

84. I am worthy of a bright future.

85. I am worthy of being accepted.

Morning affirmations are a perfect addition to start the school day when students need a little boost of confidence and energy.

86. I am creative.

87. I am good at creating.

88. Creativity flows through me.

89. Being creative is something I thrive at.

90. I can create wonderful things.

91. I am interesting.

92. I discover new interests every day.

93. I am interesting in my own way.

94. Being interesting is fun!

95. Being interesting is cool.

Morning affirmations are a perfect addition to start the school day when students need a little boost of confidence and energy.

96. I love myself.

97. It is okay for me to love myself.

98. I love myself just like I am.

99. I love who I am.

100. I love who I am becoming.

101. I am unique.

102. I will understand new things I learn.

103. I will not give up.

104. I will try to be a good student.

105. I will try to be a good listener.

106. I will do my best.

107. I can do hard things.

Encouraging Morning Affirmations for Students (Printable)

In addition to this blog, I have also created an excellent printable resource of all 107 Encouraging Affirmations that you can use with your students. Download the free printable by entering your information above!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Morning Affirmations for Students

Do morning affirmations work?

Yes, morning affirmations do work! They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and I know that if you stick with the morning affirmations you will see a huge difference in your students.

By the end of the first month, your students will be used to their affirmation routine and probably rehearsing them on the weekends!

How do they affect the brain?

Repeating daily affirmations helps to rewire the brain to view things in a more positive manner. Morning affirmations release dopamine into the brain, creating a positive experience and effectively reworking the way students think and act.

How long do they take?

Morning affirmations can be done in as little as 5-10 minutes. In my opinion, this short activity has a powerful impact on the day and is really a no-brainer!

Do Morning Affirmations Promote a Growth Mindset?

Morning affirmations absolutely promote a growth mindset. Not only do they promote a growth mindset for individuals, but morning affirmations also encourage those students to encourage others.

Affirmations are a great way for anyone to start their day. Reinforcing and building up students to fully live out who they are meant to be is so important. The ability to be self-motivating and confident is a skill that very few have.

What are your favorite affirmations for students? I would love it if you shared it in the comments below!