18 Skeleton Printables for Kids: Learning and Decorating Printables

by | Oct 4, 2022

Halloween and skeletons go together like peanut butter and jelly, so if you’re looking for some skeleton printables for crafts and learning, I found some awesome options.

Some of these printables are perfect for anatomy lessons and teaching your child why bones are so important for your body (and not just creepy). They’re ideal for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten levels (with some catering more to a 1st or 2nd grade level as well).

Your kids can really learn a lot from these skeleton printables, or you may just use them to decorate your house for the spooky season!

18 Skeleton Printables

Whether you’re looking for an anatomy lesson or Halloween activity, I’ve got just what you need here!

1. Build a Skeleton Printables

These skeleton printables are perfect for kindergarteners to 2nd grade. You have a few ways to use them. You can cut them out and hook them together with yarn, or laminate the pieces and let your child build the skeleton on the floor.

2. Life-Size Printable Skeleton for Kids

If you’re looking for a life size skeleton for decoration or a learning activity while studying human anatomy, this skeleton printable works perfect. Once put together, it’s the size of a child!

3. Skeleton Puppet

Color with Leo offers a skeleton printable puppet. You hang the pieces from a hanger or a stick, and your kids can play with this skeleton. They’ll think it’s hilarious!

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4. Printable Skeleton Game

Are you looking for a game to play with your kids on Halloween? This Build-a-Skeleton game is simple to play and a quick set-up. Make sure to print this out and play it together. All you need is a dice!

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5. Skeleton Coloring Pages

Print out a few of these skeleton printable coloring pages and keep your kids busy during the Halloween season. These printables are totally free – the perfect activity for your kids.

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6. Movable Skeleton Printable

Your kids will love this movable skeleton printable. It will make them laugh, and if you make multiple ones, they’d make awesome DIY decorations for Halloween. Follow the easy-to-understand directions on the website to make these movable skeletons.

7. Learn About Bones Activity for Kids

If you have kindergarteners to 2nd graders, this printable is an awesome way to start teaching your kids the name of the bones and their purpose. It’s never too soon to start introducing your child to anatomy and all the amazing facts about our bodies!

8. Skeleton Anatomy Printable Activity

If you find that your kids are super interested in understanding the skeleton, I love this printable from Arrows and Applesauce. I suggest laminating all the pieces so that they can be used for a while. Your child has to match the labels to the bones. If your child is younger, you can read the names to them, but this printable also works for older kids.

9. Q-Tip Skeleton

This Q-TIp Skeleton printable is available for Free on TPT. It includes teacher tips, skull and bow cut-out templates, and a half-page writing template- you just need the Q-Tips!

Students can write a few sentences (or less if you’re working with younger students) about skeleton facts, summarize a book you read about skeletons, their favorite part about a skeleton themed book, the month of October, an opinion and a fact about skeletons…the prompt is editable and truly open-ended so you can change it based on what you’re students are learning and their ability level.

10. Spooky Skeleton Cut and Paste

Cut and glue the body parts to make a spooky spooky skeleton! Download it for free here in much better quality!

11. Skeleton Number Puzzle

Number Puzzles–Match number, ten frame, word, and tally marks. Differentiated puzzles for digits 1-10, includes 2, 3, and 4 piece puzzles so you can differentiate OR use at different times through the year. 

12. Spooky Skeleton Roll and Color

Here is a fast fun freebie! Just grab a number cube or dice and roll. Color the matching bones! This game is great and can be played with some yummy bone-shaped chips too!

13. Roll-a-Skeleton and Create-a-Skeleton

This resource includes seven activities for your classroom for the Halloween season. Keep your students busy with color/activity sheets or Create a skeleton craft they can complete at their desk or have your class engaged in a group with the roll a skeleton games. Great resources to use in a classroom party as well.

What is included with this item:

  • Create a Skeleton Activity
  • Roll a Skelton Activity (2 versions – One cut out and place pieces, other is color in skeleton)
  • Color Sheet
  • Color by Number Sheet
  • Multiple Activity Sheet (color & B/W versions)

14. Parts of a Skeleton Craft

Learn the names + locations of different skeleton parts with this easy-to-prep project. Just cut, glue + label! …Then follow it up with a few vocabulary-rich skeleton rounds of “Simon Says.” This fun + simple craft is sure to tickle your class’s funny bone!

15. Skeleton Connect-the-Dots

This Skeleton connect the dots page features a dot to dot puzzle for Halloween. This activity worksheet helps kids practice connecting the dots, counting by 1’s (Connect 1, 2, 3, 4, … and so on).

Connect the dots puzzles are essential to the overall development of a child. It helps to improve concentration, reinforce sequencing, and develop image recognition. Connect the dots are also a great way to keep the kids busy and engaged, and provide some quiet time for everyone.

16. Close Reading Skeleton Freebie

FREEBIE FUN with Non-Fiction Text! Students need explicit instruction and practice with finding evidence in text in order to answer text-dependent questions. 

These mini lessons teach students to go back to the text in a thoughtful, careful and precise way. The text dependent questions are directly under the text passage. This reinforces students going back to the text for their answer. Colorful posters are also included for whole group practice. 

Skeleton FREEBIE includes:

  • *Connected Writing
  • *Write the Room Word Cards and Recording Sheet
  • *Content Specific Vocabulary Fun Sheet
  • *Main Topic Writing Sheet
  • *Choose from 2 Levels of Text-Dependent Questions: LEVEL 1- Cuttin’ it Close- Cut and Glue, LEVEL 2- Color the Evidence *Colorful Classroom Poster

17. Montessori Human Skeleton Flash Cards

Do you have older kids who want to learn more about human anatomy? These Montessori anatomy flash cards will help your kids learn the names of the major bones in our body.

18. Montessori Skeleton Printables

Check out all these awesome Montessori skeleton printables including three part cards. These printables are perfect for unit studies on the human body or decorating for Halloween.

Whether you’re learning about anatomy or creating some spooky decorations, these skeleton printables are awesome options to use. Your kids will love them especially the life size skeleton!

Are you looking for some skeleton printables for Halloween or teaching anatomy? Check out these awesome options for kids.