16 Fun Easter Worksheets for Kindergarten

by | Mar 3, 2022

Easter is the perfect time to bring out some new worksheets and activities to encourage learning. Kindergarteners are working on early literacy and math skills, so grab some fun Easter worksheets for kindergarten kids!

I always look for new Easter activities for my kids. We work on crafts all the time, but sometimes, I grab some skill-based worksheets to help my daughter and son practice things they’re learning in school.

If you’re looking for some fun Easter worksheets, check out these great options for the Easter season below.

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16 Easter Worksheets for Kindergarten

1. Easter Worksheet Bundle

Planning Playtime offers these adorable free Easter worksheets for quick, no-prep activities. Parents and teachers alike can use these worksheets for extra practice; they work great as extra activities for your lesson plans.

The set includes so many different activities for kindergarteners and worksheets for counting, alphabet, shapes, and letter tracing.

2. Fun Easter Mazes

Maze worksheets are so fun for little kids to work on, and Super Star Worksheets offers a bunch of free printable Easter mazes. It’s a free collection with different themed worksheets.

You can print out mazes in the shape of an Easter cross, Easter bunny, Easter basket, flowers, chocolate bunnies, and more. It’s a great way to keep your child entertained during Holy Week!

3. Math Easter Worksheets for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners need plenty of math practice to ensure their foundation of understanding is solid. So, grab some of these free Easter math worksheets.

Kids Activities Blog offers worksheets for kindergarteners up to 3rd grade. So, if you have older kids, you also can find some practice for them here too.

Math problems are in colorful eggs, so you can print them out and offer them as a time killer in the afternoons.

4. Jelly Bean Math

Who doesn’t love jelly beans?

Grab these worksheets that use jelly beans to teach different spring math activities for kindergarteners and even preschoolers. They offer easy yet engaging practice for math skills, color recognition, writing skills, and even art skills all using jelly beans!

5. Color By Sight Words

Kindergarteners need to practice their sight words, and these easy worksheets are perfect for building those early reading skills. It also helps to work on fine motor skills. Grab one or more of these Easter themed worksheets!

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6. Free Printable Easter Worksheets

Easter is coming up fast, and if you want to give your kindergartener some extra math or literacy help, these worksheets are perfect! You can grab over 70 pages of fun and learning.

You’ll get clipart Easter eggs, carrot-themed worksheets, syllable cards, tracing worksheets, and more.

7. Kindergarten Addition Worksheets

Here is another set of Easter kindergarten worksheets; it offers different sheets for you to give to your child to practice basic addition. Addition is one of the key things that kids practice at this age, and it’s so important for them to have plenty of practice.

8. April & Easter Inspired Worksheets

You’ll love these spring and Easter themed worksheets that work on reading and literacy comprehensions. Grab these tracing worksheets and reading comprehension sheets that work on encouraging your child to truly grasp what they’re reading.

9. Easter Color By Number

My kids love color by numbers, so when I saw these adorable printable worksheets, I had to include them. These help kids practice identifying numbers, and while they’re great for kindergarteners, you also can give them to toddlers and preschoolers.

When your child colors by number, they’ll reveal a pretty picture. They’ll love these!

10. Kindergarten Skills Easter Worksheets

Grab this set of 14 worksheets for kindergarten, but they also may be great for some preschoolers. This set focuses on things like matching, tracing, graphing, egg tracing, coloring page, and more!

11. 80 Easter Printables

Gift of Curiosity has a huge Easter printables pack with over 80 worksheets and activities. Some of them are for kindergarteners, but the age range is for kids from 2 to 7 years old.

This printables pack is full of so many educational activities for kids. The set is was to tailor to different developmental levels and includes activities for counting, adding, subtraction, letter identification, patterns, crossword puzzles, and more.

12. Easter Printables for Kids

Get these free printables for your preschooler or kindergartener. The set includes worksheets for problem solving mazes, tracing letters, count, drawing, and more.

13. Easter Bingo

Here’s a fun thing to play with your kids at Easter – Bingo! We love bingo, and this Easter bingo set is fun for all ages to play. You can play it with some Easter candy like Mini Eggs. Print out a set and start playing!

14. Easter Alphabet Matching

Grab this Easter alphabet matching game. It’s a file folder alphabet game that teaches letter recognition of uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters in a fun way.

This is a fun Easter activity that your kindergarten will want to work on over and over.

15. Easter I Spy Game

I Spy is one of my kids’ favorite printable games, and this set from Gift of Curiosity includes six different games with three different levels of difficulty. You can tailor the game to your child’s ability level, so it’s perfect for a family with children of different ages.

I Spy is also a great activity for those long rides to see family for holiday dinners!

16. Easter Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Here are some Easter math worksheets that are fun and great for a kindergartener or first grader. The set includes counting pages, addition and subtraction worksheets, patterning, and fill in the blank pages. These worksheets make learning fun.

If you’re looking for some educational and fun activities for younger children, grab some of these Easter worksheets. Learning should always be fun!