Free Printable Back to School Word Strips

by | Jul 21, 2022

The start of the school year is almost here and I wanted to offer my readers an awesome free printable for your young students. These back to school word strips are great for hanging in the classroom or using for copying and handwriting practice.

These word strips are perfect for little ones because they are easy to read and most importantly, they have an image to go along with the word.

Having the image is very helpful for these back to school sight word strips because the student should be able to read them better on their own. They can look at the image and know the beginning sound which helps them start to sound out the word as well.

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Benefits of Word Strips

These word strips are great for having your preschooler, pre-k student, or kindergartener practice recognizing and writing letters and understanding letter sounds.

Of course you may think that a preschooler can’t read the word backpack, but you’d be surprised at how their mind is able to recognize sight words from lots of repetition.

Sight words are words that young children may not be able to pronounce phonetically, but can recognize them just by seeing them. These are words that don’t follow typical rules of the English language or just words that they see often. For example, their name or small words like and and the.

Many of these back to school words will be sight words for these young children as they can not sound them out.

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Practice Letter Writing

Once you print and cut these word strips, your students can use them to copy each letter on their own sheet. Give your student 1″ lined paper and have them place the word strip directly above it.

Have them use a marker, crayon, pencil or any writing utensil that is most comfortable for them. Tell them to copy each letter from the word on the lines directly below it.

There are some strips that I added lines underneath. These will be much easier for your child to write and copy below the word.

It may be helpful to tape the word strip down on their desk or table so it doesn’t move around. This could cause them to lose track of what letter they were writing.


Recognize Sight Words

Hanging up these word strips in your classroom, playroom, or wherever they typically spend time, will help them tremendously to memorize as a sight word.

The more they see words and letters, the more they will learn how to recognize these frequently used words and letters.

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I hope you and your students enjoy these back to school word strips and that they help you kick off an awesome beginning of the school year!

These back to school word strips are great for hanging in the classroom or using for copying and handwriting practice.