16 Days of the Week Printables for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

by | Aug 20, 2021

Learning the days of the week is a goal when teaching preschoolers and kindergarteners; they should know all of the days of the week. Try using some of the days of the week printables to help your students or child.

Kids start to learn the days by singing cute songs in preschool or with their parents. We always sing it to Adam’s Family tune, and my kids think it’s hilarious.

Parents should talk about the days with their kids on a regular basis through normal conversation. “Today is Tuesday, and we have to go to the grocery store.

“Tomorrow is Wednesday, and you have gymnastics on Wednesday!”

Gradually, your child will be ready to try some printable activities with the days on them. If you homeschool preschool, you can include learning some of the days in your goals for your 4-year-old. Here are some great options to get you started.

16 Days of the Week Printables

1. Days of the Week Flashcards

I think these flashcards are so cute. They would make the perfect decoration in a homeschool room or your classroom! The soft pastel colors are gorgeous; I just love this set.

2. Montessori Wheel

This day of the week printable wheel is perfect for your Montessori classroom or homeschool. I like that it helps kids understand Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; seeing it as a wheel makes a lot of sense to little kids. Use this in your morning basket routine with your preschooler!

3. Days Gumball Printables

Look how cute this printable is by Preschool Play & Learn! Your chilfd has to match the “gumballs” with the days on them with the correct day in the machine. It’s such a simple activity that your preschooler will love!

4. Calendar Board Days of the Week

Are you putting together a calendar board to help your preschooler learn the days of the week? This printable works great for a calendar board, and it includes slips for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. It’s full color and free!

5. Days and Months with Cardinal Numbers

This set by TheEdTechWizard contains the days of the week and months of the year and their cardinal numbers. Whether you want to teach the order of the days or work on cardinal numbers, this set is a great option.

6. Days of the Week Wall Poster

If you want wall art that shows the days of the week, this printable by FunDesignsbyMichelle is an awesome choice. She incorporated multicultural kids on the display; it’s inclusive and perfect for a classroom or homeschool room. Print this on cardstock to make it more durable and help the colors stand out.

7. Kindergarten Days of the Week Printable

Here is a simple day of the week printable for kindergarteners. They trace the days of the week, cut them out, and paste them in the proper order. It’s a simple yet effective activity.

8. Cut & Paste Days of the Week

Super Star Worksheets has TONS of days of the week printables, and all of them are free. You’ll find worksheets for each day, word searches, puzzles, and this cut and paste activity. Try making a binder or workbook with all of these free printables to help your preschooler or kindergartener learn the days.

9. Trace The Days

Here is a simple activity for your child – tracing the days of the week. This helps with developing proper handwriitng skills and learning the names of each day. I suggest combining this with other activities for an effective lesson on the days.

10. Busy Binder Activity for Days of the Week

Another cute printable idea is this busy binder activity. You’ll need to laminate the printables and add Velcro circles to each day card. It’s a hands-on activity to learn the days of the week, and they also have the opportunity to practice their handwriting skills.

11. Days of the Week Spinner

Kids will love this simple craft to help them learn the days of the week. Nurture Store includes the days as a free printable and gives you detailed instructions about how to complete this craft with ease. It’s a great activity for your preschooler.

12. Cut & Match Printable

Here’s another adorable cut and match printable. If you’re learning about bees and honey, add this along with the unit. It’s ideal for homeschoolers, preschoolers, or kindergarteners.

13. Word Wall Cards

If you want to create a bulletin board about all the days of the week, these free word wall cards are an awesome printable. They’re colorful and will look great laminated. Did I mention that they’re totally free to print?

14. Fill in the Blank Printable

This worksheet will need to be for older kids who are learning how to spell and write. The printable is a simple fill-in-the-blank with the word “day” at the end, however, I still think this is best geared towards kindergarteners and maybe 1st-grade students.

15. Make Book About The Days

A cute activity that will help your child learn all of the days and have fun is to make a book. This printable has a sheet for each day, and as your child learns how to write the names, they color the pages. You staple them together to make a flip-book that your kids can read to help them remember.

16. What Day Comes After?

Here’s another printable that I think works best for kindergarteners to 1st-graders; what day comes after? You can read the sentence to your child, or let them read it by themselves. Then, they have to select the day from the options at the bottom and write it on the blank.

Try using some of these days of the week printables to help your children learn them. Little kids love these types of activities, and it’s important for them to know the names of each day.