Easy & Fun Fathers Day Crafts for Preschoolers

by | Apr 30, 2023

Father’s Day is almost here and I’ve been thinking about crafts that can be done with preschoolers for Father’s Day. Crafting with preschoolers can sometimes be challenging, for many reasons as you can imagine!

While crafting with preschoolers may be challenging, you can do it and have fun!

I have rounded up some sweet Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers that can be done with help and independently!

Materials To Have on Hand for Crafting with Preschoolers

I always try to be mindful of the materials I have on hand for different ages to use. Some things I like to have on hand are:

  • Washable paint
  • Washable markers
  • Washable crayons
  • Construction paper
  • Disposable table cloth
  • Old/play clothes

Top Tips for Crafting with Preschoolers

I have crafted with my kiddos since they were little and wanted to share some of my tips. Doing anything with preschoolers and especially crafting I apply these tips.

It is easy to have certain expectations in our heads and then they fall short, so consider these when making Father’s Day crafts with your preschooler.

Consider you expectations

I think the goal when crafting with preschoolers should be to have fun. Remember, crafting with preschoolers comes with challenges like them wanting to do everything independently, and often MESS!

You can set yourself (and your little) up for success by doing a few of these things:

  • Make sure your preschooler is well-rested. No one wants to craft when they are sleepy.
  • Have non-toxic products on hand, so if they taste test something you don’t have to call poison control.
  • Make sure your preschooler has a meal or snack before crafting.

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple will allow your preschooler to have fun and you to be less stressed out and frustrated.

Have a Dedicated Outfit for Crafting/ or Cover Clothing

One of the big stressors about crafting with preschoolers is the fear of messy clothes. The solution to this is to have a dedicated outfit for crafting!

I would recommend going to Goodwill and getting a t-shirt that is a bit too big. Or you can get a smock from Amazon, that completely covers the clothing.

Make Cleanup Easy

Have some disposable tablecloths on hand, this alone makes clean-up super simple. I also like to use whatever I can that is disposable, to simplify clean-up time.

Using washable paint, markers, and crayons also helps tremendously because I stress less knowing clothes can be washed easily if something were to happen.

Date the Artwork

Dating artwork is helpful to know when your little one created their masterpiece. It is great looking back on different pieces of artwork knowing exactly when it was done.

Have Fun

Most of all, have fun! These are memories are precious and ones that you will never get back!

Your babies probably won’t remember these, but the bond you will create by crafting with them will last forever.

Teaching Little’s Favorite Father’s Day Crafts For Preschoolers

Here are some of my favorite Father’s Day crafts for your preschooler. They are sweet and precious in every way. This will have dad in tears of joy!

All About My Dad Poster

This sweet Father’s Day craft will melt dad’s heart. Take pictures of your preschooler holding the letters that spell dad and write down everything they know about their dad and glue on a poster board.

Handprint Keychains

Handprint keychains are just the sweetest gift. They require a little more time to make but definitely worth it for dad.

Race Track T-Shirt

Race track t-shirt for dad is a favorite and precious gift. Help your preschooler draw a race track on a white t-shirt and add outside features with lots of colors. Dad can nap while they race their cars on his back.

Father’s Day Cool Flashlight Card

This Father’s Day flashlight card is so cool and your preschooler will have fun playing with it as well. Gather up some ziploc bags, cardstock and a sharpie to create revealing messages to dad with the flashlight.

All About My Dad Tie Cards

Print off these tie cards and help your preschooler fill in all the pieces of information about dad and have them color and decorate the ties just for dad.

Simple Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Father’s Day crafts don’t have to be over the top. Your preschooler can create some amazing, simple ones that don’t require much. These are some great ones below.

Paper Plate Medals

Paper plate medals are fun to make. Your preschooler can use markers, crayons, paint, glitter and ribbons to create these awesome medals for dad using paper plates.

Handprint Superhero Card

Get some paint and paper and let your preschooler paint their hands to turn their handprints into their superhero dad!

Father’s Day Fish Cupcake Liner Card

Hooked on dad with this fishy Father’s Day card made with cupcake liners is adorable and fun to make.

I Love You Dad Card Hands

Trace your preschooler’s hands and write sweet notes for dad and attach the middle piece with additional notes and glue. Simple but sweet.

My Dad Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Don’t throw out those toilet paper rolls! Your preschooler can create their version of their dad on a toilet paper roll for a fun, creative craft that dad will love.

Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers That Double As Gifts

Here are some Father’s Day crafts that double as a gift from your preschooler. These are creative and fun and most importantly made with love.

Father’s Day Donut Picture Card

You can print this donut template out and have your preschooler color it as they like and add their picture in it and glue on cardstock and fold in half for a sweet Father’s Day card.

Football Keepsake

Precious football keepsake is made out of salt dough and has your preschooler’s handprint and their photo in one gift making it extra special.

Father’s Day Back Scratchers

Is dad needing a new backscratcher? Well your preschooler can paint one for him and add some gems and jewels with some string for easy hanging.

Handprint Apron

Is dad needing a new apron for the kitchen or grill? Well this precious handprint apron is the way to go. Your preschooler’s handprints using different colors is a great gift for dad for Father’s Day.

Handprint Gloves for Dad

Get dad some work gloves and have your preschooler add some paint to their hands to stamp inside the work gloves. Dad will see his precious little child’s hands every time he has these on.

Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers that You Will Cherish Forever

Here are some beautiful memory making crafts for your preschool that dad will cherish forever.

Handprint Bowl

Your preschooler will have lots of fun making this handprint bowl for dad using salt dough and paint of their choice. Dad can put his keys, rings and pocket change in this handprint bowl.

Nuts About Dad Picture Frame

Your preschooler can paint an old picture frame and glue bolts and nuts on it using some of dad’s old tools and attach a picture of your preschooler and/or siblings.

Dad & Me Mug

Dad and me mug is a sweet gift and your preschooler can make one using a plain white mug and some craft paint. Dad will love using this mug for his morning coffee.

Framed Poem with Footprints

This sweet and precious poem is great Father’s Day craft for your preschooler. Add their footprints on the poem and frame. Dad will cherish forever.

Baseball Handprint

This so easy but precious craft is sweet in so many ways. Your preschooler just needs some ink on their little hand and stamp their hand on a baseball. Precious memory keepsake for dad.

Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers They Can Do On Their Own

Preschoolers love creating things on their own and it expresses so many things on how independent they are. Below are some great DIY Father’s Day crafts for preschoolers.

Tackle Box Treats

This easy, diy for your preschooler is a sweet treat for dad that they can both share. All they need is some of dad’s favorite candies and a divider box and create their own tackle box of treats.

Best Popcorn Pops Card

Gather up some cotton balls, glue, paint, googly eyes and some card stock paper. Your preschooler can make this best popping popcorn card for dad.

Coolest Pop Father’s Day Sticks

Your preschooler can make these awesome Father’s Day sticks by using popsicle sticks, crayons, markers, stickers and more to create something special for dad.

My Dad Color Sheet

Print off this blank dad template and let your preschooler add all of dad’s features for this easy and adorable Father’s Day craft.

My Dad Rocks

Have your preschooler find a special rock for dad and let them paint it with different colors. Help them write a special note for dad on the rock.

Last Minute Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Needing that last minute, but still special Father’s Day gift your preschooler can give dad? Well here are some fun crafty ones below.

Grill Handprint Card

If dad loves to grill, then this is a perfect card for him. Made extra special using your preschooler’s handprint cutouts.

Handprint Portrait

Just print off this printable template, and have your preschooler paint their hands and stamp on the printed paper and frame for an adorable last minute Father’s Day gift.

Lego Building Memories With Dad

Have your preschooler grab some extra legos and write down some things down they want to do with dad and add them to a jar. Dad can pick and stack as they make and build memories together.

Best Dad Pizza Card

This simple, last minute best dad pizza card is fun to make. Your preschooler just needs some foam paper and glue and googly eyes to make a great slice of pizza for dad.

Father’s Day Bookmarks

You can print these bookmarks off for your preschooler to color. Perfect for all of dad’s important books.

Amazon Ready Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

These are some great Father’s Day crafts for your preschoolers from Amazon. Here is my top 5 favs from Amazon and ready to go.

All About My Dad Card

The all about my dad card is a fun, creative way for your preschooler to list all cool facts about their dad on this giant card. Just get some crayons and markers and your preschooler is good to go.

Best Dad Mug

This DIY mug is a great addition for dad to have in his office or home. Your preschooler can color any way they like, making it extra special.

World’s Best Dad Trophy Cup

A world’s best dad trophy cup is a great way for your preschooler to show dad how much he is appreciated and they can fill with treats and more.

Dad Brick Tabletop Decorating Kit

Your preschooler can create a work of art with this tabletop dad brick craft. It’s made using foam pieces and easy to put together.

#1 Dad License Plate Craft Kit

Is dad needing a new license plate? Well your preschooler can create one just for him with this #1 dad license plate! He can hang it anywhere to show off to everyone!

Hope these awesome Father’s Day crafts for your preschooler bring lots of fun and great memories for Dad. Your preschooler will add all the extra love into making these crafts. Enjoy!