Christmas Beginning Letter Sound Clips: Free Printables

by | Oct 24, 2022

Phonemic awareness is a big part of early reading skills. Kids have to learn how to identify letter sounds, and these Christmas beginning letter sound clips are great practice for your early reader.

Figuring out the first sound of a word is a big part of phonemic awareness. These sound clip cards mix the reading skills with a hands-on activity kids love.

It’s ideal for preschoolers, pre-k, and kindergarten students; it’s important for kids to continue their learning and practicing even when you think it’s been mastered.

You’ll love my new free printables!

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Using Beginning Letter Sound Clips

Your child works on more than their phonemic awareness sound clip cards.

These are a hands-on learning tool that helps to develop fine motor skills. Not only do they have to sound out the word and figure out which letter is the beginning sound, but they have to open the clothespins with their fingers. This takes concentration.

Here’s how the cards work.

The kids look at the picture on the card and determine which letter the word starts with. They have to sound it out and figure it out, ideally without your help.

Then, they clip a clothespin on the letter that is printed next to the picture. Using clothespins is a great way to add fine motor practice.

How to Set Up Christmas Beginning Letter Sound Clips

Here is what you need to grab and have on hand.

I suggest printing the letter clip cards on cardstock for added durability. You want to be able to use these more than one time throughout the holiday season!

Cut the cards apart after printing, and I suggest laminating them as well for even more added durability.

If you want these cards to be self-checking, add circle stickers to the back, indicating the correct answer. One way to do this so they don’t cheat and simply feel the circle is to put a circle sticker on the back of all the letters, but make the wrong answer red circles and the correct one a green circle.

Other Ways to Use These Sound Slip Cards

You don’t have to ONLY use clothespins after all! Here are some other items you can use to mark the correct letter.

Be creative and let your child have fun with these!

I hope your early reader enjoys these holiday-inspired letter sound clip cards. Kids need the reading practice they can get to become fluent!