30 Books about Feelings for Preschoolers

by | May 4, 2022

Feelings and emotions are difficult for preschoolers to handle. They feel so many different emotions, and they have to learn their names and how to manage them. One of the best ways to teach preschoolers about their emotions is to read different books about feelings.

Little kids have all sorts of big emotions.

Reading books about feelings teaches your child that it’s not bad to feel angry, sad, frustrated, or joyous. They help your preschooler to learn the name of their feelings, and many of these books discuss with your children how to manage those emotions appropriately.

Here are some books that you should add to your bookshelves!

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30 Books about Feelings for Preschoolers

You Have Feelings All The Time

The first book on feelings I have for my kids is You Have Feelings All the Time. It teaches kids that emotions are a healthy and normal part of life. Some are big feelings, while some aren’t. Preschoolers love this affirming and supportive book about children’s many different feelings.

My Magical Feelings

The Magical Feelings is that feelings aren’t bad or good; all of them are good. They help you understand your world better, but you have to control over how you react to your feelings. The book helps children accept all feelings, allowing them to make better choices.

My Magical Choices

Here is a book that teaches children about positive language and how to be calm, confident, and forgiving. Preschoolers love the beautiful illustrations and fun rhyming text that empowers them to be responsible for their happiness and feelings.

My Magical Words

Do you want to increase your child’s confidence? My Magical Words teaches children that their words have power and how they speak to themselves is important. The book is full of positive affirmations.

The Way I Feel

Here is a classic book about feelings for preschoolers. The book teaches children that feelings aren’t good or bad – they simply are. It invite children to learn about all the feelings they may feel throughout the days.

Unlike other books, this one goes beyond just the basic emotions of happy, sad, and mad. it includes jealousy, pride, thankfulness, and boredom.

The Way I Act

Another book to go with this series is The Way I Act that dives into 13 different ways that humans act throughout the day. The author discusses feeling curious, cooperative, or persistent, and it teaches our preschoolers have their behaviors and how they act contribute to their overall day.

The Color Monster

The Color Monster is all about a monster who has emotions all over the place, but then his friend helps him identify his feelings. He learns how to name the feelings and sort them into “colors” that we experience each day.

Today I Feel… An Alphabet of Feelings

If you’re gathering books about feelings, you need Today I Feel: An Alphabet of Feelings. It takes readers through 26 different feelings from adored to yucky in alphabetical order. This gives parents opportunities to have conversations about these feelings with their kids.

The Boy with Big Big Feelings

The Boy with Big, Big Feelings is about a young boy who feels big emotions. He often feels overwhelmed or confused, and his big feelings confuse him as well.

He has no idea why he feels so deeply until his friend helps him understand that feelings come and go. The book teaches your preschooler to embrace your feelings to bring you more happiness.

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

This is one of the cutest books about feelings! Preschoolers learn that their heart is like a house with all their feelings living inside. It has a die-cut heart on each page as the book takes your child on a journey through their emotions.

Tough Guys Have Feelings Too

How often were boys taught that they can’t cry or they have to be tough? This book teaches our young boys that it’s okay for boys to express their feelings. The message is loud and clear; all little boys need to read this book.

Rosie’s Glasses

Rosie’s Glasses is a wordless book with adorable pictures that show preschoolers how looking at a situation from a different spectate changes your feelings. The story follows Rosie who wakes up in a monochrome world with a dark cloud over her heard. Then, she puts on a strange pair of glasses, finding a transformed world.

Little Big Feelings

If you want a book for your preschool classroom about feelings, you’ll love Little Big Feelings. The book walks children through examples of situations that craft emotions and reminds kids that emotions are normal. They learn how to process those big feelings from frustration to nervousness.

Some Days

Some Days is a book about feelings, full of rhyming text and colorful illustrations that children love. It’s a book with examples about our everyday lives when some days are happier than others. The author encourages readers to find happiness in each day.

Where The Wild Things Are

A classic story is Where The Wild Things Are, and it pays homage to our imagination, coping with anger and frustration. It follows Max who has a tantrum and is sent to his room by his parents.

While in his room, Max goes on an adventure in his imagination through an island where wild things live. It teaches children to have the ability to calm down through imaginations.

Ravi’s Roar

This book follows Ravi who is having a hard time; he can’t control his temper today. He is so angry he turns into a wild tiger, and everyone leaves him alone, but Ravi soon learns that means no on wants to play with him. It’s a great story about how it feels to be mad and how to manage it.

The Invisible Boy

It’s important to teach preschoolers about kindness and compassion, and that’s what this book is all about. The story follows Brian through his school days where he feels invisible until a new student makes him feel welcome. Soon, both boys find a way to shine in their own unique ways.

We’re All Wonders

This novel inspired a national movement to “Choose Kind.” It’s a picture book for young readers that tells a story of a young boy who doesn’t look like everyone else. He struggles with people being unkind and wishes for a day when all people look with kindness.

Be Kind

Do you want to teach your preschooler what it means to be kind?

Be Kind is a story that follows a young girl who finds out that a young girl in her class spilled juice over his dress. The girl practices kindness and teaches kids that any act of kindness brings joy to those around her.

Pass It On

Have you ever thought about what the world would look like if we always passed on kindness?

Pass It On shares the moments of happiness that we share with others that give others delight. It’s a lively story, ideal for circle time for preschoolers.

Kindness Starts with You

Preschoolers need real-life situations to help kids make connections in their lives, especially when it comes to feelings and behavior.

The author of Kindness Starts with You uses a classmate to show readers all the way she is kind throughout the day. She uses kind words, helps her friends, and shows how to be a great friend.

Kind Ninja

What little kid doesn’t love a story about ninjas?

Kind Ninjas is part of a life-hack book series that focuses on anger, anxiety, dishonesty, and more. This story teaches readers that being kind is a choice, and the Kind Ninja doesn’t always make it. Kids love this book with bold, bright pictures and witty statements to keep a preschooler’s interest.

Ruby Finds a Worry

We’ve all had a worry that grew bigger until it was all you could think about, and Ruby experiences this. Ruby finds her first big worry, and it becomes so large that it steals her happiness.

Then, she meets another boy who has anxiety, and Ruby learns that everyone has worries too. It teaches preschoolers that the only way to get rid of these worries is to talk about them.

Wilma Jean – The Worry Machine

If you’re on the hunt for books about feelings, you’ll love Wilma Jean the Worry Machine. This book teaches preschoolers that everyone feels worries or anxiety from time to time, but Wilma Jean worries all the time.

She doesn’t know what to do!

The book gives preschoolers tools to help your child feel in control of their anxiety and worries. It encourages them to talk about their worries to help cope.

The Worry Box

Murray Bear learns that, when he writes down his worries and puts them in his worry box, he feels better. The worries won’t disappear, but it helps him know they are safely tucked away until he can focus on them. This adorable book teaches kids cope with their worries in a healthy way.

The Magical Yet

Young kids love books with rhythmic text and inspiring pictures, and that’s what Magical Yet gives you. Yet refers to things that kids can’t do “yet,” and it gives kids peace of mind that tasks might seem hard now, but they’ll get easier later.

We call this a growth mindset, and this story encourages that mindset at an early age. It’s important that kids see you can do things your heart desires with a bit of patience.

Grumpy Monkey

One of the emotions preschoolers know well is anger, and the Grumpy Monkey helps little ones recognize these feelings. Jim’s friends want to help him feel less grumpy, and he learns that it’s okay to have a grumpy day sometimes too.

This book teaches an important lesson; we can’t always have great days but tomorrow is a new day!

Grumpy Pants

Penguin is one of those moods when he feels grumpy from his head to his toes. He learns that doing one of his favorite things – taking a bath and playing – makes him feel good. He can wash away those grumpy feelings!

What If Everybody Did That?

This is a great book that helps young kids understand the power of their choices throughout a typical day. It has great illustrations and dialogue that helps kids imagine what it would be if everyone broke the rules.

What If Everybody Did That shows kids why rules are needed for everyone to enjoy regular life from school to the outside world.

My Mouth is a Volcano

Louis can’t control himself; he interrupts everyone because he has so much to say. His mouth erupts like a volcano with all of his thoughts and words pouring out.

This book is told from a child’s perspective and how hard it is to wait turns. Readers learn how Louis learns different strategies to be respectful and wait to speak.

Make sure you add these books about feelings on your bookshelf; they will help your preschooler learn how to handle those normal emotions.