Unique Halloween Costumes for Teachers

by | Aug 7, 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, and with the craziness of school starting you should consider planning early!

Halloween is such a fun time to dress up and express yourself through a costume. Those same ole costumes won’t do.. you need a unique Halloween costume for teachers!

What should teachers wear on Halloween?

Teachers should wear something that represents their personality and adds some fun to the day! This can easily be done while following the school dresscode!

If you don’t feel like putting on a ton of makeup and a big costume, that’s okay! There are tons of t-shirt options available to be festive and comfortable.

What are the rules for Halloween costumes at school?

The rules can vary from school to school, however there are some things that tend to stay the same nearly everywhere:

  • Keep the costume PG
  • Make sure your costume isn’t to scary
  • Make sure that you can still perform your job duties
  • Make sure your costume isn’t offensive

Following these general rules can ensure that your Halloween will be fun and not full of disruptions.

Teaching Littles’s Favorite Halloween Costumes for Teachers

All costumes are great, but there are a few that I absolutely love! Here are a few of Teaching Little’s favorite Halloween costumes for teachers!

Ms. Frizzle


With its long sleeves, high waist line, above knee length, and slim fit, it is a very stylish, elegant mini dress that gives off the perfect Ms. Frizzle vibes!

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This women’s hippie clothes costume will be a cool choice for your retro theme parties!

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The Crayola costume is an excellent choice for a Halloween costume. This year, pick your favorite color, team up with a group of friends, and party in colorful style

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Pioneer Costume

These American historical dress-up costumes make the story become very real. Wearing this colonial pilgrim dress back you to the history of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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This costume will make you stand out at the party, increase party fun, and make you different and more lively!

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Group Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Get your crew together and really stand out with these fun group costumes!

Super Heroes

With well designed size and shape, comfortable soft material, bright colors. You will fall in love with ADJOY adult super hero capes sets.

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School Supplies

These custom, made-to-order shirts will make a great addition to your party! Draw A big smile on your family and friends’ faces with these unique designs.

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Bunch of Bananas

Nothing is more apPEELing than being dressed up as a bunch of bananas costume! Tropical fruit has never looked so good!

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Top your party with these great condiment t-shirts! They are perfect for a large group!

Pac Man

Let your inner child show with these amazing Pac-Man shirts!

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Halloween Costumes for Teachers Based on Books

Take story time a step further with some of these fun costumes!

Peter Rabbit

This cute plush bunny ear hairband accessory is perfect for your Peter Rabbit costume!

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Sam I Am

Going green takes on a new meaning in this storybook inspired style! The only question is, do you like green eggs and ham?

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Horton Hears a Who

Get dressed up as this iconic character from the classic children’s book by Dr. Seuss. Slip on the ears and tail of your favorite elephant, Horton, and you may hear some Whos on the included flower.

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This lively, comfortable, and warm costume is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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Pete the Cat

If your kids have fallen in love with the optimistic stories of Pete the Cat, there is no better way to bring the fun home than with this officially licensed Pete the Cat costume.

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Easy Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Sometimes you just need to get something easy to make it through this holiday.

Mail Carrier

This mail carrier costume for is fun and unique, you can dress like a postal worker and pretend to deliver letters to your colleagues and friends to make an ordinary day even more fun!

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Wonder Woman

This Costume shirt is a fun and easy choice all year long. Wear it at themed parties, dress-up days, daily wear, parades, fun runs, and of course Halloween too!

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Where’s Waldo?

Take one of the best parts of your childhood and bring it to the new generation with this fantastic costume!

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Rockford Peach

Complete your field-ready look with this Rockford Peaches costume that is perfect for your Halloween celebration.

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Black Cat

Shine out to any costume party with a black cat onesie that features wrist and ankle cuffs, a stuffed tail, and cat ears attached to the hoodie.

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DIY Halloween Costumes for Teachers

If you don’t want to go looking for a costume this year, check your closet for something to make one of these DIY costumes.

Rosie the Riveter


Bring this historical icon into your collection with just a couple of simple pieces of clothing that you probably already have. Take some blue jeans, a button-up shirt, and a red bandana or hairband, and you have the perfect costume!

Scare Crow



Smarty Pants

A costume like this is too simple to pass up! Simply tape some smarties to your pants and you’re good to go!


How much more simple can you get? Just wear a black outfit or even just a black shirt, and tape on some paper cutouts for a fun and unique costume you and all your friends can fall into!

Halloween Costumes for Teachers Based on Movies

Bringing the big screen to the classroom is one of the easiest ways to connect with your students!

Top Gun

You can wear this costume any time of the year. Whether it’s for Halloween, dress up, costume party or pretend play, and everyday wear.

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Bring a classic Disney princess to your party this year with this great costume!

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Bring a fun change to the party this year as a strong female hero!

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Cruella Deville

Sometimes being the villain is a nice change of pace! Have some fun this year with this great costume!

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Have a little fun this year as one of your childhood favorites!

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Funny Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Halloween doesn’t always have to be serious. Sometimes you need a little more humor in your holiday.


Ride your way to the party with this fun inflatable costume!

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Nothing says party like an inflatable costume. This pig costume is no different and has a lot of different possibilities.

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Bring some flavor to your party with this fun taco costume!

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All that and a Bag of Chips

This junk food parody costume is a one-of-a-kind find! It makes for a hilarious idea for your next theme party, dress-up contest, or other Halloween event!

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Crazy Cat Lady

This adult costume features a soft pink robe with various cat details, giving the look a humorous touch.

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Supply Theme Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Embracing the supply closet may not be the first thought that comes to your mind for a costume, but it is definitely a unique idea.

Pencil & Paper

It’s a combination any adult is familiar with. Now you and a friend can harken back to school days of yore with these Pencil & Paper costumes!

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Show off your crafty side by creating an artsy costume with a little beret or any other art supplies. The “shear” amount of possibilities you have with this costume is amazing!

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Be the glue that holds the whole crew together! They’ll sure stick with you wearing this School Glue Squeeze Bottle Costume!

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Historical Figure Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

Look to these historical figures for some great holiday ideas.


Take a step out of history and rule the party with this great Cleopatra costume!

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This costume will definitely turn some heads this Halloween!

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George Washington

Demand attention this Halloween with this great George Washington costume. Just stay away from any large quantities of tea….

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Betsy Ross

Show your patriotic side this year with a fantastic costume honoring the woman who was credited with sewing our nation’s first flag!

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Martha Washington

Somebody has to make sure George doesn’t have another tea party.

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Sometimes we just don’t have time to put together a complex costume. These simple costumes are the perfect solution for someone with limited time on their hands.


Just adding a simple pair of ears and a tail is all you need for this last minute cat costume.

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Let’s be honest. Sometimes just wearing a funky hat, like this, is all we have time for. That doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect costume.

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Traffic Cone

If you’re looking for easy, you can’t beat this fun and unique shirt.

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Don’t get rattled worrying about what to wear this Halloween. This skeleton outfit is the perfect and easy costume for you.

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Sometimes simplicity is key. This simple alien outfit is a perfect costume for you if you are just looking for something easy and quick this year.

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Amazon Ready Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

These Amazon costumes are sure winners at your holiday party!

Pink Lady

Wow your friends with this look from the past!

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Jack O Lantern Costume

Nothing is easier than this cute shirt! If you need something simple this Halloween, you can’t get any easier!

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Bumble Bee

Add a little flash and flair to festive with this vibrant and stunning Queen bee costume set.

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Bring a piece of your childhood to the party this year with this fantastic Velma costume!

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Watermelon doesn’t have to be kept in the summer. This unique outfit will definitely make you stand out this Halloween!

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Halloween is a time of fun and excitement, but also a time to express yourself and your interests. Take this opportunity to see what you can do, and maybe you can start some interesting conversations or make new friendships with someone you haven’t even considered yet.