16 Back to School Printables Your Kids Will Love

by | Jul 30, 2021

It’s time to head back to school, and these back-to-school printables will get your kids (or students) ready for the school year ahead.

Back-to-school printables are the perfect way to open up the school year. If you’re a teacher, these printables help decorate your classroom, or you might be a parent preparing to send your child off for their first day. These printables for the first day of school also help to get them excited to start the year.

Take a look at a few of my favorite printables for the first day of school. I think you’ll love them as much as I do!

16 Back to School Printables Your Kids Will Love

1. First Day of School Sign

Every parent wants to have keepsake photos for their child’s first day of school. LittleMountainTop has back-to-school printable posters, or you can order printed ones to keep for memories. Everything is customizable; these make the perfect first-day back photos!

2. I Spy Back to School Activity

What kid doesn’t love I Spy games? This free printable is perfect for teachers or parents who want to get their kids excited to go back to school. It’s also a great way to use up time while you set up crafts or projects for your students.

3. First Day of School Bag Toppers

I think these bag toppers are adorable! They’re so easy to print out and put in your kids’ lunches to make them smile. Reasons to Skip The Housework provides several options for signatures or one with a blank bottom, and they’re free to download!

4. Back to School Name Game

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or a homeschool parent, you’ll love this back-to-school printable that helps kids learn how to spell their names. It’s an easy activity to give kids who are in preschool or kindergarten when school starts up. Spelling their names is one of the first things kids do in school.

5. Noteback Paper Alphabet Printable

You’ll love these notebook paper alphabet printables. Paper Trail Design created one for every letter, so you can print out the letters you need to spell whatever you want. It’s the perfect way to decorate your classroom, homeschool space, or celebrate starting school to get your kids pumped!

6. Back to School Organization Printables

I can’t get over the ideas that Classy Clutter has for back-to-school printables for organizing at home. She has a printable checklist, food labels, clothing labels, school money labels, and more. Getting ready for school will be so easy this year!

7. Back to School Teacher Gifts

These tags are perfect for teacher’s gifts! They’re adorable, but you also can attach them to your kids’ school lunch boxes or a small gift to celebrate going back to school.

8. Back to School Coloring Pages for Kids

Parents and teachers alike will love these back-to-school coloring pages created by Itsy Bitsy Fun. Not only are they adorable and perfect for little kids, but they’re free to download!

9. Back to School Board Cutting File

If you want to make a sign for your child’s first day back to school with your Circuit, Caluya Design offers these amazing cutting files as a printable for you to create exactly what you want.

10. Back to School Pencil Banner

Hosting a back-to-school party? Need to decorate your classroom? I love this back-to-school pencil banner created by Lilacs and Charcoal. It would look awesome hanging above a chalkboard!

11. All About Me Printables

These all about me printable worksheets are perfect for the first day back to school. Teachers use them as an icebreaker and to get acquainted with their students. These work best for kids between kindergarten and 4th grade.

12. Back to School Tracing & Coloring Pages

Let’s not forget the little kids and toddlers! Toddlers and preschool kids head back to school, too, even if you school them at your kitchen table. These tracing and coloring pages are the perfect way to get them excited for school time again.

13. 5-in-1 Back to School Word Games

Your kids will love these back-to-school word games. In this set, you get five games for your kids or students to play. This is perfect for teachers who need to organize the first day back or parents who want fun games to start their homeschool day.

14. Lunch Box Notes

Why not add cute notes in your child’s lunchbox? The Crafted Sparrow makes several sets that you download and print for free. Your kids will love them; some are hilarious, while others are encouraging and loving.

15. Smart Cookie Treat Handout

Look how cute these printables are! Send treats with your children for their class on the first day of school, or teachers can hand out goodies using this smart cookie handout.

16. Back to School Questionnaire

I love the idea of giving your students a questionnaire at the start of the school year and then have them fill in the same one at the end of the year to see the differences.

Aren’t these back-to-school printables adorable? No matter if you’re a teacher, parent, or a homeschool family, you’ll find ways to use these.