25 Sweet Mother’s Day Crafts For Babies

by | Apr 19, 2023

Mother’s Day is almost here and I’ve been thinking about crafts that can be done with babies for Mother’s day. Crafting with babies can prove to be challenging, for many reasons as you can imagine!

While crafting with babies may be challenging, you can do it and have fun! There is no better time to start than now!

I have rounded up some sweet Mother’s Day Crafts for babies that can be done with help and independently!

Materials To Have on Hand for Crafting with Babies

I always try to be mindful of the materials I have on hand for different ages to use. Some things I like to have on hand are:

Top Tips for Crafting with Babies

Crafting with babies can be daunting and you may shy away from it.

I have crafted with my kiddos since they were little and wanted to share some of my tips. Doing anything with babies and especially crafting I apply these tips to.

It is easy to have certain expectations in our heads and then they fall short, so consider these when making Mother’s Day crafts with your babies.

Consider you expectations

I think the goal when crafting with babies should be to have fun. Remember, crafting with babies comes with challenges like grabbing different objects and taste testing everything.

You can set yourself (and your little) up for success by doing a few of these things:

  • Make sure your baby is well rested. No one wants to craft when they are sleepy.
  • Have non-toxic products on hand, so if they taste test something you don’t have to call poison control.
  • Make sure your baby has a meal or snack before crafting.

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple will allow your baby to have fun and you to be less stressed out and frustrated. Your little one will likely not remember crafting this young, but they will have a great amount of joy while crafting with you.

Have a Dedicated Outfit for Crafting/ or Cover Clothing

One of the big stressors about crafting with babies is the fear of messy clothes. The solution to this is to have a dedicated outfit for crafting!

I would recommend going to Goodwill and getting a T-shirt that is a bit too big. Or you can get a smock from Amazon, that completely covers the clothing.

Make Cleanup Easy

Have some disposable tablecloths on hand, this alone makes clean-up super simple. I also like to use whatever I can that is disposable, to simplify clean-up time.

Using washable paint, markers, and crayons also helps tremendously because I stress less knowing clothes can be washed easily if something were to happen.

Date the Artwork

Dating artwork is helpful to know when your little one created their masterpiece. It is great looking back on different pieces of artwork knowing exactly when it was done.

Have Fun

Most of all, have fun! These are memories are precious and ones that you will never get back!

Your babies probably won’t remember these, but the bond you will create by crafting with them will last forever.

Our Top 25 Sweet Mother’s Day Crafts For Babies

These are our top 25 sweet Mother’s Day crafts for babies! I have made sure to gather crafts that are fun and simple, crafts that are great for gifts or even come in kits!

Whatever you are searching for, I likely have it listed!

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Teaching Little’s Favorite Mother’s Day Crafts for Babies

These crafts are some of my tried and true favorite Mother’s Day crafts for babies! I absolutely love anything that has hands and/or footprints!

Hand Print Craft

A Little Pinch of Perfect

Handprint crafts are some of the best crafts to make for Mother’s Day. The use of your child’s handprints gives you a sentimental gift to track how quickly they grow up!

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Foot Bouquet Craft


Any craft that involves capturing the size of your little ones is a guaranteed hit on Mother’s Day. This cute footprint bouquet is a perfect gift that you can reminisce about for many years!

If Moms Were Flowers…

There are many different unique and sentimental crafts that you can make on Mother’s Day. This fun and unique craft is a perfect gift for your little one to make!

DIY Pot Holders

If you are looking for a fun craft that is also useful, this is the perfect craft! These pot holders are a functional and completely unique and customizable gift!

Finger Print Poem

Children always love getting into paint, which makes this fun fingerprint craft is one they will love making! The personalization of their fingerprints also makes it a perfect Mother’s Day craft!

Simple Mother’s Day Crafts for Babies

Mother’s Day crafts don’t have to be elaborate! They can be simple and easy!

These are a list of my favorite simple Mother’s Day crafts for babies!

MOM Tape Craft

Active Littles

This is a very unique and somewhat unused type of craft. Tape crafts are a favorite of mine because it allows your little ones to go as crazy as they want without running the risk of them “messing up.” It also gives you a lot of control and customization when it comes to what you want the outcome to look like.

Salt Dough Candle Holder

Easy Peasy and Fun

Salt dough is a fun experience for your little ones from start to finish. This simple craft is one that is sure to be cherished for many years, and is the perfect familial decoration for your house or work desk!

Toe-tally Awesome

Danielle’s Place

There is just something precious about little toes. This unique Mother’s Day card is a perfect opportunity to capture a snapshot of their growth and development through the years!

Shrinky Dink Key Chain

Easy Peasy and Fun

Keychains are a great opportunity for a personalized craft. This fun craft is cute, completely personal, and will be a guaranteed hit!

Mother’s Day Crafts for Babies That Double as Gifts

If you are looking for a Mother’s Day craft for babies to make that can easily double as gifts, these are for you!

Hand Print Apron

Little Page Turners

Some of the best gifts you can give are ones that are useful! This fun craft allows you to make a personalized gift that is also useful!

Mother’s Day Hand Print Craft: 3 Versions

This hand print craft is adorable and a bargain with 3 different versions for Mom, Aunt and Grandma!

Your little ones just need to add their handprint, which makes it simple and easy as well!

Handprint Card

These handprint cards are adorable and so cute! You can help your little one make cards that resemble the Mother figures in their life!

I adore these!

Thumbprint Mug

Just picture it, drinking your coffee out of this adorable thumbprint mug in the mornings. This is a craft that can easily be duplicated for the Mother figures in your little ones life!

Pom Pom Flower Gift

Picture flowers are a perfect Mother’s Day gift. These pom pom flowers give you a lot of customization and character in such a cute craft!

Amazon Ready Mother’s Day Crafts for Babies

Sometimes you just need something that is easy and ready to go! These crafts are from Amazon and come in little kits.

These are great to have on hand for activities in general, but would make cute Mother’s Day gifts!

Garden Pot Craft

How neat are these garden pot crafts?! This set is complete with adorable for your little ones to decorate with.

These would make for great Mother’s Day presents!

Mom Banner Craft

You’re the best Mom! This banner craft is adorable and perfect for little ones learning to craft!


Birdhouse kits are a favorite crafts pick! Kids love building, creating, and connecting to nature. Adding some personalization to them makes them a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

DIY Cards

Card-making supplies can inspire your children creativity, develop children’s hands-on ability, cultivate children’s sense of color and imagination, improve children’s attention. Easy to make your kids own cards, and show special care and love to someone, which makes it a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Mother’s Day Scratch Art

This easy-to-do craft is a perfect gift to give for Mother’s Day. It provides a low-mess craft that allows for so much variety and character!

Mother’s Day Crafts for Babies that You’ll Cherish Forever

As we all know, babies don’t keep! And as much as we would like them to stay little forever they don’t.

These crafts will serve as a reminder of how tiny they once were and you can cherish these forever!

I Love Your From..

Felt Magnet

Mother’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to make some fantastic crafts. This craft provides the perfect opportunity to record your child’s development in a way you can cherish for years.

Finger Print Keepsake

Messy Little Monster

Fingerprints are one of the most unique parts of our bodies. If you are looking for a unique craft for your little ones to do, this craft is perfect!

I Have Nothing Butt Love for You

Baby booties are so cute, and they have nothing butt love for you! This is definitely an extremely unique and personal craft that you can cherish for years!

I Love You Berry Much

Berries are almost as unique as handprints. This fun berry-themed craft is one that your kids will love making and gives you an amazing craft to keep for years!

Potato Stamp Heart

Not having any stamps doesn’t mean you can’t have stamp fun. If you have potatoes in your house, you can carve them into any shape you want and give your little ones what they need to make a completely unique craft for Mother’s Day!

Book Mark

As far as usable crafts are concerned, bookmarks are some of the best. Bookmarks are an easy-to-make craft that your little one can make completely unique and personal for Mother’s Day!

FAQ About Sweet Mother’s Day Crafts for Babies

You may have some questions about crafting with babies. I have put together the most popular questions and answered them for you!

What are some tips on making crafting easier with babies?

We talked about this in length above, but to recap:

  • use washable crayons, markers and paint
  • use disposable things like table clothes and crafting supplies
  • use oversized shirts and/or art smocks

What should I look for in a Mother’s Day Craft for babies?

This is kind of subjective, based on what you are wanting to do. Overall keep the activity simple when crafting with babies.

Also, try to do crafts that allow your babies participation more so than you just doing it for them.

What to do with Mother’s Day Crafts for Babies?

Mother’s Day crafts are more special and sentimental than regular everyday crafts. Some things that you can do with Mother’s Day crafts are:

  • giving them as gifts
  • putting the crafts on display every year around Mother’s Day
  • put the craft in a shadow box
  • put in a memory box

There are lots of different options for these precious Mother’s Day crafts!

Crafting with your babies can be so fun and enriching! Their utter excitement and curiosity will be a core memory for you!

What craft are you going to try with your babies this Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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