24 Adorable Mother’s Day Gifts and Crafts From Your Little Ones

by | Apr 4, 2022

If you’re big on sentimental and unique gifts, these Mother’s Days crafts are for you.

Currently, we’re in quarantine with our little ones home from school with no help or babysitting either. Therefore, I took it upon myself to make my own Mother’s Day gifts from my children!

Here are some great ideas of activities and crafts that you can do at home with babies and toddlers. Most are fairly simple and just require a couple of materials you should already have at home.

Go ahead and get crafty or let your imagination run wild! See what you can come up with to make these Mother’s Day gifts unique for your special mom too.

Handprint Flowers

This adorable bouquet of handprint flowers is the perfect Mother’s day gift from little ones. The tiny handprints disguised as flowers are a perfect reminder and keepsake for you to cherish as those cute little fingers grow in the years to come.

Mothers Day Craft & gift ideas for mom or grandma from babies, toddlers, or young kids to suprise with something unique & creative for all ages.

Butterfly Handprint Letter

Your little ones will love getting creative and turning their cutout handprints into this perfect little butterfly. The poem that goes along with it is a sweet and sentimental, making this gift a perfect choice.

Flowerpot Hands

This simple handprint craft doesn’t involve any finger-paint so this means, no mess! It’s a simple Mother’s Day craft using construction paper, scissors and glue. Download the free printable to use with options for grandma, aunt, and more here.

Love You Heart Handprint

Kids always love painting, and painting with their hands will be even more fun! Let your little ones dip their hands into the color of their choice making a perfect heart shape between their fingers. Bonus on this one is you can layer the handprints if you have multiple children. Place the finished product in a picture frame for safe keeping. Get the FREE PRINTABLE sheet and how to on this post here.

Mothers Day Craft & gift ideas for mom or grandma from babies, toddlers, or young kids to suprise with something unique & creative for all ages.

Dancing Flower Pots

These dancing flower pots make a fantastic gift for any mother. Your kids will love picking out the colors and deciding what to write on their flower pot. Plus seeing their smiling faces completing the flower will warm everyone’s heart.

Home is Where Mom is Popsicle House

This sweet Mother’s Day craft will make any mom smile. Letting her know that she is what makes a home for the family is sure to bring a smile to her face. Your kids will enjoy creating their house, and decorating with buttons or other supplies you have in your craft drawer.

All About Mom Fill-In Activity

If you need an easy, last minute Mother’s Day gift, this Mother’s Day activity is the perfect choice. All you need to do is print, and fill it out. You can also choose to write the information out yourself without printing if you wish. You will love recording these answers down, and reading them for years to come.

I Love Your Because Flowers

This easy Mother’s Day craft is a perfect choice for your little one’s because it offers the chance for them to name several reasons that they love their mother. You can let the kiddos write the answers out on the petals themselves, or help them if they need.

Because these craft flowers have long stems, you can add them to your Mother’s day rose bouquet present from the hubby. Your kids will love how pretty it’ll look among the real flowers.

Rocketship Footprint

Handprints are fun… but what about footprints? This adorable Mother’s Day craft for little one’s is the perfect choice for any mother celebrating this day.

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Wood Slice Children’s Handprints

If you are looking for an original and practical gift for Mother’s Day, look no further. This beautiful wood slice family handprint is the perfect gift for any mother in your life. Your kids will enjoy creating it, and it will also double as a beautiful piece of home decoration.

Helping Hands Oven Mitts

Helping hands oven mitts are a great idea for any mom or grandma who loves to cook. Having the adorable little handprints on their oven mitts will surely bring a smile to their face each and every time they go into the kitchen.

Flower Pot Art

This flower pot art craft is a great choice for your little one to complete this Mother’s Day! Your little one will have a blast choosing the color for the flowers, and ribbon and customizing it to perfection. You can also choose to add a little note on the front of the flower pot, or a picture as well.

Heart String Art

If your little one’s enjoy string art, this Mother’s Day craft is the perfect choice! Your kiddos can choose several different colors to create a one of a kind work of art.

4. Footprint Towels from Little Ones

Footprint towels are the perfect gift for Mother’s on this mothers day, there are several options on what you can create with those cute little feet. Plus, your little one’s will love participating in the fun.

Bookmarks for Mom

If mom loves to read, these unique Mother’s Day bookmarks will make a truly cherished gift. Your little one’s will love creating these, and mom will love seeing their cute little fingerprints every time she picks up her book.

Love Grows Here

This Mother’s Day Handprint Kid Craft is an adorable and unique craft for your little one. Baby handprint art makes the perfect Mother’s day gift or birthday gift for mama!

Handprint Keepsake

A sweet and unique project to do with your little one. This handprint art keepsake makes the perfect card for Mom. Print the 8×10″ template on card stock and using a paint of your choice just add your child’s print to the template. 

DIY Canvas Potholders

Thank the cook in your family with these DIY potholders! These cute and adorable potholders will brighten any kitchen!

Love you to Pieces

This easy Mother’s Day craft is perfect for toddlers to complete almost all on their own! Just draw the heart shape on for them and allow them to feel with tiny pieces of paper.

Mother’s Day All About Mom Mini Book

Have students write or draw their answers on the pages, color the pictures and letters, cut on the lines, and fasten the mini book together. Available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Toe-tally Awesome

This cute and cheeky craft is simple and perfect for Mother’s Day. Mom is sure to get a laugh out of it, and the kiddos will have a blast creating it.

Salt-Dough Candle Holder

These salt-dough candle holders make adorable (and useful) Mother’s day gifts that your little ones will enjoy creating. Plus they are practical and who doesn’t love that?

Mother’s Day Tape Resist

Kids will love creating this Mother’s Day tape resist craft that can be doubled as either a picture or a card for mom on this Mother’s day. Toddlers and preschoolers alike can enjoy this fun activity.

Mother’s Day Bracelet

These DIY Mother’s Day craft bracelets are the perfect homemade gift for mom or grandmother. This is a super easy kids activity that toddlers and preschoolers will be proud to gift to mom!

I hope you find something for inspiration in one of these Mother’s Day Crafts and your children and all the moms out there enjoy and keep it for years to come!

Mothers Day Craft & gift ideas for mom or grandma from babies, toddlers, or young kids to suprise with something unique & creative for all ages.