25 Fun & Easy Christmas Games for Kids at School

by | Nov 18, 2023

The halls are decked with boughs of holly, and the holiday spirit is in the air.

Planning engaging Christmas games for kids at school adds an extra layer of joy to the festive season.

From spirited challenges to creative crafts, let’s explore an array of activities that will turn the school into a winter wonderland.

How can we make Christmas games for kids at school entertaining?

To make Christmas games entertaining, consider incorporating themes like Santa’s workshop or Winter Wonderland.

Use colorful decorations, play festive music, and ensure the games are age-appropriate and engaging. Incorporate teamwork and friendly competition to keep the excitement alive.

What supplies should we have on hand for Christmas games at school?

Ensure you have a variety of supplies such as craft materials (colored paper, glue, scissors), festive decorations, small prizes or treats, and any specific items required for the chosen games.

Don’t forget to have enough Santa hats or reindeer antlers to add a touch of holiday spirit.

How can we celebrate Christmas at school with preschoolers?

Celebrating Christmas with preschoolers can be delightful. Plan activities like making simple ornaments, singing festive songs, and reading holiday-themed stories.

Organize a mini “reindeer parade” where children can dress up as reindeer or other Christmas characters. Keep activities short, colorful, and age-appropriate to maintain their attention.

What are some classic Christmas games suitable for school events?

Classic Christmas games that work well for school events include:

  • “Santa Says” (a Christmas-themed version of Simon Says)
  • Christmas-themed scavenger hunts
  • Pin the nose on Rudolph
  • Ornament decorating stations
  • Christmas bingo with holiday-themed images and words

How can we involve parents in Christmas celebrations at school?

Encourage parents to participate in Christmas celebrations by inviting them to volunteer for organizing and supervising activities, contributing supplies, or even sharing their cultural holiday traditions with the class.

Consider hosting a holiday showcase where students can display their crafts and parents can attend.

How can we adapt Christmas games for children with varying abilities?

Adapt Christmas games by providing options for different skill levels. For example, if playing a scavenger hunt, create picture clues for younger children and written clues for older ones.

Ensure that all children can participate and feel successful, fostering inclusivity and a positive experience for everyone.

25+ Fun & Festive Christmas Games for Kids at School

Jingle Bell Toss Challenge

The Jingle Bell Toss Challenge is the perfect way to spark some friendly competition. Set up a designated area with different point zones and let the kids take turns tossing jingle bells.

This game not only enhances hand-eye coordination but also fills the air with the cheerful sound of holiday bells.

Snowman Scavenger Hunt

Turn your school into a snowy paradise with the Snowman Scavenger Hunt. Hide snowmen around the premises, each holding a clue to the next.

This collaborative activity promotes teamwork and problem-solving while immersing the kids in the enchantment of Christmas.

Santa’s Workshop Craft Station

Transform a corner of the classroom into Santa’s Workshop Craft Station, complete with various art supplies and materials.

From decorating ornaments to crafting personalized stockings, this activity allows kids to unleash their creativity while immersing themselves in the enchanting world of Christmas.

Christmas Carol Charades

Christmas Carol Charades adds a musical twist to the traditional game of charades. Write down popular Christmas carols on slips of paper, and have students act them out without speaking while their classmates guess the tune.

It’s a fun and festive way to celebrate the season while promoting teamwork and creativity.

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Host a Gingerbread House Decorating Contest where students can unleash their inner architects and designers. Provide pre-assembled gingerbread houses and an array of colorful candies and icing.

Let the kids’ imaginations run wild as they create their edible masterpieces.

To add an extra layer of excitement, invite teachers or staff members to judge the entries and award prizes for categories like “Most Creative” or “Best Use of Candy.”

Christmas Trivia Challenge

Organize a Christmas Trivia Challenge to engage students’ minds while spreading holiday cheer. Create a list of festive trivia questions covering a range of topics, from holiday traditions to historical events.

Divide the class into teams and let the friendly competition begin. This game not only adds an educational element to the festivities but also encourages teamwork and critical thinking.

Christmas Bingo

These printable Christmas Bingo Game Cards are perfect for classroom Christmas parties, and more – simply print and play!

Frosty the Snowman Freeze Tag

Image by brgfx on Freepik

Engage kids in a game of freeze tag with a frosty twist. When tagged, players must freeze in a snowman pose until unfrozen by a teammate.

Holiday Memory Match

Create a holiday-themed memory match game with cards featuring festive images like snowflakes, presents, and reindeer.

Find someone who

Create a grid with a number of Christmas-related statements. Tell your class that they must mingle as a group to ask each other questions to identify who matches each statement. For example:

  • Would prefer a white Christmas this year
  • Can make a traditional Christmas meal
  • Hasn’t bought any Christmas presents yet
  • Has never spent Christmas away from their family
  • Loves Christmas carols
  • Has an unusual family Christmas tradition
  • Is not very “Christmassy”

Christmas Sculptures

How adept will your students be at creating a sculpture behind their own backs? Players attempt to form Christmas trees behind their backs with playdough.

Santa Says

Put a Christmas spin on the classic Simon Says game. Santa gives commands, and kids must follow only if Santa says so.

Christmas Tree Ring Toss

Set up mini Christmas trees and have kids toss rings onto them. Assign different point values for added excitement.

Rudolph’s Red-Nose Relay

Play Rudolph Race Off this Christmas for a hilarious minute-to-win style game that is easy to prepare for and fun for everyone.

Stocking Stuffer Scramble

Fill stockings with small toys and treats, then hide them around the school for a festive scavenger hunt.

Candy Cane Limbo

Play a holiday version of limbo using this candy cane limbo set! How low can the kids go without touching the candy cane?

Snowball Toss

Have kids toss “snowballs” (small cotton balls) into cups with varying point values. The more accurate the toss, the higher the score.

Jingle Bell Hopscotch

Draw or get a hopscotch board with holiday-themed numbers and have kids hop their way through the game while jingling bells.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Create a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt around the school. Provide preschoolers with a list of holiday items or clues to find, such as a candy cane, an ornament, or a stuffed reindeer.

This activity encourages exploration and problem-solving while adding excitement to the holiday season.

DIY Christmas Cards

Set up a crafting station with colored paper, markers, stickers, and holiday-themed decorations.

Christmas Tree Toss Game

Set up a fun and safe game where your preschooler can “toss” soft, lightweight ornaments (made of fabric or foam) into a decorated Christmas tree target.

Assign point values to different parts of the tree and encourage your child to improve their aiming skills. It’s a festive and active way to enjoy the holiday spirit.

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Festive Dress-Up Parade

Organize a Christmas dress-up parade in your classroom. Provide holiday-themed costumes or accessories like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and jingle bells.

Minty Match Christmas Printable Game

The Minty Match Color Matching game will be a hit with your preschoolers!

Christmas Pictionary

Let kids showcase their artistic skills by playing a holiday-themed round of Pictionary with festive words and phrases.

Holiday Obstacle Course

Design a festive obstacle course with challenges like “don’t ring the bell”!

Christmas Balloon Pop

Write different holiday activities on slips of paper, place them inside balloons, and have kids pop the balloons to reveal the activities they’ll participate in.

Festive Musical Chairs

Play a classic game of musical chairs with a holiday twist by using festive music and Santa hats as props.

These Christmas games for kids at school are sure to bring laughter and holiday cheer to your school.

Whether it’s a scavenger hunt or a lively game of Santa Says, these activities are designed to make this season memorable for the little ones.

May your school be filled with the joyous sounds of children celebrating the magic of Christmas!