Fun Games to Teach Toddlers About Money 

by | May 21, 2023

Teaching children good money habits at an early age can have long-term advantages. Children who understand fundamental budgeting and saving will likely follow healthy financial habits as they grow up. They could acquire relationships and be less financially stressed. 

Using games to teach children about money might help make financial conversations more enjoyable. The most significant money games for kids cover a wide range of economic concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. It would help them become financially responsible when they grow up.

Fun Games To Teach Toddlers About Money


Monopoly is an excellent game for teaching your children the principles of property price and basic finance. It is a classic board game that teaches kids how to use and save cash. It could also serve as a way for families to bond and have a great time.

Through the Chance and Community Chest cards, Monopoly gradually teaches ideas such as tax and penalties. It gives you numerous teaching opportunities as you explain their presence in real life to your children. Many game versions are available; you can customize boards based on your children’s interests. It can make the game more appealing. 

You can also apply these lessons to adult life and start making financial decisions in your life, like mortgages. Using a HELOC Payment Calculator is an example of having wise financial choices as an adult. You can use it to calculate home equity and leveraging into more excellent value.

Hand Craft Money

When making handcrafted money, you can make bills close to your current country’s currency or unique to your family. You may have your children design the banknotes and even have your pet dog as the Queens substitute.

After you’ve made the notes, you may start a simple economy in your house. Simple duties such as children cleaning their rooms and assisting with the dishes after supper can be rewarded with cash.

You may also incorporate extra prizes for acts of kindness or when your children help around the house. When your children have collected several handwritten notes, you may swap them for a real-life present or reward. It could teach them a lesson that earning money is enjoyable.

You can also use different colors for every bill. It could improve a toddler’s color recognition and be an awesome activity for your 13th-month-old kid.

Grocery Shop Pretend

You can make a pretend grocery shop in your house. You can use play money, little shopping carts, and a toy cash register. Your toddler can be the shopkeeper, and you can be the customer. 

It teaches about purchasing, selling, and trading pretend bills for toy food. Encourage kids to make decisions, compare prices, and comprehend money’s worth while engaging in imaginative play. It will help them understand fundamental financial activities.

Savings Jar Challenge

Another fun-filled activity you can teach your kids is to do a savings jar challenge. You can use it to teach them to save cash in the future. Set a goal, such as keeping several coins for a particular time. Celebrate their accomplishment with a small gift or praise whenever they achieve the goal.

This game instills the habit of saving, offers delayed gratification, and teaches the importance of working towards objectives. The parents should also set an excellent example for the kids as they mimic their behavior. It’s a simple yet effective method of teaching them about money and the value of saving for the future. 

The Bottom Line

Teaching toddlers about money through fun games and activities sets the foundation for their financial literacy and responsibility. These games make learning enjoyable and help children develop essential money-management skills.