The Differences Between Left and Right Handed Scissors

by | Jan 4, 2023

Fun fact: Did you know that around 10% of the population is left-handed?

If you have a little lefty on your hands, it is important to know the difference between left- and right-handed scissors. Making sure that your left-handed child has the appropriate tools in order to be successful.

Luckily, over the years more utensils and tools have adapted to a left-handed option!

The differences between right and left handed scissors aren’t just about looks.

Naturally we can see that the left-handed scissors look different than right-handed scissors, however there are more differences than meets the eye.

The blades are reversed on left-handed scissors to allow the operator to see what they are cutting.

Do left handed children really need to use left handed scissors?

Yes, is important for left-handed children to use the proper scissors. Making sure your lefty has the proper scissors will reduce the frustration that comes with learning how to operate scissors. Their cutting will also be more accurate as they will be able to see exactly where and what they are cutting.

How are left handed scissors beneficial?

Left-handed scissors are beneficial for several reasons. Here are a few:

Less frustration: Learning how to use scissors comes with its own challenges but trying to adapt right-handed scissors to work with a dominant left hand makes it more difficult. Left-handed scissors are designed specifically for left-handed people.

More accurate cutting: The design of left handed scissors makes it easier for the operator to see what they are cutting. If a left handed person uses conventional scissors to cut, they cannot easily see the line.

Fine motor skills: Fine motor skills are so important to develop in young children. Often, when using the wrong scissors, children will hold the paper or scissors at an odd angle which is not conducive to properly developing fine motor skills.

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“Ambidextrous” or “universal” scissors? No such thing!

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret..there is no such thing as universal scissors! The only difference between universal scissors and right-handed scissors is the grip.

All in all, universal scissors still do our lefties a disservice and just won’t cut it!

Teaching Littles Favorite Left Handed Scissors

Fiskars Lefty Scissors

I love this brand and the comfort grip is so nice, especially when learning to use scissors.

Lefty Scissors Pack

Having a pack of scissors is nice, especially for more than one lefty!

Lefty Craft Scissors

These decorative edge scissors are perfect for your little crafter! They should be able to make fun cuts too!

Making sure that your lefty has the proper tools to craft and cut with is important! Having the proper tools means less frustration, less likelihood of injury, and better fine motor skill development.

Do you have a favorite brand of scissors to try? Drop it in the comments below!