32 New Year’s Activities for Preschoolers

by | Dec 16, 2022

New Year’s is such a fun time for all young and old! I love doing different activities with my little ones to ring in the new year!

What Types of Activities are Best?

That really depends on your goal! Are you looking for something to keep your littles busy, or to teach them something?

Regardless of what you are needing, everything I have gathered will keep your preschooler entertained and having fun!

New Year Food Activities for Preschoolers

What is New Year’s without some yummy and fun food?

Firework Biscuits

Your little one will have so much fun decorating biscuits or cookies as we call them in the states!

Easy Fruit Sparkler

These fruit sparklers are yummy, nutritious, and fun to make with little ones in the kitchen!

S’mores Dippers

How yummy do these s’mores dippers look? Perfect for a sweet treat on New Year’s!

Party Popcorn

Okay, this party popcorn looks absolutely incredible! This will definitely be a hit with your littles!

NYE Accessories

Everyone likes to feel special and festive on New Year’s Eve! I have found fun accessories to make with your little ones and they double as a fun activity!

Party Hats

Everyone loves a party hat, especially little ones! Your little one can wear the hat that they helped decorate proudly.

Fun NYE Glasses

These New Year’s glasses are so adorable and there are so many fun ways to decorate them! Your littles will love wearing these glasses!

New Year’s Crown

I love these New Year’s crowns! Perfect for princes and princesses alike!

Wishing Wand Craft

Bibbity, bobbity, boo! These wishing wands are adorable and so much fun to create!

Fireworks Ring

How fun are these fireworks rings?! I think these are so fun and simple!

Sensory Activities for NYE

Little ones love sensory activities and these are perfect for New Year’s Eve activities!

New Year’s Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are perfect for little hands to keep busy! This sensory bin is New Year’s themed and great for the days leading up to New Year’s or NYE!

Sparkling Slime

Sparkling slime is so fun and great to strengthen little hands! You can use whatever type/color of glitter that you want!

Celebration Play Dough

I love this play dough with the chunkier bits of foil glitter! This would be a great activity for little ones to make from start to finish!

New Year STEM Activities for Preschool

STEM activities allow children to learn concepts of science and math. Activities that are STEM-based help children learn how different things behave in real life.

Fireworks in a Glass

Fireworks in a glass is a fun activity with little ones that is simple and awe-worthy! You can do a few different color variations for more fun!

Paper Fortune Cookies

Paper fortune cookies are great to do with preschoolers! They can write their own fortunes with help and even decorate the paper before it is folded up!

Discovery Bottle

Discovery bottles are a great activity, especially for quiet time! Your littles will love being able to pick out what goes into their bottle and shaking it up and seeing everything inside!

New Year’s Bingo

BINGO is something that I think everyone enjoys, I know I do! This BINGO is New Year’s themed and looks like fun!

New Year Countdown Activities for Preschool

Countdown activities are great because they can easily double as a lesson on time!

Epic Countdown

I love the idea behind this epic countdown! You take your little ones through different cultures around the world where the new year is turning over! So neat!

Count Down Clock

As a young girl, I loved watching the ball drop! This is similar to the ball dropping, but for little ones! This can also double as a lesson on time!

Paper Plate Party Clock

This paper plate party clock (say that 3 times fast!) is so adorable! Your littles can color and decorate to their heart’s content. Every hour they can change their clock to match the time!

Printable Countdown

This printable countdown is super cute! I love that it has a new activity for every hour!

New Year Noise Maker Activities for Preschool

Everybody make some noise! I know your little ones are more than happy to! HA.

Noise Makers

Use some of those extra paper plates from the holidays and let your little ones make these cute noise makers! These are simple and fun!

Party Poppers

How fun would these party poppers be at midnight (or whenever your littles head to bed). They are so cute and simple to make.

Bell Noise Maker

I love these cute little bell noise makers! They are the perfect DIY noise makers with littles! Your preschooler can draw on the stick before adding all the bells and whistles!

New Year Art Activities for Preschool

Little ones love art activities, and sometimes I even like to join in on the fun!

Tape Art

I love tape art crafts! It is so neat to peel the tape and see what you created!

Fun Paper Plate Craft

If you need a simple craft this rocking paper plate is perfect!

Salt Painted Fire Works

I have always loved salt paintings and this one is a great option for NYE!

String Firework Painting

Have you ever heard of string art? It is a cool concept where you drag string through paint and then onto paper! It looks like fireworks!

New Year’s Sticky Wall

Have you ever heard of a sticky wall? Me either, but this looks like so much fun to do!

Easy NYE Activities for Preschool

Sometimes you need an easy activity, am I right?

Wishing Tree

Cut out little stars and have your littles (with help) write down their wishes for the year! You can put them on branches like above or even make garland.

Bead Threading

Bead threading is a great activity for preschoolers because it helps to strengthen their fine motor skills!

Resolutions for Kids

Kindness is cool! I think it’s a great idea for little ones to start having New Year’s resolutions, especially involving kindness!

Time Capsule

This is such a neat activity to do with your kiddos year after year! You can keep them and compare!

New Year’s is a fun time for everyone young and old! I love spending time with my little ones, letting them stay up a bit later than normal, and doing different activities.

What are your favorite New Year’s activities? Let me know in the comments below!