31 Fun and Simple Sticker Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

by | Jul 23, 2021

Stickers are a very versatile and fun way to incorporate fine motor skill practice into daily activities for your toddlers and preschoolers! My kiddos love stickers and I often find them on the wall and in different places around the house (good thing they aren’t too hard to get off!)

Not only are stickers a great way to practice fine motor skills, but they are also a good activity to do during quiet time or even on the road!

You might be wondering, what can my toddler or preschooler do with stickers?

Stickers are great for all different types of activities like:

  • Number and letter matching
  • Making a picture with stickers
  • Matching stickers
  • Sorting large and small stickers
  • Following a pattern
  • Tracing a name or letter
  • Counting
  • Counting

At what age can I let my toddler play with stickers?

You can start introducing stickers around the time that your toddler realizes that stickers aren’t food, which is typically around 18 months old.

Why are stickers great for toddlers to use?

Stickers are great for toddlers to use for a multitude of different reasons. When playing with stickers, children are working on their fine motor skills and strengthening the small muscles in the hands and wrists.

The use of stickers also encourages hand-eye coordination. You might notice that when your toddler first starts to use stickers that she stacks them on top of one another. You can help her develop spatial awareness by encouraging that she spread out the stickers on the sheet to different places.

Sometimes sticker sheets can be difficult for toddlers to use because they seem to stick to the backing. My favorite sticker hack is to pull off the backing of the sheet, just leaving the stickers! This makes it much easier for kids to get their stickers!

1. Gumball Machine Printable

This gumball machine printable is so much fun! It is a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to work on their numbers and counting.

2. Paper Towel Tube: Number Game

Build number sense with fun stickers and a recycled paper towel roll! Easy and fun, this is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

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3. Rainbow Dot Sticker Activity

My little girl absolutely loves rainbows and this would be a simple activity to set up for your toddler or preschooler. To make this activity more challenging you can have your little one follow a pattern for each band.

4. Snail Sticker Activity

This snail sticker craft is adorable! Challenge your little ones to get creative and see what cool designs they come up with. This activity forces them to stay in the lines while working on visual motor skills (hand eye coordination).

5. Paper Plate Jellyfish

This paper plate jellyfish craft is cute and great for developing counting skills!

6. Sticker Tracing

Letter and name recognition are important skills to start developing, especially for preschoolers. This activity is not only great to develop those skills, but is also awesome to develop fine motor skills. Have your preschooler get their stickers in the lines of the letter as much as possible to really work on their precision.

7. Fall Dot Sticker Printable

I really like this simple fall sticker activity, especially for toddlers. This is a great beginner activity and you can help them work on spatial awareness.

8. Sticker Art Activity

This activity is one of my daughter’s favorite sticker activities! She loves to make a scene and put her favorite character stickers all around.

9. Silly Worm Counting to 10

This silly worm activity will be a hit with your preschooler and they will love learning to count to 10. I really like that this activity helps them to see correlate the number to the number of objects.

10. Alphabet Stars Match Up

This alphabet star match-up is a simple and low mess activity to help with letter identification.

11. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka boom boom is one of the most popular books in our house, so I imagine this activity will be too! You can do this activity before, during or after you read the book to your kiddos~

12. Alphabet Dot Sticker Pages

These alphabet dot sticker pages are great for helping your preschooler to identify a letter and correlate that letter with a word. It is also beneficial to have them ‘trace’ the letter with the dot stickers so that when they start writing they have a general idea of the letter shape.

13. Dinosaur Printable Activity

This dinosaur activity is really cute! It lists BINGO dobbers to use, but would be great for different colored dot stickers too!

14. B Maze Printable

I really like this maze printable to help with letter identification and it is very rewarding when your little one finds their way out of the maze!

15. Sticker Sorting

This activity is great to help children distinguish different sizes. You can even add a medium section to make it a little bit more challenging.

16. Sticker Bug Activity

I love this sticker bug activity. You can pick a few different bugs and have your little ones create their favorite!

17. Dot Sticker Fish Activity

My kiddos love sea creatures. This dot sticker fish activity is great for toddlers to learn color matching!

18. Unicorn Dot to Dot

I love having printables on hand when I need a quick activity to keep my little ones busy for just a little bit. These printables are adorable and would be great to add to your sticker activity box.

19. Halloween Sticker Match

Halloween is right around the corner and this sticker match activity would be an awesome option to add to your activity lineup.

20. Ladybug Fine Motor Play

Give the ladybug her spots! This activity is great to practice spatial awareness and moving the stickers to different spots on the ladybug.

21.Watermelon ABC Matching

I really like that this activity is versatile. Have your little one match uppercase to uppercase and lowercase to lowercase, or if they are a little more advanced ask them to match uppercase to lowercase and lowercase to uppercase.

22. Counting Dot to Dot

This activity is great for helping your toddler or preschooler relate what the number looks like in the form of a symbol, word and amount of objects.

23. Sticker Match

This sticker matching activity is wonderful for helping your toddler or preschooler to develop scan and search skills, along with their fine motor skills. If you have some random sticker sheets laying around you should try this one out!

24. Sticker Sort

This activity is great for teaching toddlers color identification. To make this activity more challenging you can use different shades of colors and have your little one match them to the correct color family.

25. Turkey Color Matching Activity

This turkey color matching activity is awesome for the holiday season! You can make this activity more challenging by calling out different colors and having them match their sticker to the appropriate place on the turkey.

26. Sticker Busy Box

This sticker busy box is a genius idea to have put together for when you just need a quiet activity for your little ones. Think of this as a sticker-free for all.

27. Creepy Crawly Dot Printables

These creepy crawly dot printables are adorable. They call for a BINGO dobber but would be great to use for different colored dot stickers.

28. Sticker Line Up

Have your toddler or preschooler follow the line with their stickers. You can ask them to follow a color pattern too if you think it needs to be a little bit more challenging.

29. Fall Tree Sticker Activity

Put the leaves on the tree. This sticker activity is perfect fall which is right around the corner. You can even sneak in a lesson about the leaves changing colors if you wanted to~

30. Sticker Shapes

Trace the shape! Shape identification is important for toddlers and preschoolers to learn. This activity pairs fine motor skill development along with shape identification.

31. Learning Letters with Stickers

For the younger toddlers, simply drawing a large letter and placing stickers inside can help them to learn and recall letters quickly.

Stickers are a great tool to use to develop many different skills for little ones and the best part is that kids love them! My favorite thing to do is keep some stickers in my purse for restaurants or places where I need my kids to have a quiet activity. Let me know in the comments below what are your favorite sticker activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Stickers are a very versatile and fun way to incorporate fine motor skill practice into daily sticker activities for your toddlers and preschoolers!