Fun and Unique Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

by | Jan 16, 2023

Valentine’s day is almost here! I am excited to share my favorite Valentine’s Day activities for toddlers with you!

How to introduce Valentine’s Day to Toddlers

There is a lot of history behind Valentine’s Day, however that can be a bit complicated to explain to little ones.

I always say that Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate loving and caring for others. We celebrate with cards, candy, flowers and gifts.

Why is it important to teach toddlers about Valentine’s Day?

It is important to teach toddlers about Valentine’s Day because we can teach them about emotions like love and how to show affection to others! Children are instinctively selfish, so teaching them to care about others around Valentine’s Day is perfect!

What kind of Valentine’s Day activities can you do with toddlers?

There are lots of different activities that you can do with toddlers for Valentine’s Day! Some great options would be sensory activities, coloring pages, crafts, games, baking and so much more!

Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

I have searched high and low for the best Valentine’s Day activities for toddlers! Let’s jump into my favorites!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

Crafts are always a fun way to celebrate and learn about something! Kiddos love creating and using their hands!

Tape Heart Art

Your little one can be as messy with their paint as possible and create something super cute!

You are Dino-mite!

You are dino-mite! Your dino-loving boys and girls will love this craft just as much as I do!

Heart Shaped Bird Feeder

This cute craft doubles as a bird feeder and is a good lesson on showing love to our furry and feathery friends as well. They are going to have so much fun watching birdies snack on the feeder while they get to watch!

All you need is some pipe cleaners, twine, and fruit loops to get crafting!

I Love You Handprint Craft

The sign above is the sign language sign for “I love you” which is so precious to make your little’s handprint into that sign! They can even help to decorate their hand before bending their fingers down!

Handprint Tree Craft

This craft is so sweet and fun! I love handprint crafts! You can even help them write kind/loving words on the hearts.

Yarn Paper Plate Heart Craft

How neat are these paper plate yarn hearts? This is great for fine motor skill development as well as a beautiful piece of artwork!

Free Printable Valentines to Color

How adorable are these free printable Valentine’s?! Perfect for friends, classmates, and siblings!

Educational Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

I love it when fun and education can intersect and make for a great time! Your little ones will have a blast doing any or all of these educational Valentine’s Day activities!

Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day Printable

Who doesn’t love conversation hearts?! Have your little ones sort them out by color and put them in groups on the printable sheet.

Tracing Printables

Tracing is important for toddlers to learn as they start forming shapes and letters. This activity helps to better their fine motor skills while also providing a fun activity!

Letter Tracing

Learn to trace letters with this cute printable!

Valentine’s Day Tracing and Cutting Worksheets

You can use this worksheet for tracing or cutting. I love the versatility of this printable and bonus points that it is Valentine’s Day themed!

Valentine’s Day Counting Worksheet

Counting is important for toddlers to master and making it fun is important too! Find different objects for your little one to count and place on the printable sheet!

Sensory Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

Sensory activities are very popular in my household and a perfect learning activity for toddlers!

Strawberry Shortcake Playdough

Did you grow up loving Strawberry Shortcake as I did? This scent is a throwback for me, and I love it! Your littles will love playing with this DIY-scented playdough!

Pretty Pink Sensory Bin

I love a good sensory bin, and oh my, this sensory bin is perfect! Your littles will be busy for hours playing with this Valentine’s Day sensory bin!

Edible Chocolate Slime Recipe

This slime is perfect for little ones that might still like to do some munching when they shouldn’t!

Easy Crunchy Floam Slime

Crunchy slime?! This sounds like sensory heaven! My little one would go crazy for this slime!

Glitter Slime

This glitter slime is so pretty and perfect for the occasion! Your littles will love it and have so much fun helping to make it as well!

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Valentine’s Day Games to Play with Toddlers

Bouncing Hearts

This is a simple and fun game for toddlers! All you have to do is cut a heart in a box and grab some ping pong balls from your local store!

Your littles can help decorate the box, which will make it extra fun!

Spot the Hearts

I spy with my little eye, HEARTS! Grab some heart stickers and place them all over the house. Whoever counts the most hearts wins!

Valentine’s Day Bean Bag Toss

Ah, bean bag toss, a classic that is so much fun! Keep score and the highest score wins!

Mittens and Kisses

Grab a pair of mittens and try to unwrap a Hershey’s kiss. The first to unwrap the kiss wins!

Valentine’s Day DIY Ring Toss

Ring toss is a favorite in my house, and I love the Valentine’s Day spin on this one! Your littles will love playing this game!

Balloon Toss

Blow up red, white, and pink balloons and toss them around! Try not to let them touch the floor!

Valentine’s Day Themed Recipes

Making food with toddlers can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! I have found some super easy and fun ways to make some treats with your toddler and get them comfortable in the kitchen!

Breakable Chocolate Heart

Your little one will love helping to decorate and then breaking open this chocolate heart to reveal fun treasures inside!

No Bake Chocolate Cookies

Okay, who doesn’t love no bake cookies?! These no-bake cookies are perfect to make with little ones, and yummy too!

Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

I love a good charcuterie board, and this is a fun one to have little ones help create on Valentine’s Day!

Oreo Truffles

Pink Oreo truffles are a great option if you are wanting to create some treats with your toddler this Valentine’s Day!

Oreo Cookie Bark

This Oreo bark looks absolutely divine! We will definitely be making this recipe soon!

Books to Read with Toddler on Valentine’s Day

Books are a great way to teach children about something in a fun and creative way! In our house, we love reading books!

Love You, Little ‘Potamus

Giggle, snuggle, and sing with your toddler! Read a sweet story of a mama hippo and her baby, enjoy adorable illustrations on every board book page, and press the buttons to play fun sounds and music for a fun and interactive story time that children will adore.

I Spy Valentine’s Day

So if you’re looking for a wonderful activity, Valentine’s gift which is guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face, then it’s time to discover this delightful book. This adorable Valentine’s-themed coloring book will quickly become a family favorite!

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

Join Little Blue Truck as he delivers Valentine’s Day cards to all his farm animal friends. But as Blue beeps along, he starts to wonder: will he get any cards of his own?

Why the World Needs Love

Why the World Needs Love is a perfect read-aloud to connect families and friends together, with a meaningful story that readers will treasure for years to come!

Llama Llama, I Love You

In Llama Llama I Love You, little llama shows his friends and family how much he loves them with heart-shaped cards and lots of hugs. What could be sweeter than Llama Llama on Valentine’s Day?

Groggle’s Monster Valentine

Groggle has been up all night making a Valentine’s Day card. This isn’t just any Valentine, though, and it has to be perfect—it’s for Snarlina, his beast friend in the whole wide world.

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Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate and one of my personal favorites! I love to celebrate by getting my littles a box of chocolates and a card.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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