Must-Read Books About Snow for Toddlers

by | Jan 23, 2023

Have you ever watched your little ones look out at freshly fallen snow? Their eyes fill with joy and wonder!

Toddlers love snow, and I have found the best books about snow for toddlers!

The Importance of Reading to Your Toddler

Reading is so good for little ones, but why?

Reading teaches a multitude of things. Reading stimulates toddlers’ imagination and teaches them about how stories flow, language and sounds.

Kinds of Books About Snow for Toddlers

Okay, you may be asking yourself: what kinds of books should I even look for?

There are a few different options:

  • educational
  • fiction
  • interactive
  • poetry or rhyming

How to Select Books About Snow for Toddlers

There are a lot of different book options out there, so how do you choose the best ones? In order to keep toddlers engaged you might want to select books that:

  • have colorful pictures
  • engaging storyline
  • are interactive
  • have cute or funny characters
  • books that get them moving

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Teaching Littles Top Picks for Books About Snow for Toddlers

When selecting books for this list, I wanted to make sure that these were books that I have read myself or would read to my little ones! I take great care in making sure my suggestions are well researched and thought out.

Best Educational Books About Snow for Toddlers

Read About Snow

Read About Books are educational children’s books designed to inspire your young reader to learn about their favorite subjects while practicing their reading skills.

Curious About Snow

When does it snow? Why is snow white? How do we know no two snowflakes are alike? With full-color photographs and the Smithsonian’s famous Wilson Bentley snowflake photos, this new Curious About title looks at the science behind snow, and the history of record-setting blizzards and snowstorms—plus how people have fun in the snow!

Over and Under the Snow

A charming story and beautifully rendered illustrations invite readers of all ages to explore and learn about the “subnivean zone” (the space between the colder snow and the warmer ground) where many animals live in the winter, opening a fascinating window into the natural world.


Catch a snowflake on your tongue. Toss a snowball. It’s time to learn about SNOW! Through full-color photos and simple, easy-to-follow text, this nonfiction book introduces emergent readers to the science basics behind this frozen form of precipitation. All Pebble Plus books align with national and state standards and are designed to help new readers read independently, making them the perfect choice for every child.

All About Animals in Winter

Some animals’ fur turns white. Other animals hibernate. Winter is here! Celebrate the season with lovely photos and a simple design that beautifully support early readers.

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What’s a Season?

This colorful, rhythmic ode to winter will show your little ones what makes this season so magical and fun!

Winter Wonderland

This charming picture book, the latest in National Geographic’s popular Picture the Seasons series, is a vibrant celebration of winter traditions. Winter means family, as loved ones travel many miles to visit. Holiday events bring a spark of warmth and togetherness that seems to happen only in winter.

What Can You See in Winter?

 In Winter, children are taken on a tour of things they can see in winter including typical winter activities and changes in the natural world. Beautiful photos, very simple repeated text, high frequency and decodable words and strong photo-to-text matching make this a perfect book for early readers to enjoy.

Most Engaging Books About Snow for Toddlers

Itsy Bitsy Snowman

Little ones will love this fresh winter spin on a classic nursery rhyme, as one little snowman sleds through a winter wonderland.

Dr. Seuss’s Winter Things

Written in super-simple rhyme, this fun, sturdy board book features Thing One and Thing Two as they spend a winter’s day enjoying all the activities the season has to offer– making snow angels, sledding, ice skating, and more!

All About Snow

Don’t you just love to see the fluffy white specks when snow falls? Have you ever wondered where do they come from? Or what snow is? How big is the biggest snowflake and how small is the smallest?

Let’s find out all that and more as we learn “all about SNOW”.

10 Ways to Hear Snow

One winter morning, Lina wakes up to silence. It’s the sound of snow — the kind that looks soft and glows bright in the winter sun. But as she walks to her grandmother’s house to help make the family recipe for warak enab, she continues to listen.

The Snowy Day

The magic and wonder of winter’s first snowfall is perfectly captured in Ezra Jack Keat’s Caldecott Medal-winning picture book. This celebrated classic has been shared by generations of readers and listeners, a must-have for every child’s bookshelf.

Pete the Cat- Snow Daze

In Pete the Cat: Snow Daze, school is canceled, and Pete cannot wait to play in the snow with all his friends. Imagine a day filled with snowball fights, hot chocolate, snowcats, and more. But when the next day and the day after that are all snow days, Pete comes to a sudden realization—it is possible to have too many snow days.

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S is for Snow

It’s time to catch a winter chill! With H for hot chocolate, J for Jack Frost, and T for toboggan, this colorful primer has everything you need to know about what makes the winter season cool. Take this wintry slope from A to Z, and you’ll never want the snow day to end!

Best Books About Playing in the Snow for Toddlers


Cynthia Rylant’s lyrical descriptions of the sights and feelings evoked by falling snow blend gorgeously with the rich and beautiful world created by Lauren Stringer’s illustrations, in which a young girl, her friend, and her grandmother enjoy the many things a snowy day has to offer.

Winnie Loves Winter

The title says it all! Winnie loves winter and just cannot wait to tell you what she loves about it. Not just winter-themed, Winnie Loves Winter includes fun facts about winter. Simple engaging text and beautiful friendly and cheerful illustrations makes this book the perfect introduction to winter for young children ages 2 to 8.

Tracks in the Snow

A little girl follows tracks outside her window after a fresh snowfall, only to realize that the tracks in the snow are her own from the day before―and that they lead her home. This diminutive and sweet picture book is as cozy as a cup of hot chocolate.

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Best Books About Snow for Toddlers that Feature Animal Characters

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Winter

Welcome winter with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and his friends in this sensory exploration of the season. Discover the very best of this time of year: snowy days full of play, the sounds of birds chirping atop a snowman, the smell of cookies fresh from the oven, and so much more!


Spike was born with beautiful rainbow hair. Everyone loved it and thought he was unique and special… well almost everyone. Follow Spike’s adventures as he tries to change his hair to blend in with the crowd. Will he learn to embrace himself for who he is?

Ten Sparkly Snowflakes

Join the woodland animals as they get ready to play snowy games in this peek-through counting book. Little ones will love to watch as the number of snowflakes decreases from 10 to 1 with each turn of the page.

The Squirrel and the Snow

The Squirrel And The Snow is a wonderful winter story for children.

As Squirrel anticipates the snowfall, the story introduces different animal winter behaviors to the reader. This a great way to open discussions about hibernation and other animal winter survival skills.

So Much Snow

Follow seven forest creatures, from a tiny mouse to a giant moose, as they hunker down in a snowstorm. As the week progresses, the snow piles up and up–even past Moose’s antlers!

A Thing Called Snow

Fox and Hare were born in the spring, but the seasons are changing, and they hear snow is on the way. “What is snow like?” they ask all the forest animals, and each gives a different answer (“Snow is white, like your fur.”). But their questions are soon answered when thick, fluffy flakes start to fall. SNOW! 

Biscuit’s Snow Day

There is soft, powdery snow everywhere! It’s the perfect day for snow angels, sledding, and snuggling up with someone you love. Woof!

Books About Snow for Toddlers with a Fun Storyline

There Was A Cold Lady That Swallowed Some Snow

Here’s the newest twist on the familiar tale of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly.

There was a cold lady who swallowed some snow. I don’t know why she swallowed some snow. Perhaps you know.

This time, the old lady is swallowing everything from snow to a pipe, some coal, a hat, and more! With rollicking, rhyming text, and funny illustrations, this lively version will appeal to young readers with every turn of the page.

And this time, there’s a surprise at the end that no reader will be able to guess!

The Little Snowplow

On the Mighty Mountain Road Crew, the trucks come in one size: BIG. That is, until the little snowplow joins the crew. None of the other trucks think that the little snowplow can handle the big storms, but he knows that he can do it—and just to be sure, he trains hard, pushing loads of gravel, pulling blocks of concrete, and doing plow lifts to get ready.

Little Owl’s Snow

“Winter’s almost here!” says Little Owl, as he observes leaves falling, animal friends hibernating, and a chill from his feathers to his feet. And just as he and his friend racoon are watching their breath make fog in the cold air, it happens: Snow! Here is the perfect follow-up to Little Owl’s Night and Little Owl’s Day, and a wonderful introduction to the changing of the seasons!


This classic Beginner Book edited by Dr. Seuss is a delightful ode to winter. Brrrrr—it snowed! From snowball fights and skiing to fort building and snowman-making, P. D. Eastman and Roy McKie’s Snow will have young readers eager for the kind of fun only a wintry-white day can bring. Perfect for enjoying with a cup of hot cocoa, it makes an ideal gift for the holidays, and happy occasions of all kinds!


Little ones love winter! Cuddle up and share the magic of the season with this bright and engaging board book inspired by the works of legendary children’s book author-illustrator Leo Lionni! With sturdy pages and colorful collage-style artwork, this winter-themed book is perfect for girls and boys ages 0 to 3.

Snow is fascinating for people of all ages, but especially for toddlers. Reading books about snow before a storm hits or before you go out and play in it can be a fun lesson!

What are your favorite books about snow? Let me know in the comments below!

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