75+ Easy and FREE Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers

by | Oct 11, 2022

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am itching to plan activities for my little ones and I thought you might be too! I have rounded up all the easy, fun & FREE Thanksgiving activities for toddlers.

These Thanksgiving activities for toddlers are actually easy & fun

We’ve all been there, trying to get everything ready for Thanksgiving and also trying to manage children running around the house. Hopefully, these ideas will help you to able to help maintain a little order this holiday season.

While you could spend some time on Pinterest looking for activities, here is a list of activities that I have found that keep your children engaged and are easy to do.

You can use these Thanksgiving activities for Toddlers to get them excited

While helping keep the children out from underfoot, these activities also serve as a great way to get them in the holiday spirit as well. If you can get them to help with the decorations, which will help fill them with pride and give them a much-needed sense of accomplishment, or sit down and work through an activity, they will be even more eager for the big day to come.

To make it easier I have broken the Thanksgiving activities for Toddlers into categories!

There are a lot of activities and to keep them organized and prevent overwhelm, I have organized them into categories.

How do you introduce Thanksgiving to Toddlers?

Thanksgiving is always full of fun and food; however, it is also important to make sure your little ones understand exactly why everyone has gathered together. I find it is always a good idea to start with the basics, a short explanation of the first Thanksgiving. (The history channel has a great YouTube Video explaining the origins of Thanksgiving in the United States.)

After watching the video, I would then made sure to explain how your family celebrates Thanksgiving as well as any family-specific traditions and their meanings.

75+ Easy and Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers

Are you ready to jump into all of these activities?! I know I yam! (hehe get it?..yam?) No? Okay, let’s get going!

Thanksgiving Games for Toddlers

Games are always super popular in my house, and it makes it even better when they are little-one friendly.

  1. Turkey Calling Contest: Everyone gives their best shot at sounding like a turkey!
  2. Family Turkey Trot: A turkey trot is just a fun race. You can do this as a relay race or individually!
  3. Thankerchief: Grab a handkerchief, pass it around and tell everyone what you are thankful for.
  4. Walk Like a Turkey: A twist on Simon Says, call out different ways for your little turkeys to walk. For example, Simon says waddle like a turkey.
  5. Duck, Duck, TURKEY: Think duck, duck, goose, but a bit more seasonally appropriate.
  6. Would You Rather: Thanksgiving Version

This fun game of would you rather is bound to get the whole family laughing, including the little ones!

7. Teaching Littles-Feed the Turkey!

A few years ago, I did this feed the turkey game with my little ones and we loved it!

Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets for Toddlers

Coloring sheets are a super easy activity to keep little ones busy.

8. Turkey Color By Number

Everyone loves a good color by number and this little turkey is absolutely adorable.

9. Draw the Details-Pumpkin

Draw the details pages are great for little ones to show off their creative side and have some fun.

10. Draw the Details-Pilgrim Boy

This would be perfect for little boys to draw a self-portrait as a pilgrim!

11. Draw the Details-Pilgrim Girl

This draw-in-the-details page is perfect for little girls to use as a self-portrait!

12. Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet

The turkey is so cute on this coloring page! This simple coloring sheet will bide you some time in the kitchen, it’s so fun!

13. Color By Numbers Pumpkin

14. Color By Numbers Thanksgiving Bear

15. Teaching Littles: 18 Free Printables!

A few years ago I did a round-up on a bunch of Thanksgiving printables! Check them out at the link above!

Thanksgiving Printable Activities for Toddlers

Printables are a great activity for toddlers to do independently if needed! They are a great way to have little ones learning and having fun.

16. Build Your Own Turkey

As a kiddo, building my own turkey was one of my favorite activities. I loved drawing designs on the feathers!

17. What’s for Thanksgiving Dinner?

If your kids love Thanksgiving food as much as mine do, they are probably already dreaming of what their plates are going to consist of. This blank plate is perfect for them to jot down their ideas.

18. Pilgrim Maze

This simple maze is perfect for little ones to work on their deductive reasoning, as well as their fine motor skills.

19. Trace the Thanksgiving Items

Learning proper muscle control is extremely important when little ones are learning to write or draw. This tracing page is a fantastic way for them to practice their fine motor skills, and also provides a neat little coloring page when they are done tracing the lines!

20. Long E Sounds Worksheet

Learning to read is a vital part of childhood development. This worksheet allows your little ones to use coloring to identify the long e sounds vs the short e sounds.

21. Count & Color Worksheet

Combining coloring with other tasks is a great way to keep little ones interested in learning.

22. Cut & Paste Alphabet

Giving your little ones an art project is a fantastic way to disguise learning!

Edible Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers

23. Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags

Making these treat bags was such a fun memory from my childhood!

24. Fall TeePees

These cute little teepees are a fun and simple holiday treat to make with your little ones!

25. Edible Cornucopias

Sugar cone cornucopias are such an easy-to-make treat for the whole family!

26. Turkey Donuts

How cute are these turkey donuts? If your kiddos are anything like mine, they would love making AND enjoying this fun treat!

27. Applesauce Turkeys

Applesauce turkeys are perfect to make for at-home enjoyment or for the whole class!

28. Edible Tic-Tac-Toe

The only thing better than a simple game of tic-tac-toe is being able to eat the game after it is finished!

29. Edible Acorns

During hikes, my kiddos like to find and eat acorns along the paths. These cute little treats are a more teeth-friendly alternative for the whole family to enjoy!

Easy Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers

30. Thankful Turkey

Make this simple cut out turkey and talk to your toddler about things that they are grateful for. Write them on each turkey feather and you’ll love to hear their responses!

31. Leaf Wreath

Using nature to make decorations is always a sure way to keep your little ones entertained and engaged!

31. Thankfulness Tree

Collecting leaves is something my kiddos love to do, which makes this activity very easy! You can use real or fake leaves for this craft!

32. Leaf Stamps: Dip a semi-dry leaf in paint and stamp it onto paper.

33. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are something that we love to do, and they make for a fun and simple activity with littles.

34. Snack-O-Lantern

Give those jack-o-lantern’s a second chance by making them into a snack-o-lantern! The creatures around your area will absolutely love this and your kiddos will have the best time watching them.

35. Thanksgiving Turkey Tag

Turkey tag is a fun way to get the kiddos out and exercising. Start by reading the book “Run, Turkey, Run” (check out at your local library) then make these turkey tail clips and play turkey tag!

36. Apple Picking: If you have an apple orchard in your area, Thanksgiving time is the best time to go! Near perfect temps and fresh apples for all of your dishes!

37. Turkey Baster Race: Use a turkey baster to push a leaf or feather across the side walk. The first to the finish line WINS!

Educational Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers

38. Sink or Float

This is a fun activity that you can do with all of your groceries before they get cooked! See which items sink or float and explore why.

39. Thanksgiving Tracing

Tracing is a great skill for little ones to learn and this fun worksheet helps to perfect that skill!

40. Turkey Hair Cuts

My kiddos love any crafts that involve scissors. Your little one will love to give these cute turkeys haircuts!

41. Turkey Tracks

How cute are these little turkey tracks?! This craft is super simple for little ones to do, and educational! You can do a lesson about bird tracks during this craft.

42. Turkey Cage

Building a turkey cage/house will keep your little ones busy for hours. especially if it involves marshmallows! I would buy some extra just in case some become a snack.

43. Turkey Match Up

Help your little one cut out each turkey and match up the color to each one. There is also a shape match-up on the web page!

44. Build a Turkey

Have your little one build a turkey with some simple shapes. This helps to show kiddos how they can be creative with different shapes.

Thanksgiving Sensory Play for Toddlers

Sensory activities are a great way for little ones to stay busy and help fill their sensory bucket..and give you a little free time.

45. Easy Peasy Thanksgiving Sensory Bin

I love this Thanksgiving-themed sensory bin! Sensory bins are a great activity for littles to do that keeps them busy for hours.

46. Free the Pumpkin

Free the pumpkin is a fun little activity that promotes fine motor skills and fills the sensory bucket.

47. Pom Pom Turkey Push

This is a creative little activity! Have your little one help you create a turkey. Punch holes in the turkey feathers and then push pom poms through the holes! How fun!

48. Pumpkin Scented Cloud Dough

This DIY pumpkin-scented cloud dough will be hours of fun for little hands!

49. Pumpkin Bath

This may seem a little silly, but I just know my little ones would love to wash pumpkins. Their little hands will love scrubbing the slippery pumpkins.

50. Turkey Sensory Bag

How fun is this turkey sensory bag?! This is a great semi-quiet activity for little ones to play with while patiently waiting for dinner.

51. Kinetic Sand Turkeys

Kinetic sand is so fun for little hands to create with! Your littles will love creating turkeys with different items you have on hand.

Thanksgiving Gross Motor Activities for Toddlers

Gross motor activities are the best to keep toddlers moving and grooving throughout the day!

52. Turkey Balancing

Turkey balancing is a fun game where kiddos walk on taped “feathers” that are on the floor. This is great for developing balance skills and spatial awareness.

53. Shake Your Tail Feathers: Add feathers to a tissue box, tape the box to your toddler’s body and have them shake as fast as they can to get all of the feathers out!

54. Traffic Yam: Similar to an egg race, without the potential of a huge mess! Have kiddos balance yams on a spoon and race!

55. Corn Music Shakers

Everyone likes to dance to the beat! These cute and simple corn shakers will get your little ones moving and grooving in no time. Turn on their favorite songs, and dance!

56. Stuff the Turkey

Stuff the turkey is a cute and fun game for the whole family! Everyone take turns stuffing the turkey by throwing in wads of paper!

57. Turkey Ring Toss

Using empty creamer bottles and some paper plate rings this will make a for a great and entertaining game!

Last Minute Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers

Maybe you’re reading this blog, searching for simple, last minute Thanksgiving activities..well, I’ve got you covered!

58. Turkey Leaf Lanterns

I absolutely love these turkey leaf lanterns! They would be a great, simple last minute craft for littles and would be so cute as decorations on the table.

59. Gratitude Chain

I love the idea of a grateful chain around Thanksgiving. This free activity is perfect for last minute!

60. Turkey Shapes

Sticking things to the wall is right up most toddler’s alleys! HA! This would be a perfect last-minute activity, especially if you are needing some time to cook and prepare!

61. Turkey Paper Bag Craft

Do you remember making turkey paper sacks as a kid, because I do! This version is the simplest out there and so much fun!

62. Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft

Okay, come on! How cute are these pumpkins? Simply cut an apple in half, dip in paint and stamp! If you have googly eyes on hand you can have your little pick some out or simply draw eyes and a stem! So easy!

63. Turkey Wreath

This turkey wreath is so adorable and a perfect last-minute craft for little ones!

64. Paperclip Turkey

The paper clip turkey craft is so simple and easy! This craft is even great if you are on the road because it is (big) mess free!

65. Scrap Paper Fall Leaf

Use those leftover scraps of paper you have to make a super simple fall leaf with your little ones!

Entertaining Activities for Toddlers on Thanksgiving

Sometimes, you just need 30 minutes to get something done with both of your hands..especially on Thanksgiving! I’ve been there!

These activities are low-supervision activities to help make your day easier!

66. Thanksgiving I Spy

As a kid, I loved I spy! This activity is perfect for helping little eyes learn to look and count objects!

67. Heads Up-Thanksgiving Printable

Heads up is a family favorite, so if you like the original, you will love the Thanksgiving version. This game is great for kiddos to play together or with other family members while you are busy!

68. Thanksgiving Tic-Tac-Toe

Thanksgiving Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun spin on the original! Your little ones will love playing this game with older siblings, cousins or any other family while you are busy!

69. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: This is a classic and 30 minutes long, which is perfect if you need some uninterrupted time!

70. Little Hands, Little Helpers: I am sure you know, but little ones love to be helpful. On this fun and exciting day, I am sure they would love to help!

You can assign your toddler to help pick up, stir, or find ingredients while you are cooking!

Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts for Toddlers

I absolutely love arts and crafts, especially with kiddos! I love seeing what they can create and how they express themselves.

71. Turkey Headband

Your little ones will get a kick out of this turkey headband craft. To allow for a little more personalization, you can let them decorate the band before assembling.

71. Thankful Pie

I absolutely adore this “I am thankful for” craft. This is so fun for little ones to learn about thankfulness and gratitude.

72. Turkey Cones

How adorable are these little turkey cones?! You can add a piece of elastic to make a little hat or keep as is.

73. Pot Belly Turkeys

This pot belly turkey craft is the perfect amount of silliness for little ones! They will get a kick out this funny turkey craft.

74. Thanksgiving Placemat

How sweet is this placemat for little ones? You can do whatever scripture/saying that you want and let them decorate with crayons, markers, etc.

75. Turkey Windsock

How adorable is this turkey windsock?! The supplies needed are super simple! This makes a super cute front door decoration.

76. Coffee Filter Turkeys

I love these coffee filter turkeys! They are simple and fun to do with little ones!

Thanksgiving is such a fun time for the whole family. What makes it even better is having easy activities on hand for your little ones! The best activities are ones that keep them busy and not underfoot!

What are your favorite activities to do with toddlers on Thanksgiving? Share them with us in the comments!