45 Creative and Cool Ice Cream Crafts for Preschool

by | Apr 21, 2023

With Summer approaching, there are many awesome crafts to keep your preschoolers engaged. I have some pretty cool ice cream crafts for your preschooler to do this Summer.

How does crafting help preschoolers?

Crafting helps your preschooler use their creativity and their mind to explore new things.

What are the benefits of crafting with preschoolers?

There are some great benefits of crafting with preschoolers like building fine motor skills and teaching shapes, colors, and numbers, helping with recognition and so much more.

Motor Skills

Some motor skills that are used when crafting with preschoolers are using play dough to create things, cutting with scissors, and using different colored crayons and markers.


Literacy can also be taught by crafting with your preschooler and fun ways are using noodles to create alphabet letters and so much more.

Math Concepts

Math is also used during crafting and your preschooler won’t even know it, whether you are counting how many crayons you want to use or how many shapes you want to draw.


Crafting with your preschooler will definitely have them explore their creative side and bring so much fun learning and making new things.


Letting your preschooler craft with ideas they come up with can boost their self-esteem knowing that is something they created by themselves.

Quality Time

Quality time is always important and crafting with your preschooler is great bonding and security.

Fun Ice Cream Facts for Kids

If you are doing ice cream crafts for preschool, it is always fun to have a few fun facts to present to your little ones!

Did you know…

  • There are over 1000 different flavors of ice cream. Some unique flavors are avocado, cilantro lime, & pickled mango!
  • Ice Cream in Italy is called Gelato
  • Ice cream was invented in China
  • The ice cream cone was actually an accident
  • July is national ice cream month

Teaching Littles’s Favorite Ice Cream Crafts for Preschool

blurb here (these are our top 5 favorite ice cream crafts for preschool)

Ice Cream Volcano Fun

This one will be a favorite among your preschooler. These ice cream volcanoes are exploding with fun and will have them wanting to do more and more.

Ice Cream Balance Game

This ice cream balance game is fun and is great for fine motor skills. Have your preschooler use a ball or make their own ball and balance on a toilet paper roll or anything that can be a cone.

Ice Cream Necklaces

Pom pom ice cream necklaces are fun to create with your preschooler and they will love to wear them all day long.

Ice Cream Cone Counting

This is a great way for your preschooler to learn counting and colors with these ice cream cones.

I Spy Ice Cream

I Spy ice cream is great for eye and color coordination. It will boost your preschoolers’ critical thinking as they look for the matching ice cream.

Ridiculously Easy Ice Cream Crafts for Preschool

When it comes to preschool crafting, having easy crafts for them is great for their independence. These are some easy ice cream crafts for preschoolers.

Ice Cream Color Dots

Your preschooler can easily make their own cones and add different colors of dabbers for ice cream dots.

Ice Cream Glue Dots

This easy ice cream craft is made with different colored beads and your preschooler will glue them on the dots of the ice cream template.

Cotton Ball Ice Cream Cone

This ice cream cone is made using cotton balls and felt paper and your preschooler can add glitter and much more.

Cupcake Liner Ice Cream Cones

This simple, easy craft is made by using cupcake liners and gluing them flat on paper, and having your preschooler glue sprinkles.

Felt Ice Cream Cones

Your preschooler will enjoy this ice cream cone craft. All they need is felt fabric and some glue and whatever items they want to add to make their ice cream cone special.

Printable Ice Cream Crafts for Preschool

Here are a few, fun ice cream printables for your preschooler to help with learning new skills.

Ice Cream Connect the Pairs

This printable teaches your preschooler to identify the matching ice cream cones and connect them by drawing a line.


Ice Cream Templates

These ice cream template printables can be painted, colored, cut and more for your preschooler to design them using their creative minds.


Ice Cream Matching Game

Ice cream matching game is so much fun while learning memory recognition and colors and more. This game is endless and everyone will love not just your preschooler.

Ice Cream Coloring Pages

Preschoolers love to color and these ice cream coloring sheets are wonderful to use.

Ice Cream Number Flash Cards

Ice cream number flash cards teach math concepts by learning numbers and counting ice cream cones.

Ice Cream Crafts for Preschool They Can Do On Their Own

Here are some great ice cream crafts your preschooler can do all on their own, putting their imagination to work.

Paper Ice Cream

This DIY paper ice cream craft for your preschooler is easy by allowing them to cut pieces of construction paper and letting them build/create their own ice cream on paper.

Pom Pom Ice Cream Cones

Pom pom ice cream cones are a great DIY for your preschooler. They will just glue pom poms on popsicle sticks for ice cream fun.

DIY Mosaic Ice Cream Cone

This easy, DIY mosaic ice cream cone is colorful and fun. Your preschooler will need to cut different colors of construction paper and glue them on the paper creating their own ice cream cone.

Sticker Ice Cream Cones

Your preschooler can create their own ice cream cones by using stickers in all of sorts of shapes and sizes and colors.

DIY Ice Cream Fun

This DIY ice cream making kit can be easily put together and your preschooler will have so much fun picking and choosing so many different ways at creating their own ice cream.

Ice Cream Crafts for Preschool Using Recycled Items

Recycled items are another great option to use when crafting with your preschooler. There are so many things that can be reused.

Toilet Paper Roll Ice Cream Cones

No need to throw away toilet paper rolls. Your toddler can use those to make these fun ice cream cones and add colored tissue paper for the cones.

Giant Ice Cream Cone

This giant ice cream cone is made with recycled cardboard boxes. Your preschooler can color, paint, and glue so many different things on it.

Paper Plate Ice Cream

Paper plates make great for creating ice cream sundae bowls and more. Your preschooler can color and create them in so many different ways.

Recycled CD Ice Cream Cones

Don’t know what to do with those old CD’s lying around, well your preschooler can use them to create ice cream cones with them. They can glue and add so many different things.

Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones

Don’t throw out them egg cartons just yet. They can be used to create fun ice cream cones for your preschooler.

Ice Cream Crafts for Preschoolers That Involve Painting

blurb (all preschoolers love to paint)

Ice Cream Puff Paint Cones

All you need to make these ice cream cones is some glue and shaving cream and some green, red, and brown paint. Mix glue and shaving cream with paint and paint your cones on white card stock and don’t forget the cherry on top.

Spongy Ice Cream Cone

This simple spongy ice cream is made with using different colors of paint and sponges. Dab sponges in paint and create a tower of ice cream over a cone.

Potato Ice Cream Stampers

These cool ice cream cones are made by using potatoes dipped in paint and stamped on paper cones and using confetti for sprinkles.

Ice Cream Cone Footprints

These adorable ice cream cone footprints definitely make a great memory for your preschooler. Have them paint their foot and step on white card stock and let them paint their many toppings.

Ice Cream Hands

This fun and easy ice cream handprints are made by painting your preschooler’s hand or allowing them to paint their hands and p

Sensory Ice Cream Crafts for Preschoolers

Sensory play is always fun. There are so many things out there for your preschooler to enjoy with their pretend play. Sensory bins and more create just that.

Ice Cream Bin

This ice cream sensory bin is easy to put together. Just some bowls or cones with some cotton balls and sequins and ice cream cones are made just like that.

Ice Cream Sensory Bag

Ice cream sensory bags make great fun as your preschooler maneuvers the pom poms to get them lined up on the cone. This is great for hand-eye coordination.

Sprinkle Fun Bin

This easy and fun sensory bin is just lots of sprinkles and scoopers to create ice cream sprinkles of fun.

Pom Pom Ice Cream Sensory

Pom poms make a great resource for sensory play. This pom pom sensory play is fun for creating different ice cream cones using pom poms and more.

Ice Cream Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is always fun and this will have your preschooler creating ice cream fun for hours.

Edible Ice Cream Crafts for Preschool

Ice cream is already yummy, but these are some extra fun ways to create edible ice cream crafts for your preschooler.

Edible Ice Cream Play Dough

This is super easy for your preschooler to make with just two ingredients. All you need is frosting and powdered sugar to make the edible ice cream and just scoop it on a cone or in a bowl.

Ice Cream in a Bag

This easy, yummy, and cool treat is all made in a zip loc bag for your preschooler. Made with ingredients you probably have on hand.

Snow Ice Cream

Snow ice cream in the Summer? Yes! Your preschooler can use shaved ice for this snow ice cream recipe.

Edible Ice Cream Bin

This edible and fun ice cream bin is made with whip cream and sprinkles. Simple but fun and delicious.

Ice Cream Popsicles

These are ready made popsicles using ice cream sandwiches and inserting cake pop sticks and letting your preschooler add sprinkles and their magic touches.

Amazon Ready Ice Cream Crafts for Preschool

These Amazon ready ice cream crafts are great for teaching your preschoolers all things ice cream and fun.

Ice Cream Foam Craft

These fun foam ice cream cones are easy for your preschooler to assemble any way they like and no glue is needed.

Wooden Ice Cream Cutouts

Ice cream wooden cutouts are fun for pretend play and creative ideas.

Ice Cream Stickers

Stickers are so fun especially when they are ice cream stickers. Your preschooler can put stickers everywhere.

Ice Cream Counting and Color Sorting Cones

This is a wonderful ice cream learning set for your preschooler. Teaches math concepts and so much more all while building an ice cream cone.

Ice Cream Truck

This wooden ice cream truck will spark your child’s imagination and fine motor skills as they paint their own ice cream truck.

Books About Ice Cream For Preschoolers

Needing something extra to go along with your ice cream crafts for preschoolers? These books are some of our favorite!

Ten Scoops on Top!

Ten Scoops on Top is a great book for your preschooler. All about eating ice cream while rhyming and counting.

Do Turtles Like Ice Cream?

This bright and colorful book is about sharing and finding out if turtles love ice cream.

The Little Ice Cream Truck

This fun book is about delivering ice cream to all the children around town on a hot sunny day.

I Like You More Than Ice Cream

I like you more than ice cream is such fun and interactive. This is a finger puppet book that brings the book to life making it so much fun for preschoolers!

Ice Cream Sundays

This sweet, fun book is all about Dee the unicorn’s favorite day for ice cream.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Cream Crafts For Preschool

Ice cream crafts for preschoolers are endless with so many different ways and methods. That is why this will help answer most questions you have regarding ice cream crafts for your preschooler.

What crafts do 4-Year-Olds Like?

4-year-olds love crafting and as long as painting, cutting, and gluing are involved, then the creations are endless.

When is a good time to do Ice Cream Crafts for Preschool?

Summer is right around the corner and this will be a great time for ice cream crafts with your preschooler. The fun can last all year though when ice cream is involved.

Hope you and your preschooler will enjoy all of these crafts and books mentioned above. Most of all the quality time spent together creating memories is what is best. Have fun and enjoy all the ice cream.