The Role of Spectrum Vitamins in Supporting Immune System Function

by | Jun 18, 2023

Poor diet does make you sick more often if you have noticed. It is not necessarily the poor diet but the lack of proper diet weakening one’s immune system. This is the case for a healthy person born with a good heart. 

The importance of a balanced diet is the vitamins and minerals they provide. Allowing us to have the right energy for a productive day and the ability to fight diseases.

Now, think about people born with autoimmune diseases. They require double the amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain their immune system. In the excerpt below, we will be talking about spectrum vitamins.

They are a branch of vitamins and minerals customized to help a child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It is one such disease with a permanent cure. However, these supplements (upon vigorous experimentation) have proven to help mitigate certain symptoms and assist children in leading normal life.

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASD is when a child is born with a certain developmental disability in their brain. This is neurological degeneration which is caused at birth. Affecting areas disrupt a child’s normal mental growth, especially regarding their cognitive abilities.

They are detected as early as the toddler stage. Common problems include a loss of perception around, attachment issues with the primary caregiver, inability to socially interact with children of their own age, and sudden fits of tantrums as certain colors and noises trigger them.

Other than cognitive disabilities, the child with ASD may also suffer from a few physical ailments all their life. They do have lower immunity which makes them more susceptible to diseases.

However, yes, it is possible for these children to grow into adults and have a normal life. Some vitamins and minerals could help their immune system and prevent them from falling sick from time to time. Plus, it could also assist in their cognitive development somewhere.

Spectrum Vitamins Supporting Immune System Functions

Here are some common spectrum and autism vitamins supporting the immune system of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The American Academy of Pediatrics has confirmed that children should eat fish at least twice weekly to meet their Omega 3 requirements. However, fish is not every child’s favorite delicacy, especially when your child has ASD with food aversions.

However, good Omega 3 Fatty acid supplements can help reduce internal and external inflammation in children with ASD. Plus, there are experiments to back its ability to help reduce symptoms of cognitive disturbance and improve mental health for Autistic children.


Children with autism already suffer from an alarmingly low amount of bone density. Without proper nutrients, they even have the risk of being underweight and malnutrition.

This is why children with ASD should have a high amount of calcium in their diet. This will eventually help them grow better bones and teeth, protecting them from other diseases which can be caused by a frailed body.

Vitamin D

ASD children are already at a higher risk for Vitamin D deficiency. Other than it being the primal supplement helping break the calcium to be absorbed by our bones, it can also lead to irritability in the mood.

A severe deficiency can cause Rickets in children, and Autistic children are more at risk. They should be put under a Vitamin D supplement to meet the right amount. 

The sunlight from Vitamin D can also help the child to uplift their mood since they are more susceptible to depression and social anxiety at a young age.


Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have an abnormal digestive system. It is not uncommon for them to have abdominal pain and other issues due to constant indigestion. Even if you give them a bland diet, it might persist.

This is why a healthy amount of probiotics keeps their gut healthy. However, it is better to consult a doctor before adding probiotics to their diet. Sometimes they might require supplements, but other times natural probiotics may suffice.