The Future of Learning: How AI Can Help Children Explore Creativity

by | May 22, 2023

Artificial intelligence or AI is fast becoming a fixture in our daily lives. It has so many applications that it’s possible we may soon live in a reality where AI is a commonplace feature. 

That’s why it’s now more important than ever to introduce AI to our children. While today’s kids are far more exposed to technology, they still need parental guidance and support exploring this new and uncharted territory.

While we still don’t know all the possibilities AI has to offer, for now we can say that it can be a great tool for learning if utilized responsibly. It is especially fantastic for fostering creativity.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of the ways kids can use AI to explore their creativity, with links to user-friendly AI tools that they can enjoy right away.

How kids can use AI to explore creativity

Kids can use AI to explore creative activities using the many generative AI tools available online.Generative AI is a branch of AI that produces different types of content like images, text, audio, and others. Many of them rely on text prompts to produce such content.

Following are a few examples of how children can have fun getting creative with AI. We do recommend the supervision and collaboration of parents when it comes to the use of these tools. 

Experiment with drawings

You can encourage your child’s artistic inclinations by introducing them to AI art generators. AI art generators use simple text prompts to create unique imagery in just a few seconds.

One such AI art generator that’s very easy to use is CF Spark Art. It’s a text-to-image generator developed by Creative Fabrica, a website known as a marketplace for creative digital assets such as fonts, graphics, and more. 

Using CF Spark Art, your kid can simply type in a prompt or description of an image they want to create. You can encourage them to use the different art style suggestions below the text prompt field so they can experiment with different styles.

To help your kid formulate exactly what they want to draw with the tool, you can help them use the CF Spark Prompt Builder. The prompt builder extension contains samplings of different art modes and mediums which they can mix and match to create something new.

Browsing the Prompt Builder can also be educational. It helps your child visualize many different art styles, opening them up to many creative possibilities.

Create their own coloring books 

Coloring books are excellent materials for kids with different creative interests and artistic inclinations. Coloring itself is an exercise that helps build patience and self-esteem. It can also alleviate anxiety among kids.

You can help your kids practice their self-expression and independence by helping them create their own coloring books. 

CF Spark Coloring Pages is a very user-friendly AI tool that kids can easily use for this purpose. Like CF Spark Art, it’s a text-to-image generator, but instead of full-color images, it produces outlined images. Your kid can then color this digitally or print it like a coloring book.

Write and illustrate their own fantasy books

Storytelling is another creative exercise you can encourage your kids to partake in. For this, you can collaborate on a story with an AI text generator. 

One of the AI text generator tools you can easily use with your kids is the CF Spark Writer book writing assistant. Under the book writing category, your kids can get help generating text for various aspects of a book. 

Using the different text generators in the suite, your kids can get help going through the different stages of writing a book. They can brainstorm concept ideas, title ideas, and outline the flow of their story. They can also develop their chapters with help drafting paragraphs and openings.

To make the book-writing experience even more full-fledged, encourage them to illustrate their book covers using AI art generators as well. They can then use their book title as a text prompt to come up with a cover illustration.

AI Tools Encourage Children’s Creativity

The future of AI remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure – it’s here to stay, so we must prepare our kids to co-exist with the technology. Now, our task is to help children navigate and use the tools safely and responsibly, so they can benefit from the technology for their own learning, growth, and exploration.