15 Letters to Santa Printables Everyone Will Want

by | Sep 4, 2022

One of my kids’ favorite Christmas traditions is writing letters to Santa to share what they want that year. We make a night of it, and I set up a station for them to make their letters as creatively as possible. I always have a few letters to Santa printables available for them to use as well.

Writing letters to Santa is one of my earliest memories of Christmas as a child. My parents made a huge deal of putting it in the mail, and I love sharing those memories with my kids.

As Christmas approaches, it’s time to think about writing to Santa! Here are some printables for inspiration.

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15 Letters to Santa Printables

1. Letters to Santa – Free Packet of Printables

Extreme Couponing Mom offers a packet of printables to help your kids write a letter to Santa. It includes the letter, an envelope, a certificate that Santa sends back to tell your kid they are, in fact, on the nice list, and some little door hangers.

2. Christmas Letter Printable

Grab this instant download that contains a printable letter for Santa and the envelope. Kids get to pick whether they think they have been naughty or nice (or a bit of both) and list some of the things they really hope to see under the Christmas tree this year.

3. Toddler & Preschooler Letters to Santa

For little kids, writing a full letter to Santa might be a bit complicated. So, this printable is the perfect alternative. Little kids fill in the blank with their age and name. Parents can write for their kids, sharing some of the good things they did this year and their biggest wishes for Christmas.

4. Express Mail to Santa

Send a letter to Santa on the North Pole Express! This themed letter is adorable, and it leaves three space for kids to write down what they want the most. That means your kids have to really think about what they would like to receive rather than writing down the entire catalog.

Parents know exactly what I mean!

5. Letters to Santa Coloring Pages

I love these letters to Santa – they’re unique! Kids can color their letter before sending it off, making it a full activity to fill some time in December. The letter format is simple, and since this is in black and white, you don’t have to use too much ink.

6. Dear Santa – Set of 3 Printables

If you have little and bigger kids, this set of three dear Santa Letters is perfect. Young kids can use the guided letter to help them know what to write. Older kids have two options to pick without any prompts; this is best for those kids who know how to write without much help.

7. Something I Want Letter

If your family is trying to decrease how many presents your kids receive each year, then you’ll love this letter. It includes the “something I want, something I need, something to wear, something to read, and something I would love.” Many families follow these guidelines when buying presents for their kids, so it’s perfect!

8. Letter to Santa with Traceable Letters

Another option for beginning writers is this letters to Santa with traceable letters. Kids trace the words and write at the end the gifts they hope to receive on Christmas morning.

10. Christmas List Letter Printable

The design of this letter is appealing for older kids; it looks less little-kid-like. It gives more space for your kids to write what they want for Christmas – that could be a good or bad thing!

11. A Simple Letter Printable

Here’s another black and white letter format to send to Santa. Kids can color the plate of cookies and decide just how good they have been this year. They also have to write what they will do, like leave cookies out or listen to their parents.

12. Dear Santa Printables

If you want a simple “Dear Santa” format, this printable is perfect for your kids. It leaves plenty of space to write the letters they want. Sometimes, simplicity is better.

13. Free Letter to Santa Printable

Kids will also love this free letters to Santa printable. It has blanks for kids to fill out with the name and age, and they have to include something really nice they did this year.

Don’t skip that!

Make sure your kids leave our treats like the letter says they will, or they might only get coal under the tree.

14. Toddler Santa Letter Printable

If you have toddlers, this letter is another option. It is simple, and your toddler can color in the picture of Santa and his reindeers. Parents can fill in the blanks for them before sending it in the mail. Best of all, this is free and designed for toddlers.

15. A Simple Letter to Santa Printable

Letters don’t have to be works of art; they can be simple, and that’s exactly what this printable gives to your kids. They share what the need, want, wear, and read – it’s perfect.

Grab a few of these printable Santa letters for your children to decide what ones they like the most. Your kids will love using these templates to create their yearly Christmas list.