14 Letter O Printables: Help Your Child Learn the Alphabet

by | Sep 3, 2021

One of the best ways to learn the alphabet is to focus on one letter each week often called the letter of the week. When you teach the alphabet using this method, you need different activities and printables. So, when you read the letter O, I gathered some of my favorite letter O printables.

My kids love printables, and I enjoy finding printables that teach them the letters of the alphabet. We make flipbooks, identify objects that start with the letter of the week, trace the letters, and more.

It keeps their brains engaged while having fun at the same time.

O is one of the easiest letters for kids to learn and write. Kids learn it quickly, so grab some of these letter O worksheets and get started!

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14 Letter O Printables

1. Learning the Alphabet Letter O Week

This Reading Mama offers a FREE letter O printable pack for preschoolers. You’ll find several awesome worksheets, like a letter O book, lacing cards, cut and paste letter sounds, and cut and match picture puzzles.

2. Letter O Packet

Here’s another alphabet series of worksheets for you, perfect for homeschooling preschoolers. The packet is totally free and contains eight different worksheets that focus on different skills. Your kids will practice letter formation, identifying the letter O, and recognizing objects that start with the letter O.

3. Free O Worksheets

Kids Activities Blog has several letter O printables available for you to download. There are four pages of tracing, upper and lowercase, letters, tracing words, and two sheets focused on beginning sound activities.

4. Letter O Q-Tip Printable

If you’re looking for an easy art project for the letter O, this printable is perfect – q-tip O. Give your kids some paint and q-tips and let them dot around the letter. We love to use q-tips for art projects.

5. O is for Orange Tracing Pages

Kids need plenty of practice for writing, and this worksheet is great for practicing how to write the letter O. I like that they used the word orange – I feel like this isn’t a typical O word in other printables or worksheets.

6. Dot an O Page

This free printable from Eclectic Homeschooler is so versatile. Use it for dot markers, rolling playdough, tracing, or painting. You’ll find lots of ways to use this with your preschooler.

7. Search for The O

One of my preschooler’s favorite letter activities is searching for a particular letter. I often make these sheets myself, but this easy printable is perfect. Give your preschooler a dot marker and let them spend time searching for the letter O.

8. O is for Owl!

Learning about owls while studying the letter O? This printable is perfect! It offers plenty of practice for your child, and they can color the owl at the top of the page as well.

9. Writing Practice – The Letter O

If you want even more handwriting practice, I like this letter O writing practice. I like that the lines guide your child as they write the letters, and there are both uppercase and lowercase letters.

10. Preschool Letter of the Week – O

If you’re looking for a set of preschool letter O printables, Life with Peanut sells a super affordable set. You get five sheets with little activities for your child to enjoy. She also sells other worksheets and letter activities as well.

11. Owl Coloring Sheet

Do you want a simple coloring sheet to go with your letter O week? I love this owl coloring page. It would be great to give your child when you need to keep them occupied for a few minutes.

12. Short O Beginning Sound Flip Book

Here is a short O flipbook that you can put together with your preschooler. Let them color the pictures and put them together with you. Then, leave it out so your child can flip through it whenever they want and review the new letter of the week.

13. O Coloring Worksheet

This worksheet works well for kindergarteners and gives them several activities to work on as they focus on the letter O. They get to color the letter, identify pictures that start with the letter, and find it among other letters. Plus, this is a free download!

14. Trace Words That Start with O

If you want a letter O printable for your kindergartener, this is tracing words that start with this letter. The words are a bit more than most preschoolers read, but you can use this worksheet for a younger child for handwriting practice.

These are some of my favorite letter O printables. I suggest you download and print them, and keep them in a binder for the letter of the week. Your kids will love it!

Are you working on letters of the week? Here are some awesome letter O printables that are perfect for your preschoolers and kindergarteners!