41 Fun Halloween activities and Games for Young Kids

by | Jul 21, 2022

Halloween is right around the corner and it is time to start planning some fun Halloween activities for your preschooler! Your kiddos will love to be able to participate in all of the fun Halloween activities this season.

As you may know, I love any reason to combine learning and fun.

I have done all of the leg work for you and rounded up 41 of the best Halloween activities for kids. Your little monsters will love to participate, learn and work on their fine motor skills as well.

1. Halloween Dot to Dot Printable

Your little one will love all of the Halloween printables from Planning Playtime! The website has a ton of Halloween-themed connect the dots, letter and number tracing, shape tracing, and more!

2. Halloween Mask Printables

These free Halloween printable masks are absolutely adorable. Your preschooler will love being able to cut these out and decorate them!

3. Halloween Bingo

BINGO! Your littles will love this Halloween BINGO Activity! These printable BINGO cards are adorable and will be so much fun for your little ghouls and goblins.

4. I Spy Halloween

This I Spy activity is so much fun for little exploring eyes! Your preschooler will love searching for all of the different Halloween-themed objects!

5. Frankenstein Haircut Skills

This Frankenstein Haircut printable is absolutely adorable! Activities like this are great for teaching your preschooler how to properly use scissors and cut along the lines!

6. Halloween Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are always a hit for my kiddos (and me if I’m being honest)! They are simple and little to no clean-up! If you are looking for quick Halloween activities for kids, take a look at the coloring pages from Suburban Mom!

7. Pumpkin Mummy

How cute is this pumpkin mummy craft?! Your preschooler will love making their own pumpkin mummy (and probably enjoy some mini marshmallows too)!

8. Rock Jack-O-Lanterns

These rock jack-o-lanterns would look so cute outside your front door this fall! Your little ones will take pride in knowing they helped decorate. You can switch up the colors of your paint, and even help your kiddos add a green stem and leaves at the top!

9. Spider Web Plates

This spider web craft is so cute and helps develop fine motor skills when threading the yarn through the holes. These would be really cute to hang in the window after they are finished!

10. Spider Hand Print

These handprint spiders are absolutely adorable! It is fun to do handprint crafts for every season and see your kiddo’s hands grow!

11. Masking Tape Mummy

This masking tape mummy craft is a low mess craft, but lots of fun! If your kids are anything like mine, they love tape!

12. Sensory Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin carving can be a little too much for little hands, but this sensory pumpkin is a perfect Halloween activity for preschoolers!

13. Fizzle Pumpkin Painting

Keeping with the theme of pumpkin decorating, this fizzle painting activity looks like a blast! Your kiddos will absolutely love getting to painting with fizzing paint!

14. Halloween Sensory Bin

This Halloween-themed sensory bin will be a hit with your preschooler! Most of the items can be purchased at the dollar store, making this a fun and inexpensive activity!

15. Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

I don’t know about yours, but my kids absolutely love playing tic tac toe! This version is especially fun because it is Halloween-themed!

16. Candy Corn Tissue Paper Activity

Candy corn isn’t always a kiddo-friendly treat, however, this activity is kid-friendly because we are using and working on establishing fine motor skills!

17. Halloween Slime

My kiddos absolutely love getting their hands messy and I’m sure yours do too! Making slime is a must for any holiday and it is fun to make different colors and add in different objects!

18. Erupting Jack-O-Lantern

How fun is this erupting jack-o-lantern? Your kiddos will be asking to do this again and again! You could even do this with little pumpkins for their own erupting jack-o-lantern!

19. Halloween Name Writing

This Halloween activity is perfect for preschoolers learning to write their name, and it doubles as a sensory activity which is even better!

20. Monster Muck Sensory Tub

Monster Muck sounds like a perfect Halloween activity for kids! My kids love getting their hands messy and this is the perfect activity to either do inside if the weather is dreary or outside if it is nice!

21. Halloween Salt Painting

Your kids will love this fun pumpkin salt painting activity! This activity will help to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while creating fun memories too!

22. Bat Treat Bag

I love this bat treat bag for Halloween! This would be great to make, especially if your little one had to bring a bag to take to school!

23. Happy/Spooky Pumpkin Plate

This two-sided pumpkin craft is so fun for preschoolers! They will love getting to make a happy and spooky pumpkin. You can even give them a variety of colors to choose from for the inside of the spooky pumpkin! Talk about fun Halloween activities for kids!

24. Spooky Spider Frame

This keepsake frame is so special! I love the idea of putting a picture of your kiddo in their Halloween costume! This would be a great craft to do every year and see how much they grow!

25. Oobleck Spider Rescue

Oobleck Spider Rescue is a great fine motor activity for preschoolers! Oobleck is so fun for kids to play with and easy to make!

26. Halloween Color by Number

As a kid, I loved color by number activities and these Halloween printables will be so fun for your kiddos! Pro-tip on these would be to color the number guide on top with the appropriate color.

27. Bat Silhouette

This bat silhouette craft is another activity that is great for working on fine motor skills! You can help your preschooler get the most from this activity by showing her to use different motions like dabbing, brushing, etc.

28. Fine Motor Frankenstein

Fine motor Frankenstein is a fun Halloween-themed activity geared towards working on those fine motor skills!

29. Halloween Paper Chain

This craft would be so cute to do as a Halloween Count Down! Your kids will love taking turns cutting off a link every day!

30. Halloween Number Worksheets

I love these Halloween printable worksheets for preschoolers! The worksheets combine the perfect amount of learning and fun!

31. Play Dough Monster

Play-Dough monster is great for any time of year but especially perfect for Halloween! I love that this activity helps with learning to keep track of and count objects.

32. Paper Plate Pumpkin

Pumpkins are one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween! Some sort of pumpkin craft is a must in our house and this one is so cute and perfect!

33. Straw Skeleton

How cute is this straw skeleton?! You could easily do this craft with q-tips if you didn’t have any straws on hand!

34. Monster Apples

I love these monster apple treats! What a fun idea to make into a yummy snack. Your kids will probably get lots of laughs making this treat!

35. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

These pumpkin Rice Krispie treats are so adorable, not to mention delicious. Your preschooler will love getting to help and then enjoy this special treat!

36. Dirt and Worms

You will likely hear lots of giggles while eating this yummy treat! My kids love getting to eat dirt and worms!

37. Mummy Hot Dogs

As a kid, my mom would make mummy hot dogs around Halloween, so this one is a bit nostalgic for me! Not to mention, these are super yummy and fun to make with kids!

38. If You’re Spooky and You Know It

My kids absolutely love this book and we read it year-round, but it becomes especially popular around Halloween!

39. Halloween Paint Chip Puzzles

Paint chip puzzles are a super simple Halloween activity for preschoolers (and you) to do! All you have to do is grab some paint chips next time you go to the store, draw a few Halloween-themed faces, cut up, and whalah! You have an easy and low-mess activity that your little one will love to complete!

40. Ghost Number Hunt

Ghost number hunt is the perfect activity for preschoolers learning their numbers.

41. Pin the Eye on the Monster

Pin the eye on the monster is such a cute Halloween-themed activity for preschoolers, and the best part is everyone wins!

There are so many different activities that can be done to celebrate Halloween! These are some of my favorite Halloween activities for preschoolers. I would love to know which activities you tried out and what your kids enjoyed the most! Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Halloween!

I have done all of the leg work for you and rounded up 41 of the best Halloween activities for kids. Which will you choose?