Fun & Easy Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds

by | Dec 4, 2022

It’s getting colder, which means littles spend more time inside than out! You need to have some fun and easy winter crafts in your arsenal!

I have scoured the internet and found tons of fun and easy winter crafts for 2 year old’s!

Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds (Top Tips!)

Crafting with 2 year olds is not for the faint of heart! 2 is often the “I am independent, I can do it on my own” stage that we all love! HA.

Even though, crafting with a 2 year old has challenges, there are ways to make it easier and enjoyable!

Create Your Own Crafting Station

Creating a crafting station with a disposable table cloth and easy to reach materials is a must for crafting with littles!

Disposable Table Cloth

Art Supply Storage

Don’t be Pushy

If your little is not wanting to craft, try again later or maybe even a different craft! I always recommend crafting in the morning or right after nap to avoid crankiness.

Keep it Simple

Do crafts that they already love! Try not to do crafts with a lot of tedious steps! Toddlers get bored easily!

Protect Your Toddlers Clothing

If you are in a pinch, a big t-shirt can work, but I bet your little artist would love to have their very own art smock!

Toddler Art Smock

Let them Be Independent

Don’t push for perfection! Let them be independent and make their own decisions. Little ones love to be involved in making their own decisions.

Time it Right

Don’t do crafts when they are hungry or sleepy. Ensuring that your little is well fed and rested before a craft is a better time for all parties involved.

Must Have On Hand Art Supplies

I have added a few must have art supplies when crafting with toddlers. These things are nice to have on hand especially if you are wanting to quickly throw together an activity or craft!

Pipe Cleaners

Pom Poms

Masking Tape

Googly Eyes

Washable Paint

Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds

Winter crafts are a fun way to ride out the icky weather and keep your little one entertained. Here are some of my favorite fun and easy winter crafts for 2 year olds.

short blurb here and under all sub categories around 5 crafts for each use amazon links as much as possible for materials

Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds They Can do Independently

Letting littles craft independently can be slightly intimidating, but very convenient especially if you need to get some things done.

Winter Hats Craft for Kids – Easy Peasy and Fun

These little winter caps are so adorable and perfect for little ones to attempt independently. You can glue the cotton balls on for them before of after!

Fork Painted Polar Bear

Grab a plastic fork, white paint and a sheet of paper and let your little get to work!

Thumbprint Snowman

How adorable are these little thumbprint snowmen?! I love this little activity for littles to attempt solo!

Marshmallow Snowman Craft

The best kind of activity in my opinion is an edible one..what can I say! This activity is great for little ones to do alone, just make sure you have extra because they will probably be snackin’!

Sugar Cube Castle

Building a sugar cube ice castle would be so much fun for little ones! You can hot glue down a layer of sugar cubes on cardboard as a base and let them build on top of it!

Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds Who Love to Paint

Painting is a great activity for littles to build on fine motor skills. Even though it can be a little intimidating, with washable paint and an art smock there is nothing that a little water can’t take care of!

Easy Mittens Craft

These little mittens are so adorable and a neat craft for your little one to use their painting skills!

Snow Globe Template – Messy Little Monster

How neat is this little snow globe craft?! After your toddler has painted to their hearts content, add their picture into the snow globe for a nice finishing touch!

Birch Winter Tree Art Project

I am loving this birch tree craft! Perfect for little ones to get their creative juices flowing!

Painted Melted Snowman

I love this craft because it does not have to be neat at all, actually the messier the better!

Icicle Drip Art Painting

I never would have thought to use pipettes for toddler arts and crafts, but honestly, it’s genius and I am loving these icicle paintings!

Snowman Winter Crafts

Snowmen are a signature of wintertime, and this post would be incomplete without allowing them to have their own section!

Snowman Painted Rocks

Okay, how adorable are these snowmen rocks?! You can paint these alongside your little one and have a great time!

Paper Bowl Snowman

Making these cute, 3-D snowmen is a fantastic way to spend time with your little one!

Paper Plate Snowman Wreath

The possibilities are as numerous as the different colors you select. These cute snowmen will give your little one the chance to make their very own unique creation for you to display!

Melted Snowman

This is the perfect craft for someone who loves snowmen! Such a neat twist to a popular holiday mascot!

Plastic Spoon Snowman

I love the creativity and complete uniqueness of these potted snowmen!

Penguin Winter Crafts

Every child thinks of penguins when it is wintertime, and these crafts will be a sure hit for your bird fan!

Popsicle Stick Penguins

The simplicity of these popsicle stick penguins makes them such an easy, yet fun craft to do with your little one!

Cupcake Liner Penguin

These cupcake liner penguins are absolutely adorable and a perfect craft to whip up with your little one.

Egg Carton Penguins

This tiny egg carton penguin is killing me with cuteness! I think these would be cute at different heights on the mantle!

Foot Print Penguin

Everyone loves a good footprint craft and this is no exception!

Pinecone Penguins

These pinecone penguins would make adorable ornaments on your tree! If you don’t have pinecones close to you, I found some on Amazon!

Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds Using Paper Plates

Paper plates are so easy and inexpensive to craft with! Paper plates make a great base to start with!

Paper Plate Ground Hog

How cute would this paper plate ground hog be for Ground Hog Day?!

Paper Plate Snow Globe

These little snow globes are adorable and so fun to make with littles!

Paper Plate Elf Craft

When my littles do Christmas crafts, I like to pin them up by my tree on the wall. These little guys would go perfectly!

Paper Plate Snowflake Yarn Art – I Heart Crafty Things

I love this paper plate snowflake craft! It is great for learning and mastering fine motor skills!

Polar Bear Paper Plate Craft

How cute is this little polar bear?!

Winter Crafts that Can Double as Christmas Gifts

I know lots of grandparents that love receiving handmade gifts from their grandchildren! These crafts are perfect for just that!

Craft Stick Snowman Ornament – Arty Crafty Kids

I love this little popsicle stick ornament! This would be easy enough to have your little one make a few of!

Pom Poms and Pinecones Christmas Ornaments

I loved making these types of ornaments as a kid! To spruce it up a little bit more, you can first dab some glue all over the pinecone and roll in glitter. Shake it off and then add your pom poms!

Easy Kid’s Handprint Keepsake Craft

Cold hands, warm heart.. This will warm any grandparents heart! So sweet and thoughtful!

Fingerprint Penguin Wood Slice Ornament

This wood slice ornament is to die for! You can do polka dots or any art your little one would like!

DIY Handprint Christmas Ornaments

This craft is so simple, yet so precious for little ones to gift for the holidays!

Educational Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds

Crafting doesn’t have to be all fun and games, it can be educational too!

Craft Stick Arctic Animals

When making this craft, you can discuss different types of artic animals, how they live in more harsh environments, what they eat, etc!

Snow Painting

Snow painting is great for little ones because it does not have to be precise! While making this craft, you can discuss how snowflakes form and how they all look different!

Frozen Paint

I love the idea behind this craft! It will be great for your toddler to observe how frozen paint behaves when melting!

Felt Tree

Help teach your little one about spacial awareness, different colors and shapes.. the possibilities are endless with this little felt tree!

Winter Sensory Bag

Little hands love sensory bags! This sensory bag is perfect to keep your toddler busy and sensory sound for hours!

Stem & Science Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds

Snowman Sticky Wall – Happy Toddler Playtime

This one is a little messy, but oh so fun for little hands!

Snowflake Salt Painting

Watch your toddlers eyes glow as they watch the paint work through the salt crystals!

Snowstorm in a Jar (Winter STEM Activity)

If you are about to experience a snowstorm, or just want to teach about them this little activity is great to do with toddlers!

Winter Windsocks Craft

These windsocks are not only cute but can help you teach your little one about wind direction and strength!

Make Snowball Launcher

How fun is this snowball launcher?! This would be so fun for the entire family to make and then have a snowball fight!

Ready to Go Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds

Sometimes it’s nice to have an activity that is already put together for you, that way you don’t have to remember all the pieces!

Paper Plate Craft

This paper plate art kit has you covered if you are needing an activity that is ready to go! There are lots of different animals for your 2-year-old to choose from!

Mumaloo Kids Craft

I love that this craft box has 10 activities inside with everything you will need!

Paper Cup Craft

Who knew that you could do so many things with a paper cup? This craft kit is perfect for times when you need something prepped!

Scratch Art

I loved these scratch pads as a kid (and still do). Your little one will have a blast revealing the colors underneath and making beautiful art.

Erasable Doodle Book

I am loving this erasable doodle book,especially for toddlers! This is hours of entertainment right here!

Last Minute Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds

Some times you need a last minute activity for your little one. Whether it’s because you need to get something done or you promised them and forgot.. I have you covered!

Winter Stickers

Have you ever let your toddler loose with stickers? Let me tell you, it is pure joy. Instruct them to put the stickers on a piece of paper and let them go to town!

Coloring a Winter Scene

Have your little one color a winter scene alongside you. Maybe it’s a snowman with snow falling or some Christmas trees in the snow!

Snowman In A Bag Kids Craft – Oh My Creative (

This snowman in a bag craft is perfect to put together last minute and keep your little one busy for quite a while!

Easy Winter Lantern Craft for Kids – Crafts on Sea

These winter lanterns are adorable and perfect to place in the window at night with a battery powered tea light candle!

Fingerprint Christmas Light Craft For Kids

I absolutely adore Christmas light paintings like this! It is so easy and simple to put together, yet fun for littles!

Frequently Asked Questions About Winter Crafts for 2 Year Olds

How do I keep my 2 Year Old’s Attention?

If you have a 2 year old, you know the drill..sometimes it’s hard to keep their attention!

  • Keep it simple sis!
  • Meet them where they are
  • Be silly and fun
  • Let them make decisions
  • Encourage them with positive reinforcement

What Can a 2-Year-Old do in the Winter?

2 year olds can do tons of things in the wintertime! They are temperature regulated enough to go outside and play, although they may not always enjoy it!

Having some go to crafts in your back pocket is great for those days where you just can’t make it outside!

What crafts are good for 2 year olds?

Crafting with 2 year olds may seem a little intimidating, but this is a great way to keep them busy, encourage core developmental skills and encourage decision making and self expression.

What are your favorite crafts to do with 2 year olds? Let me know in the comments below!