Easy & Educational Flower Activities for Preschool

by | Feb 24, 2023

Spring has *almost* sprung, and it is time to start planning easy and educational flower activities for preschoolers. I love planning springtime activities because on good weather days, you can do them outside!

How do you teach preschoolers about flowers?

Teaching preschoolers about flowers is fun and engaging. Not only are they pretty to look at, but there is also so much to teach.

Having your preschoolers engage in different activities like arts and crafts, STEM, etc is a great way to build on important skills and learn about flowers.

Are preschoolers interested in learning about flowers?

If you make it fun they will be! I find that most preschool girls love flowers, while the boys aren’t as crazy about them.

Making sure that your preschoolers are having fun and being engaged helps to make sure they are interested!

Teaching Littles Top Choices: Flower Activities for Preschool

It can be so hard to pick my top activities, but these are my favorite flower activities for preschool!

Spring Flower Play Dough

Who doesn’t love playdough, and I love that this recipe calls for real flower petals! Play dough is great for strengthening the muscles in the wrists and hands.

Bubble Wrap Flowers

I don’t know about your kids, but mine adore bubble wrap. In my house, it is worth its weight in gold! Your littles will love using precious bubble wrap for this craft!

Planting Seeds: Math Activity

This is such a neat activity “planting” seeds and strengthening those counting skills!

Planting Flowers

How cute is this planting flowers activity? This is a great fine motor skill activity to have for preschoolers!

Dramatic Play Center Ideas

My kiddos love dramatic play, and if yours do too they will love these dramatic play center ideas!

Flower Shop

I think the idea of creating a flower shop is so fun and creative! Your little one can learn what it means to exchange money for an item or service and so much more!

Pretend Garden Play

What would a flower activity blog be without a garden activity?! This blog contains lots of ideas for pretend garden play.

Selling Seeds

In order to have flowers, you need seeds of course! I love this cute seed display for pretend play.

Flower Activities for Preschool That Involve Math

Sneaking in math to different activities can be pretty easy! It is important to make things like math fun so that your little ones have good memories surrounding that type of activity.

Flower Dice Game

I have so many fond memories of using dice to learn to count as a kid. This is a fun game, where you roll the dice to determine how many flowers to add to the pot!

Counting Garden

The counting garden is a fun game for little ones to play, where they learn to count and reinforce those number recognition skills.

Flower Counting

Something that is important to reinforce in preschoolers is what a number looks like and this activity does a great job of that.

Flower Activities for Preschool to Help Learn Letters

Letters can be tricky for little ones, especially when it comes to upper and lower case, rapid letter recognition, etc. Doing activities that are themed helps to ease the pressure of academics and makes it easier to learn.

Upper and Lower Case Matching Game

I love the idea behind this activity because it helps to bridge the gap of knowing what upper and lower case letters are the same.

Water the Alphabet

This activity is perfect for a warm spring or summer day. Call out the letter and have your preschoolers take turns watering the letter when they find it. Make this more challenging by throwing in upper and lower case.

ABC Matching

This is another great matching activity for upper and lower case letters.

Name Learning Activities That Involve Flowers

One of the best ways to learn letters is to learn what letters make up your name. Kids love these types of activities, and it is a big deal when they start to recognize their own names.

Flower Name Puzzle

Simply use bottle cap tops for this activity! Grab some dot stickers from your local dollar store and then use the free printable!

Flower Themed Name Recognition

Match the letters to the ones on the cup! This activity is great for kiddos that are just learning to spell their name and it aids in letter recognition as well.

Name Flower Craft

How cute are these flower crowns for your little prince or princess?! They can practice writing the letters of their name on the flowers!

STEM Flower Activities for Preschool

Glowing Flowers

This activity is really neat! It can be done with the fluid that glows or colored water. This activity can help children understand how the flower absorbs water and distributes it throughout the petals.

Parts of the Flower

Have your little one color the flower and then learn the different parts and label them.

Parts of the Flower

This is another great activity to learn the parts of the flower. I really like it because it involves hands-on building from the roots up.

Creative Flower Activities for Preschool

Sometimes you just want to get a little crafty, especially when it comes to flowers!

Blooming Paper Flowers

Have your little one color the flowers, then fold them up. When you place them in the water, they bloom! So neat.

Paper Plate Tulip

How adorable are these paper plate tulips?! I love these types of crafts and I am sure your little ones will too!

Paper Plate Flower

If you are looking for something to do with all of those random scraps of paper you have, this is the perfect activity for that!

Fine Motor Flower Activities for Preschool

Painting with Flowers

Painting with flowers is a great way to bring out the creative side of your little ones and encourage them to try something new!

Play Dough Flowers

Have your little ones make flowers out of play dough and match the color and design of the flower!

Button Flowers

I love these cute button bouquets! They are a great way to encourage fine motor skills!

Sensory Tub Ideas That Involve Flowers

Flower Garden Sensory Bin

How cute is this garden-themed sensory bin? Your little one can plant their flowers, make their own flower arrangements, or whatever they want!

Alphabet Flower Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is great because it combines both letter recognition and sensory play!

Flower Soup

Flower soup is a fun sensory bin, that doesn’t require much more than flower petals, water, and a utensil! This is perfect for the spring and summertime!

Flower Activities for Preschool: Amazon Finds

Sometimes you need something that is all in one and put together for you. Here are a few good ones I’ve found!

Flower Building Kit

This flower-building kit is so neat because it gives your little one so many options to build different types of flowers are really bring out their creativity!

DIY Garden

This DIY garden is so adorable and truthfully I want one for myself! Your little ones can make their own garden scene, complete with butterflies!

Flower Crown Kit

This flower crown kit has everything you need for a quick and *mostly* mess-free activity!

Books about Flowers for Preschoolers

Books are a great way to learn about anything, including flowers! Here is a list of my favorites!

Frequently Asked Questions about Flower Activities for Preschool

What are some of your frequently asked questions about flower activities for preschool? Feel free to drop those in the comments!

Here are some of the most common questions!

Should you use real or artificial flowers when doing flower activities?

I would use a combination of both! This way they can get their hands on the real deal, but you can also have the convenience of artificial flowers.

When is a good time of year to do flower activities for preschool?

Spring and summer are probably the best times of year to do flower activities for preschool! There are lots of flowers starting to bloom during the spring and into the summer!

Could we use these flower activities with toddlers as well?

Yes, you can definitely use these flower activities with toddlers. Keep in mind that toddlers will need some extra guidance and help.

I hope that all of the flower activities you choose to do bloom beautifully! Remember to have fun and be in the moment.

What are the top activities on your list? Let me know in the comments below!