Roll the Dice Movement Break Activity for Preschoolers

by | Apr 6, 2021

It is so important to keep your preschooler moving when they are stuck inside. While there are plenty of Pinterest-worthy activities out there sometimes you just need something simple. This DIY dice movement break activity for preschoolers requires minimal materials and is easy to get everyone moving!

Spring is the perfect time for some fun weather, but it can also mean lots of rainy days. If you are stuck inside with your preschooler, you need something quick to get everyone the exercise their bodies are craving.

With this free printable dice movement game you can get started in no time at all.

Roll the Dice Movement Activity

Kids at this age (and really any age) need extra movement. You can get your kids moving and having fun with this easy dice movement break activity (download below).

There are two versions of this game. One uses 1 dice and the other uses 2 dice. Simply have your child roll the dice and complete the movement for that number.

Instead of using regular sized dice, try some larger, colorful dice that your preschoolers will love! As a bonus, this activity can also be used as a sensory break during school.

This DIY dice movement break activity for preschoolers requires minimal materials and is easy to get everyone moving!
Download Below!

Why are movement breaks important for preschoolers?

The benefits of movement breaks in the classroom are exponential! Studies have shown that movement breaks can help increase concentration and focus. They also result in an increase in learning in general.

Even just 5 minutes of movement between lessons can make a significant impact on your preschooler’s learning and behavior.

Whether you are a teacher with a classroom of preschoolers, a homeschool mom trying to get your kids to focus, or just a mom trying to help their kids make it through the day without another tantrum, movement breaks are the answer!

Movement breaks increase learning and memory

Research is clear: movement breaks increase learning and make it more efficient. Giving your preschooler 5 minutes in between activities will allow the previous lesson to sink in.

Your preschooler’s brain is better capable of making long-term memories when there are short breaks in between learning and movement breaks are the perfect opportunity for this!

Bring on the oxygen

Physical movement increases oxygen to the brain. Oxygen is a critical component for attention span and learning.

Did you know that over 90% of the oxygen in your body is low quality? However, when you exercise and begin to take those deeper breaths, oxygen-rich air circulates through the whole body. Your preschooler’s focus and ability to create long-term memories are directly linked to the amount of oxygen in the blood. So get moving!

Mini break to increase focus

Everyone can use a break. Yes, even kids! Taking a movement break can allow preschoolers a chance to get rid of mental blocks and sensory overload. Once they come back to their activity or classwork, they will be better able to focus. This is particularly useful for kids with a sensory processing disorder, ADHD, or other special needs.

Get rid of stress and anxiety

Giving your preschooler a movement break will allow them a chance to regulate. This can be an excellent opportunity to rid their bodies of any stress or anxiety that has been creeping up throughout the day.

How to incorporate movement breaks throughout the day

There are several ways that you can help your students or children get movement breaks throughout the day. You’ll notice a huge impact on their focus and hopefully a significant increase in learning and memory.

1. Start the day with movement

Make movement a habit by starting each day with a movement routine. Having a fun dance party, an exciting sing along, or a movement game (like this free printable dice game) can really help to wake the body up and get the day started right.

Be sure to participate with your preschooler to model good habits!

2. Offer Flexible Seating

This roll-the-dice movement break activity for preschoolers requires minimal materials & is easy to get kids moving for a fun sensory break

If you are asking your preschooler to sit, whether at home or in the classroom, don’t limit the seating to just a chair. Give flexible seating options, such as yoga balls, wobble cushions, rocker chairs, bean bags, or pillows. Allow your preschooler to gravitate towards the seating options that suit them best.

Introduce Yoga

When reading stories or storytelling, encourage your preschooler to tell the story with their body using fun yoga poses. ou can also use these fun yoga cards to copy the poses.

The important thing when incorporating movement breaks is to make it fun! Switch it up- don’t do the same things each day. Don’t make it a chore, rather keep it fun and simple and make it into a game for your preschooler.

Adding fun activities like our Roll the Dice Movement Break is the perfect way to do this! (Download Below)

This DIY dice movement break activity for preschoolers requires minimal materials and is easy to get everyone moving!

Supplies needed for the roll the dice game

  • Paper
  • 1 Dice (or 2)
  • Downloadable PDF (Download Below)

How to play

Step 1: Download the PDF below, you can use card stock or laminate for durability if using multiple times.

Step 2: Gather your dice, (you can use small dice or large).

Step 3: Have your preschooler roll 1 dice or 2 and then read them the movement for that number. Feel free to demonstrate if needed!


If you are ready to add some movement into your preschooler’s routine this downloadable game is a perfect choice! Your preschooler will enjoy this sensory break, and movement breaks for kids are always a great choice! Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below!