7 Best Toys for Babies Learning to Stand

by | Feb 1, 2022

All parents want to buy great toys that foster their baby’s development. As your baby gets older, they get closer to taking their first steps, and you’ll want to buy some toys for babies learning to stand to help foster this milestone.

Babies need purposeful activities that foster their new skills. For example, tummy time strengthens your baby’s neck muscles, and eventually, rolling over works on core muscles. You give sensory toys to your baby with bright colors as a way to entertain your child and expose them to new texture and sights.

Now, as your baby gets older, the upcoming milestones are standing and walking.

Not all toys help babies learn to stand and walk. You want toys that allow your child to move at their own pace and work on their skills as they are ready.

Let’s take a look at some of the best walking toys for babies.

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The Benefits of Standing Toys for Babies

If you’re wondering if you should invest in standing toys for babies, here are some of the benefits.

Strengthens Your Baby’s Muscles

Toys that help your baby learn to stand strengthen his legs and core muscles to help with earlier walking. These toys work on shoulder, chest, and arm muscles because your child has to grab and push the toys.

Keeps Your Baby Occupied

Many of these standing toys for babies have different features and accessories to keep your baby occupied. They introduce your baby to colors, sounds, and objects; it keeps and holds your baby’ attention so that you can get things done.

Encourages Independence

As your baby enjoys these toys, it helps to foster a sense of independence, which babies find scary. So, even though you are close, playing alone helps them learn to be busy and explore without their parents.

Helps Develop Motor Skills

These toys focus on your child’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills development, as well as increasing cognitive skills, recognition, reasoning, and hand-eye coordination.

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7 Best Toys for Babies Learning to Stand

1. Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

An activity center is a must-have for your baby, and the Skip Hop Activity Center is an excellent choice.

This center has three different stages for your baby to enjoy as he grows. It’s safe to start using this center when your baby is four months old and above; they need to have head and neck control. The seat rotates fully, giving your child access to all the different toys.

Later, this activity center controls into a table for drawing and coloring. I love anything that is versatile and provides more than one function.

All together, Skip Hop includes over 25 developmental activities for your baby to enjoy.

2. Wooden Activity Cube

There’s so much for your baby to explore on this Wooden Activity Cube. It will develop your child’s imaginative play and cause-and-effect as they drive the tractor around, zig zag the beads up and down, and spin the spinners.

It’s also the perfect height to get your baby pulling up to stand! This was the first place my daughter pulled herself up to and took her first cruising steps to get to the other side of the block while holding on to the top.

2. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Perhaps one of the most popular toys for babies learning to stand is the VTech Sit-to-Stand Walker. It’s wildly popular and brings tons of entertainment for your baby.

It has an activity center in the front with piano keys, a pretend telephone, shape sorter, lighting up buttons, and other fun games. If you want your child to be fully immersed, this is the one for you. They also will be safe pushing it because the wide wheels and base reduce tipping over.

With over 60,000 positive reviews, you know this is an excellent choice!

3. Pinkfong Baby Shark Melody Walker

Baby Shark is a hit everywhere, and if your baby loves that song, he will love this PinkFong Melody Walker. As your baby pushes it, it has five songs that it plays, leading to plenty of dancing time.

Aside from the songs, babies love that this walker has a wide base and four broad wheels because it leads to better stability and balance. It has bright lights and fun colors that babies will enjoy.

4. Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shopping Cart Push Toy

Every little child loves to push a shopping cart, and this one by Bright Starts is great for babies learning to stand. This toy has four playing modes, allowing the push toy to grow with your child.

First, it has a removable cook-top and an activity table. It also works as a push walker and a shopping cart. The cook-top makes fun noises like popcorn sounds and sizzling cooking sounds. Plus, it has shapes for sorting.

Every time your baby pushes this shopping cart, he will love all the noises it makes. It converts into a stationary activity center by locking the legs in place, but most love to hear it make the noises.

5. Painters Tape

Ok I know this isn’t a toy, but it’s one of the best ways to encourage standing and cruising with your little one. Tape ANYTHING onto your wall not within reach while they’re sitting or kneeling.

They’ll be so motivated to pull to stand and cruise on over to the next toy to see what they can find. Bonus points for fine motor activities as they try to unwrap their prize!

6. Kiddery Toys Wooden Push and Pull Learning Walker

If you’re looking for a walker and an activity center together, you’ll love this Kiddery Activity Toy. It is a wooden walker with plenty of activities to keep your baby occupied and entertained.

Kiddery added rubber does on the wheels to protect your floors and little fingers for safety. Your baby will love the fun activities like shape sorting, bead mazes, xylophone, shape sorting, and other fun things.

This is a sturdy activity center that is meant to last for years to come. It uses only non-toxic paint and fun, appealing colors.

7. Cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker

Here is a toy for babies learning to stand that toddlers will love. Cossy created a premium walker for kids one-year-old and above. It’s a rolling pushcart with 34 colorful wooden blocks, so it also helps your child work on those necessary stacking skills.

Cossy added rubber-trimmed wheels that protect your floors and reduce the noise. Parents note how durable this toy is will help your child walk while keeping them entertained and busy.

8. Melissa & Doug First Play Chomp & Clack Alligator Walker

Melissa and Doug put together this adorable alligator walker that clacks and chomps when you push it. It features buggy beads for kids to spin and slide on the wire. It’s ideal for babies 12 months old and above who can push the cart forward.

Melissa and Doug made sure this toy has a handle that fits well into little hands. It has non-skid wheels and helps babies develop multiple needed skills like learning to stand!

How to Pick Toys for Babies Learning to Stand

When you go into the toy aisle, you’ll find dozens of toys for babies learning to stand. So, it may leave you wondering how to pick a toy that will do its job and not be a total waste of money.

Your Baby’s Age

First, make sure you pick age-appropriate toys that will help your baby with standing and walking. Read the recommended age range and be sure it’s sturdy with a skid-proof grip to avoid slipping and falling.

Safety & Durability

Safety should always be a concern when picking toys for your baby. Look for walkers that have a sturdy base to prevent them from tipping over while your baby pushes them. All standing toys should have rounded edges.

Convertible & Versatility

I love versatile toys that last for years. Look for standing toys that may double as walkers or activity centers later. This helps maximize the value and allows the toy to last for years to come.

Ideally, your baby will grow with the toys at their own pace, and it should encourage the growth of different skills and tasks. The toy might encourage problem solving while also giving them an opportunity to practice those standing skills.

FAQs about Babies Learning to Stand

You may have some questions as your baby is learning to stand. Here are commonly asked questions.

Are Walking Toys Safe for Babies?

You might feel concerned about the safety of baby walkers. The biggest concern is for using walkers with babies who aren’t ready yet, meaning classic walkers you place your baby in and they move around the room while they are 6-7 months old.

However, toys that babies push and use to stand when they’re ready are safe to use with supervision. Always make sure that when you’re using a push walker, your baby is not around stairs or any step/uneven surface going down.

Your baby decides when they’re ready.

When Can Babies Use Walking Toys?

Make sure you read the recommendations on the description of the walking toys before buying them because they are meant for different stages.

Some walking toys are safe for babies who are between 9 to 12 months. These help babies learn how to stand up independently and walk by pushing the toy. Typically, most walking toys are considered safe for babies who are able to sit up on their own independently, typically by six to nine months of age.

Learning how to stand and walk takes a lot of time for babies. Try getting a few toys to encourage your baby to stand and walk to build those muscles and motor skills needed for this exciting milestone.