10 ADHD Hand Toys Little Kids Love

by | Dec 18, 2021

Kids often struggle to sit still and focus, especially if they have ADHD or anxiety. Grabbing some ADHD hand toys or fidget toys are a great way to help your child calm down and relax whether at home, school, or in the car. The great thing is that most fidget toys are quiet, so they can be used anywhere.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a mental condition that makes it harder for individuals to focus, experience excessive movements, and impulsivity. ADHD hand toys are self-regulation tools that allow kids and adults with ADHD to feel calmer, allowing them to pay attention easier.

Finding fidgety toys for kids with ADHD, autism, and anxiety is easier than ever before; there are tons of options. Let’s take a look at some of the best choices for little kids.

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Why ADHD Hand Toys Help Kids

ADHD hand toys are typically called fidget toys, and they help most people focus but even more so if your child has ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Fidgets often look like everyday items, but they’re therapeutic devices that give kids a way to use their hands when they need their focus to focus.

Most parents and teachers notice ADHD symptoms the most when a child needs to focus, like listening to a teacher read. So, the right fidget makes a huge difference.

These toys allow kids to squeeze, press, click, rub, roll, pull and all sorts of other movements. Not only do these help your child focus, but they also improve finger movements while enhancing motor skills!

10 ADHD Hand Toys Little Kids Love

1. Tangle Jr.

The Tangle Jr. I the smaller version of the original Tangle, and it’s one of the classic ADHD hand toys for kids. This helps keep little fingers busy.

These toys are great because they’re quiet and won’t disrupt anyone in close proximity. That means kids can bring it to school with them and fidget discreetly. You can find them in all sorts of colors.

2. Boinks Fidgets

Boinks are an ADHD hand toy that is perfect for stress relief, autism, OCD, and ADHD kids. Some ADHD kids learn best when they focus on tactile stimulation to release energy. It’s not always practical to give your child a sensory brush, and they aren’t hand toys.

Boinks are!

Whether you have a child who needs to listen better in class or simply needs help focusing, Boinks give them something for their hands to engage.

3. Monkey Rings

Another fun fidget toy for kids with ADHD is Monkey Rings. These spiky sensory rings are made with rubber and ideal for kids 3 years old and up. They’re perfect as a tactile toy.

Kids can squeeze, twist, roll, rub or throw them around, and they work as a sensory brush on your skin. Monkey Rings are made with 100% thermoplastic rubber without any BPA, phthalates, and latex – so they’re safe and durable!

4. Pop Tubes Sensory Toys

Another fidget toy that helps your child release energy is the Pop Tubes Sensory Toys. These sensory toys are fun and functional, popping, stretching, and connecting. They provide tons of tactile stimulation, fine motor skills, and auditory feedback!

Plus, they’re affordable and come in a four pack.

5. Sensory Balls

One of the main purposes of ADHD hand toys is to reduce stress, and stress sensory balls is perfect for this. They help calm your nerves and release pent up emotions by using your hands.

My kids love this set of 12 sensory and stress balls for kids. They all have different textures, each with a different color.

6. Color Changing Heat Sensitive Putty

Some ADHD kids prefer to have the push and pull effect; they love the resistance. One of the best options is silly putty, and kids love this color changing heat sensitive putty.

All they have to do is hold it in their hand and watch it change colors! You receive four tins in each container; occupational therapists love this multi-sensory toy that also develops fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and improves dexterity.

7. Monkey Noodles

Even adults like to play with Monkey Noodles! These are long stretchy strings made with a squishy material, perfect for meeting sensory needs. They’re perfect as a tactile toy; kids can stretch, pull, twirl, wrap, or squeeze the noodles, and they bounce back in shape again each time.

Monkey Noodles are made with hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials, free of BPA, phthalates, and latex. They last for a long time and are super durable – each one stretches from 10 inches to 8 feet.

8. Original Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

At first glance, you might think your kids need to be older to enjoy the Original Flippy, but these ADHD hand toys are great for kids from 3 years old and up. They help to lower stress and anxiety.

Kids can enjoy fidgeting for hours with this little toy and it’s silent, so it won’t distract people nearby. It’s perfect for classrooms or doctors appointments.

9. hand2mind Sensory Fidget Tubes

Kids 3 years old and up enjoy these sensory fidget tubes from hand2mind. The set comes with four tubes – a calming glitter tube, a fantastic fidget tub, a magical reverse, and a soothing gravity spinner. Kids use these tubes to soothe and relax themselves when they feel anxious or stressed.

10. Retro Magic Rail Twirler

This fidget toy looks like a retro toy but it also is a fun sensory toy that keeps a child’s mind busy. It’s a light up magnetic toy with a spinning wheel and flashing LEDs. All kids have to do is move their wrists and the wheel starts to run around the rails without failing off.

How to Pick ADHD Hand Toys for Your Child

If you’re wondering which fidget toy is best for your child, here are a few considerations.

1. Not Distracting

If your child will use the toys in a classroom or quiet setting, then you want to make sure it won’t be distracting to others nearby. Smooth movements reduce noises and won’t draw attention from others.

2. Entertaining

The toys need to be entertaining for your child! They should keep their attention and look interesting; bright colors are often preferred by kids for fidget toys.

3. Different Textures and Types

Try different ADHD hand toys with various textures to see which ones meet your child sensory needs the best. Some textures and feelings help you calm more while others are tactile fidgets.

4. Good Quality

Kids are rough, so you want to make sure these toys are durable and made with good quality materials that withstand the wear and tear. It shouldn’t be able to break easily, potentially causing a choking hazard.

Try some of these ADHD hands toys to help your child focus on tasks, and they’ll have a little bit of fun at the same time!